5 Minute Hairstyles for a Busy Morning

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How many times have you left your hair untied while you are getting late for work? We believe many.  Busy morning take most out your time in planning out the things that you need to do and the routine you will have to follow for the day. In addition to this, you also need to decide what outfit you will have to wear for the day. In such as hustle, when you can take out some time to check what clothes you are going to put on, then why can’t you spare just 5 more minutes to get your hairstyle correct. Well, you if you do not how, then we have come up with this blog to brought you the solutions to your hair styling problems. Here you will get to some quick and easy hairstyles and hair style tips which will not take much of your time and would turn you gorgeous.

Learn About the 5-minutes Hairstyles Which Will Transform the Look of Your Hair

Hair Style Tips : Five Minute Hairstyles for a Busy Morning

Below are some of the quick hairstyles which will not consume your time and make you look stunning in just minutes. Read through the length of the post to know about all of them:

1. Beachy Waves for a Casual Day

Feeling bohemian? Well, then the beach wave is the perfect choice for you. After the head wash when your hair is somewhat dry, apply the hair cream for some smoothness and use the curler to get the soft locks. When done, give your hair a blow dry and apply a little bit of hairspray to set them where they are. And there, you are all set to go. If you want to go with the natural way of getting curls, then you can use the rollers and keep them all night on before the next day. When you take the rollers out the next day, you would eventually get those beachy waves.

2. Knotted Hair Bun for a Formal Meeting

Your meeting is about to start within few hours and you are left with nothing but messy hair, then we have the perfect hairstyle for you. Gather all your hair and bind them with the help of an elastic rubber hand on the side of your ear. Now, twist your hair in a manner as if you are going to tie a knot and then manage the hair with bobby pins.

3. Lopped Pony Tail for the Everyday Office

Looped ponytail works best when you want your ponytail look to appear stylish but do not have enough time for the same. For this, you would be required to make a low ponytail and dig some space in near the hair band area to create some space. Now, with easy hands, pass your ponytail in the hole and pull it outwards so that it gets tightened. And whoosh, you’re done.

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4. The Gibson Tuck for the Wedding Season

Charles Gibson one of the famous artists of her time got this hairstyle in a trend which still continues to swoon the people with its gorgeousness. It might take some time to master, but then once you get your hands on it, you would be able to pull it off within s few minutes only. For this, you would need a lot of bobby pins, elastic band, hairspray and some hair embellishment in case you want to decorate your hair. So, let’s get started:

  • Firstly, brush your hair properly and remove all the knots. Tie your hair into a ponytail and loosen the hair band to someone or two inches away from your head. Separate this portion with firm fingers and form a pocket.
  • Hold your ponytail and roll it into the pocket but make sure you do not create any bulges.
  • Now with the help of bobby pins, tuck your hair tightly into the pocket and secure the hair.
  • Finally, if there are any loose strands of hair, then fix them by creating twists and braids and attach them to the bun.
  • If you wish to put embellishments, then you may use flowers or ribbons, etc., to get the desired look.

5. The 1920s Boho Updo

Summers get your hair wet and sticky due to the continuous sweating. And during such times, most of you look for something that would let your hair stay at one place and that too all up in a bun. The 1920s is somewhat classy and stylish updo which is super easy at the same time. For this, you would be requiring a headband which you need to put on in the way a crown a placed on your head. After this, twist and roll your remaining hair and keep tucking them at the backside of the band until they are fully secured and hold a place. Use some hairspray to keep the bun in position.

6. Criss Cross Messy Side Ponytails

You know how the messy ponytails are too much in trend these days. And therefore, you should not be left behind as well. Split your hair into three sections initially. When two of them are taken near the temple area and one left in the middle near the crown. Now, take the middle section and tie it with the rubber band. Now take small strands from both of the side portions and get them in a criss-cross position and use pins to tuck them. Hold the leftover strands at getting them attached to the middle section until you feel the strands get tight and hair feel secured.

So, here were some of the quirky hair style tips which would look good both on the formal or informal occasions. Go ahead and try each one of them out to impress your colleagues and friends and you’ll surely shine out in the crowd. Last but the least, an important tip is to keep the hairspray and bobby pins handy so that you can set your hair whenever you feel that about to become a mess. Moreover, you can watch out the video tutorials in case you find certain hairstyles difficult to make all by yourself in the initial stages. Get your X-factor on and show the world how stylish you are.

Have a nice day!

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