Daily Skincare Routine During Hot & Humid Weather!

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Are you tired of extreme perspiration during the summer months? Is the heat and humidity of the season taking a toll on your skin? Does your skin appear dull and oily all the time? If you happen to be nodding your head in affirmation to these questions, then it is high time that you need to maintain a proper skin care routine for hot weather.

The heat of the summer season might save you from the dryness of the winter months. However, the oily and greasy skin only makes it worse for the health of your skin. Your skin starts to develop acne and blemishes on a frequent basis if you would not take proper care of the same. If you wish to look fresh and lively even during the hottest of the days, then read on this article to know about some daily skin care tips that could help you in combating the harmful effects of the heat and humidity outside.

Skin Care Routine For Hot Weather

As your skin appears oily all the time, you can inculcate some healthy skin habits to shed away the grease from your skin. Check out our special tips for maintaining healthy and glowing skin amidst extreme heat and humidity. Have a read:

1. Keep Your Face Clean All the Time

One of the major reasons for the commonly occurring pimples and acne during the summer months is because of the fast accumulation of dirt and dust on your skin. The dirt gets piled up on your skin with the sweat acting as a perfect adhesive to it. Extreme humidity can spoil your natural glow during the summers. With increased oil secretion, it is important to keep cleaning your skin all the time. You can go for a mild, oil-free and non-comedogenic face wash or cleanser as per your preferred skin type. You must cleanse your entire face properly with the same at least 2-3 times, especially in the morning and before going to bed. This cleaning regime would remove all sorts of impurities from your skin and would also deep cleanse the pores in your skin. If you tend to have an oily skin that is prone to acne, then you can go for picking a cleansing formula that contains 2% salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide that would keep the extra oil, greasiness, and skin breakouts at bay.

2. Follow Exfoliation Routine Religiously

As the level of humidity in the atmosphere increases, the face accumulates more oil and dirt as well as grime much more than usual. In this situation, there is no denying the fact that exfoliation routine is a must. You must implement a regular exfoliation regime. You could go for a gentle and effective face scrub of a good quality brand. This will help your skin in getting rid of the excess sebum, dead cells, dirt, residues of the excessive makeup, and other forms of debris that is accumulated deep inside the pores of the skin. For the best results from exfoliation, you should opt for a salicylic acid-based or enzyme-based and an oil-free formula that would consist of round beads to ensure maximum exfoliation. This will keep your skin oil-free for a maximum period of time.

3. Moisturize Carefully

A properly hydrated skin appears healthy and beautiful. However, the hydration requirements of the skin tend to change with the alterations in the climate. The rich moisturizing cream that you use during the dry time of the winter season might fail to serve the purpose of your skin during hot & humid weather. During the summertime, the oil glands of the skin become more productive. Therefore, instead of going for a rich moisturizing cream, you must choose the one that is lighter in nature. You can also pick a gel-based moisturizer that tends to be absorbed by the skin too easily without adding up the oily effective of your skin.

4. Never Skip Sun Protection

If you are going out in the scorching without any sun protection, then you might be doing greater harm to your skin. The UV rays of the sun might cause long-term damages to your skin that cannot be repaired. Therefore, during the hot weather out there, you must take special care of your skin by using a good layer of the sun protection cream. You must wear a broad spectrum of sun protection with a good SPF level (SPF 15 or above). Even when the weather seems to be cloudy and less sunny, you should not step out without your sunblock on your skin. You must apply the good SPF level sunblock on the exposed parts of your body. The waterproof gel-based or water-based formula could be a perfect option for you if you wish to hold up the sweat.

It is imperative to be careful while shopping for the sun protection products as most of them come with damaging chemical compounds. You must look out for them. You can try bringing home the mineral-based sunscreens, particularly those which contain titanium dioxide and micronized zinc oxide. These essential minerals tend to absorb the excess oil from the skin easily even the humidity level in the atmosphere is quite high. Therefore, to ensure glowing and fresh-looking skin during the hot summer time, you must protect your skin from the shining sunlight outside.

5. Go for Facials Weekly

The special needs of the face skin during the summertime increases than in comparison to the winter season. It might sound a bit odd to go for facial every week. However, it becomes an essential routine to keep the skin sans any oil and dirt when it is hot and humid outside. The face gets tanned, oily and greasy too easily than any other part of the body. This problem of the face skin can be resolved only with a proper routine of proper facials, at least once a week.

If you are not able to pay a visit to the beauty parlour every week, then you can try the home facial packs that can be prepared with much ease. This might save a lot of time as well as money on your part. To start with the same, first of all, you must clean your face nicely with cold water. Now, you can exfoliate your skin gently with the help of a half lemon or a tablespoon of sour curd. You can then wipe off this scrub. Then, apply a good face oil and massage it properly to make the oil enter the skin well. Once this is done, depending on the face type, you can apply a good layer of the face pack. During the summers, there are multiple options of fresh face packs that could render the necessary cool to your skin. Finally, wash off the pack after some time and then apply a light moisturizer all over. You can notice the positive change in the texture of your skin naturally.

6. Use Minimal Makeup

With the corporate life, it is impossible to avoid makeup at all times. Owing to the need to be fashionable and stylish, makeup is a must even during the summer time. However, if you wish your skin to look glowing and fresh at all times, then you must go for using minimal makeup tricks. You can limit the usage of the heavy, chemical-based makeup products on hot and humid days. These products not only make your skin appear greasy but tend to enter the deeper pores of the skin as well.

For those preferring to do light makeup, they can go for the oil-free, waterproof, mineral-based and powdered products rather than the cream-based makeup products. These powdered makeup products would take away the excess oil from your skin and would offer you a matte look. You can also try starting with a mattifying primer that would control the over-production of oil in the skin and would keep your makeup intact for the entire day.

7. Eat Healthy for Healthy Skin

This could be the most important tip for taking good care of skin when it is hot and humid all around.  The kind of food that you would consume on a daily basis reflects on your skin. Therefore, it is essential to take special care of your diet during the summer. It is common to find the skinless hydrated during the hot season. Therefore, you must consume the food items that would impact the necessary hydration to the skin. The water veggies and fruits are plentiful available in the market during summer. You can make it a habit to eat cucumbers, watermelons, black plum or Jamun, mango along with different juices and shakes to fuel the skin with the necessary water content. The more hydrated your skin is, the fresher it would appear. In addition to this, the fruits and vegetables would also help in maintaining the overall health of an individual.

You cannot do anything about the hot & humid weather, but you can definitely take good care of your skin and health!

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