Black Seed Oil Benefits That Everyone Must Know!

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Did You Know!

  • Black seed oil is the best supplement which can be used as an extract, oil or a spice also.
  • It is surprisingly beneficial in issues like inflammation, infections, allergies and weight loss too.
  • Thymoquinone is the prime ingredient of the black seed oil.
  • Black seed oil also contains an ingredient that helps in fighting cancer named alpha-hederin.
  • In ancient times, black seed oil was termed to be “The Blessed Seed” in the countries of Asia, Middle Eastern, and European.
  • It is also counted among the safest anti-histamine.
  • The seeds or seed oil have proved to be helpful in reducing blood lipids and increased blood pressure.
  • Black seeds come with a strong taste which is not the cup of tea for everyone.
  • Black seeds can also be eaten raw with salads to preserve its nutrients.

What Is Black Seed Oil? What Is The Nutrient List It Contains?

Black seed– Not familiar with this name? What if I tell its nothing but Kalonji? Yes, Kalonji, black caraway, black onion seeds, and black cumin. All these are other popular names Black seeds are known as. And the oil obtained from it is known as black seed oil or nigella sativa oil. The herbal oil is much popular in the kitchen to give your meals a spicy touch while cooking. However, there are very few who used for the various medicinal purpose since ancient days.

Obtained from a mini plant named Nigella Sativa it is found in Western Asia, the Middle East,and Eastern Europe. The plant comes with flowers in white, blue, purple and pale colors. The black seeds and the oil extracted from it have also served as a natural remedy for a number of health issues, and on the same time, it has proved to be adding flavors to pickles, curries,and bread, that is a perfect supplement for oregano and cumin.

Coming to the nutrients obtained from Black seed oil, it helps you with thymoquinone which is a popular anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound. This compound has helped in reducing the properties of tumor also. Black seed oil is also an anti-histamine that helps in reducing and protecting from various kinds of allergies too. Some of the properties it provides you with include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, immune boosting, and anticancer too.

What Are The Black Seed Oil Benefits?

Along with the health benefits of black seed oil, it aids with particular skin and hair benefits too. Not only common health issues, but black seed oil also gives positive results in some of the serious ones too. The oil has given amazing results against yeast that leads to Candidiasis. Here is the list of the benefits that can be obtained by using black seed oil.

Health Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

1. Rheumatoid Arthritis

According to a study in 2016, black seed oil has helped in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis when daily used for a month. The oil comes with inflammatory properties that help in reducing the swelling in the joints and the blood levels too. There are black seed oil capsules also available for treating rheumatoid arthritis.

2. Diabetes

Black seed oil benefits also include diabetes in it. The oil contains antidiabetic properties in it that also helps in improving the blood sugar levels. They also help in controlling cholesterol levels and reducing them too which is quite effective for patients of diabetes.

3. Cancer

Treatment for cancer is one of the health benefits of black seed oil.The seeds or the oil contain an ingredient called thymoquinone that is found effective on cancer cells and dead cells. As it includes anticancer properties too, black seed oil has shown effective results on leukemia cancer, breast cancer,and brain cancer.

4. Weight Loss

This might be shocking for you, but black seed oil weight loss results have turned up in merely eight weeks. While having a low-calorie diet, if black seed oil is included in the meals or salads, it comes with effective results on obesity,especially in women. The oil works specifically on obese areas like waist circumference, triglyceride levels, and overall weight giving the seeker desired figure and weight.

5. Allergic Rhinitis

Are you suffering from nasal infections or problems? Black seed oil is among the effective remedies for you. It has shown effective results in situations like nasal congestion, running nose, sneezing, itching in the nose, etc. within two weeks naturally. It helps with a number of properties that have shown positive results on infections and allergies. The oil has also given an improvement in controlling asthma compared to pumps and medications.

6. Improves Fertility

Yes, Black seed oil has also helped in boosting fertility in men. It helps in treating the abnormal sperms along with infertility by improving the sperm count and movements. It increases the healthy count as well as the volume of the semen.

7. For A Happy Stomach

Do you have an upset stomach every other day? The black seed oil benefits help you in working on your upset stomach naturally. Their intake is helpful during issues like stomach cramps, stomach pain, bloating, stomach gas and even while fighting against ulcers.

Black Seed Oil Benefits For Skin

1. To Treat Acne

Are you tired of using various anti-acne creams for the treatment of acne? Here is a natural remedy that would help you. Black seed oil has proved in reducing acne spots and acne in merely two months. Again, it also keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized for soft skin.

2. Psoriasis

Psoriasis has been quite troublesome for many people. Black seed oil comes with a number of properties and hence when applied to the affected area, it helps in reducing the impact of psoriasis plaques slowly.

3. For Healing The Wounds

As mentioned above, black seed oil helps with anti-inflammatory properties which fight against inflammation and other bacterial infection in wounds. It aids in the growth of new collagen fibers which is in getting new and healthy skin, tissues and cells.

Black Seed Oil Benefits For Hair

Are you suffering from dry hair? Black seed oil for hair reduces the impact of inflammation in the hair and also reduces other allergic and fungal infections. It has given amazing benefits for dry hair, giving it required nourishment and helping it in growing healthy. It also provides the hair with the utmost volume for keeping it healthy.

Henceforth, in this way, black seed oil benefits cover a number of health issues, skin and hair issues too. Apart from all these, black seed oil is also used in the treatment of various other health problems like bronchitis, breast pain, Hepatitis C, Osteoarthritis, headache, flu, menstrual disorders and many more.

How To Use Black Seed Oil?

After knowing the effective benefits of this miraculous oil, the next question that comes to nearly everyone’s mind is how to use black seed oil. But before going for that, it is important to know that the oil can get converted into rancid and hence, it should be stored in some bottle with a dark color in a cool place.

The oil is mostly used for internal usage, and hence, has supplemented a number of spices and oils in the kitchen. The oil is also available in the form of pills which can be taken either 1 in a day or according to your physician. The oil or even the seeds are used in flavoring a number of Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines, pickles, etc.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Attached With Black Seed Oil?

Though the oil is a natural form and is used in the same form, there are still certain side effects related to it. Here are some of them.

  • The oil is a bad option for pregnant women and breastfeeding women as it may slow down the contraction of the uterus or the growth of the uterus too.
  • The oil can reduce the clotting of the blood and lead to bleeding disorders or worsen the condition.
  • If you are taking black seed oil and are diabetic, make sure you regularly check the blood sugar levels as it may lead to hypoglycemia.
  • Some people have observed a reduction in their blood sugar levels while using black seed oil.
  • Black seed oil might reduce the clotting of blood and increase sleepiness for some people.
  • It can also increase bleeding, or blood sugar levels after anesthesia or any surgery.

Black seed oil is not something new to the world. It has been used since years by various people for its therapeutic benefits, cosmetic benefits and health too. Again, it is better to consult a doctor before starting with it to avoid any kind of side effects.

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