How To Style Hair Without Getting Frizz?

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We all women are simply swoon by the flawless hair of the models and celebrities! We keep wondering how all these women manage to make their hair look perfect and stylish every time they step out. Also if we have some special events and places to visit, no matter in how much rush we are, a salon visit is required. Have you too always wondered how the salon stylist styles your hair effortlessly and within a blink of eye? Do you often want to learn how to style hair like her?

I personally keep watching the stylist who simply and magically turns the frizzy, dry and unmanaged hair into those fabulous tresses. The same way if we try to style our hair at home, it would become a bunch of frizzy, dry and hard hair and nothing more! If this has been the case for you too and all your styling products are in your wardrobe of no use, you simply need to learn about some cool hair styling hacks which can get you gorgeous hair. Here is how you can turn your hair into that salon style perfect hair at your home!

Why Does Hair Become Frizzy?

Before unlocking the secrets of get those perfectly styled hair, we need to know why the hair become dry, frizzy and hard. We all have different hair types and especially the women with curly or wavy hair would simply face this annoying issue of frizzy and rough hair. Generally, when you step out in a humid area, your hair absorbs lots of humidity and thus becomes dry, rough and brittle.

This simply showcases that your hair are undernourished and does not have its own moisture which makes the hair absorb the moisture from outside. This suggests you need to moisturize and condition your hair and fee them with necessary minerals it requires to become more smooth and strong. Thus keep your hair hydrated and nourished for that’s smooth texture!

Here are the steps you need to follow to style your hair in a right way.

How To Style Hair Without Getting Frizz?

1. Wash Your Hair And Condition Before Styling

If you have an upcoming event where you need to style your hair, make you go for a proper shampooing session before styling. Shampoo would clean your hair and scalp while conditioning your hair would help your hair sty hydrated and moisturized. Also you need to select the products you use very wisely. If you already have frizzy and dry hair, go for an egg based shampoo with natural ingredients so that your hair can absorb all the minerals and look voluminous. Rinse your hair with Luke warm water, shampoo and lock the moisture with cold water rinse. Then go for a mild conditioner and keep your hair beautifully hydrated.

2. Do Not Style When Your Hair Are Wet

Probably, you dint knew the right time to style your hair and this can be a reason of frizzy and rough hair.  If you want frizzy free and beautifully styles hair, go for styling when your hair are around 60-70 percent dry. When the hair is extremely wet and you start styling, there is a possibility that your hair would absorb moisture and get frizzy.  If your hair are extremely wet, they would simply develop lots of frizzy while making your hair look rough and dull! Thus let your hair dry for some time after you wash them and this would save your hair from lots of damage.

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3. Apply A Heat Protection Serum Before You Start

Hair damage is something which is extremely hard to repair. Once your hair gets damaged it would require lots of products and time for getting beautiful and repaired again. In such occasions, do not forget to skip the heat protection serums. There are numerous effective serums which can protect your hair from the heat and damage. It is a smart way to prevent the hair from damage rather than fighting with lots of hair damage and repairing solutions. These hair serums would not only protect your hair from damage and heat but would also add nourishment, shine and smoothness to your hair. Thus apply a hair enriching serum before styling and save your hair from damage.

4. Set The Temperature Of Your Styling Product

You can create miracles with a single styling and blow drying product like a hair drier if you choose to operate it in a correct way. Extremely hot temperature can make your hair dry, rough, frizzy and damaging conditions like split ends can too occur. Set your drier temperature minimum when you start styling your hair. This would allot to calm and style your hair and avoid frizz. You can increase the temperature but do not exceed a certain limit just as you are in a rush especially if you have dry and frizzy hair already, take a lot of care while operating the styling products.

5. Go For Perfect Sectioning

Sectioning is a quite important thing you need to do if you want to style you hair in a beautiful way. Sectioning would help you prevent detangling and style your hair more comfortably with easy sections. Either you are looking for a high end styling or simple blow drying, do not forget to section your hair else it would turn as a set of horrible frizzy bunch of hair. Frizzy and rough hair after styling has a lot to do with sectioning and thus you require getting 6-8-10 sections of your hair and with ease, styling all the sections perfectly. Try this technique until you don’t want to end up with a painful neck, sore hands and horrible hair!

6. Select The Right Brushes

Using the general comb you use daily and expecting a salon style hair styling results is simply not going to work. If you want to get those miraculously styles hair, you need to buy some cool hair styling combs or brushes. The strands of your hair require some smoothening brushes which can easily twist and hold your hair while you style them. The rounded and thin bristle combs are the best ones to buy. There are various brushes available in huge, medium and small size for small and large curls. Get choosy and selective while purchasing the brushes as they can simply change the way your hair would appear after styling!

7. Start From Roots To Tips With The Drier Far Away

Until and unless you are happy with a lots of hair damage, you can avoid this step but if you really want smooth and straight hair, do not forget to follow this important tip.  Whenever you start styling your hair, start from the roots and get it to the ends. Also keep your drier away from your roots and scalp. This unnecessary heating can cause damage and many issues to your scalp. Extreme heat on your scalp and hair roots would cause brittle, dry and rough hair while degrading your hair quality. This softly start from the roots and end styling at your tips. Do not again and again repeat until you get extremely straight hair. If you have chose the correct brush and set the tool at the right temperature, you would not need to repeat the strokes frequently.

8. Allow Each Section To Settle And Dry

I get mesmerized when I look at the hair stylist creating magic with the brushes and dryer and within just few minutes, the hair look flawlessly curled and gorgeous. You can to get those silky and beautiful huge curls if you let the sections retain the shape, settle and let them dry naturally. When you curl and roll a section, hold on for few seconds and let the hair retain the shape. Soon then you can let them free. Allow all your hair to get dried at the room temperature for avoiding frizz and dryness. Let this hair set beautifully and maintain its beautiful shape. If you want to get beautiful hair next morning, you can tighten the curls and tie a pretty silk scarf. Cover all the hair and next morning; detangle your hair while opening up the curls. You would get more than your expectations! Try this super fantastic trick and get adorably styled hair!

9. Spray The Top And Then The Ends

Using hair spray is not compulsory but if you want the hair styling to last long and look perfect for more time, you can choose hair sprays. Select the correct and anti frizz sprays which can make your styled hair look shiny, beautiful and fluffy. Select mild sprays and not the one which can make your hair extremely harsh and rigid. This would help your hair settle perfectly and flaunt your edges in a dreamy way.

These are some cool and impactful tips which you can follow if you do not want to visit a salon but master the art of perfect hair styling at home. Following these tips regularly and caring for your hair would simply get you stunning results. Choose the correct tools, products and style your hair smoothly to prevent your hair from damage. Try these tips and style your hair like a pro!

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