Step-by-Step Guide on How to Do Manicure at Home?

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In this stressful life, we forget to take out time for ourselves. Manicure is one of the best ways to pamper yourself. It is known for its de-stressing, and calming attributes of one hour-long manicure. Besides the therapeutic properties of this treatment, regular manicures have to be made the part of the grooming routine of every woman. If you find it expensive at salon, then read this article to learn how to perform a manicure at the comfort of your home naturally.

Benefits of a Manicure

Benefits of Manicure

There are several reasons to perform Manicure on a regular basis. The benefits of this process go beyond beautifying your nails and personality. It should be made a part of the daily hygiene. Let us know more about how Manicure can benefit your overall health.

1. Cleans your nail

As nails are exposed to dirt, and dust, there are greater chances for them to become dirty. It is possible, that these germs can enter into our body at the time of eating. That can become the reason for infection. Washing fails to eliminate dust that lies deep within the nails. That is why we need to perform regular manicures. This practice helps in keeping germs, dirt, and debris at bay.

2. Nourish cuticles

Another benefit of Manicure is that it provides nourishment to your nails. Regular manicure helps in nourishing the cuticles and keep them soft, and in good shape.

3. Enhances blood circulation

Manicure involves massage that promotes sound circulation of blood in hands. This helps to enhance the ease of movement in the joints of your wrists, and fingers.

4. Helps to relax your body

Another important reason why women love manicure is for the relaxation that it provides to them. We do a majority of household chores and work-related tasks with the help of hands. A great massage loosens up the muscles. It treats the primary pressure points present on the fingertips, and palm and relaxes the body.

5. Make your hands youthful

One of the signs of youthful skin is moisturized, radiant and soft. Manicure does this for you. It comprises of various procedures, like scrubbing, exfoliation, and massage that removes the dead cells from skin. A nice massage with deep moisturizer makes them soft, supple, and glowing.

Types of Manicures That You Can Try

Now that we have seen the significance, and advantages of doing Manicure, we will now come to the most essential step i.e., to choose the right method of Manicure. So, here are mentioned some of the different types of manicure that you can perform.

1. Basic / Standard Manicure

If you are a beginner, and have not tried it before, then you should start with a standard manicure. This type of manicure involves trimming your nails, and giving them a desired shape. This is followed by treating cuticles with cuticle oil, a hand massage and application of nail polish. The complete procedure will require around 45 minutes to an hour. You should perform this procedure once in fifteen days.

2. Brazilian manicure

Next type of Manicure that we have on our list is the Brazilian manicure. You will find that this manicure is more focused on addressing your cuticles. This involves efficient elimination of the cuticle so that the nail bed becomes clearly visible. To perform this procedure, a specialized device named “Brazilian clipper” is used. At the end of the procedure, polish is applied to the nails, and the areas that surrounds the skin to ensure the edges are properly covered.

3. Three-Dimensional Manicure

In this process, you will place acrylic to some false nails and now paint them to the color of your preference. Once done, you will stick them on your original nails and start applying lovely accessories such as pearls, rhinestones etc. to create a beautiful girly design.

4. Vinylux Manicure

There is a common complaint among women that their nail polish doesn’t last longer. This problem can be solved by choosing a specialized nail polish from Vinylux, a leading professional color brand. When the top coat of this nail polish comes in contact to natural light then its color becomes tougher with time. You get stunning color and long-lasting glossy shine with protection.

Vinylux acts as a protective shield on your nails to protect it against wear and tear. This nail paint can easily last for ten to twelve days. You can easily remove it with the help of an acetone-based nail polish remover.

5. Shellac Manicure

Shellac is a professional manicure product that is mostly used in salons. It is made using the fusion of polish-gel. The procedure of its application is similar to application of a gel. It is the long-wear gel that dries quickly and imparts the shine, and color of a polish. Compared to conventional gels, Shellac is easier to remove. It also does not cause any damage to your nails. It can easily last for a period of fourteen days and more.

6. Paraffin Manicure

Paraffin is a popular type of manicure that uses natural ingredient called “paraffin wax”. This procedure requires dipping the hand in the odorless, and colorless wax that is derived from petroleum, and beeswax. Once you do this procedure, place your hands in plastic gloves and wrap in a warm towel.

This will harden the wax, and release all the dirt, toxins, and dust that lies deep within the pores. Now the standard manicure process is performed. The entire process will require around thirty process to an hour to finish. Paraffin manicures are ideal to heal your dry skin, repair any cracks, and makes the skin smooth and supple.

7. Dip Powder Manicure

To perform the dip powder manicure, you need to dip your nails in the colored powder. This powder is wrapped by adhesive layers. You would need UV/LED lights for the execution of this procedure. Unlike a conventional manicure procedure, this procedure is performed with dry nails as dehydrated nails are needed for the strongest level of adhesion of the powder.

This manicure can easily last for two weeks. You can remove it by filing the glossy top coat so that the applied acetone penetrates through it. Now soak the nails in pure acetone solution for fifteen minutes. With the help of wet cotton swab, wipe the area.

8. Acrylics

An acrylic is made using a liquid known as a monomer and a powder known as a polymer. When both these ingredients are mixed together, then they form the rigid acrylic enhancement. With this technique you can shape the acrylic into whatever shape you wish, such as coffin, round, square, flare, and add nail art or embellishments. Based on the complexity of the entire procedure, it can take up to two hours to execute.

Its effect depends on the growth of natural nails. Normally it stays for around a month’s time. The process to remove the acrylic material is quite easy. All you need is to only soak your nails in acetone.

How to perform it at home?

If the lockdown is stopping you from going to salon, then you need not disappoint. Here are simple steps of how you do manicure easily at home. With regular practice, you can easily achieve perfection. It only takes ten simple steps. But before we show you how it is done, let us look at the things that you will need to make your manicure kit.

1. To perform the cut-file-polish

  • Nail filer
  • Pumice stone,
  • Nail brush,
  • Nail shiner,
  • Nail cutter,
  • Nail buffer,
  • Cuticle stick or cuticle pusher, and
  • Nail paint/s

2. For the hand soaking solution

3. For the natural manicure scrub

  • Olive oil
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Sugar,
  • Lemon juice
  • Dettol

Steps for a perfect Manicure

1. Clean the nails using polish remover

How to Do Manicure at Home

Clean your nails with a good quality nail polish remover solution. These solutions contain acetone that helps in removing away all paint, and glitter from your nails. These nutrients make your nails strong as well as moisturize cuticles. Soak a piece of cotton into this solution, and run it over each nail to eliminate paint, dirt, and oils from it.

2. File and Buff

Now the next step is to give a shape to your nails. Gently file your nails by moving the nail filer in one direction. You can choose to get the tips shaped in a round, square, or any other shape. Using the nail buffer, buff the sides, and tops of the nails. It will help in giving a smooth surface to your nails. Buffing is essential as it prevents the natural oils to build up in the nails. Buffing makes your nails bright and youthful. It is a good way to eliminate edges.

3. Push back the cuticles

Cuticles are essential as it works to safeguard nails from bacteria. It keeps them soft. This stick is also useful to clean the region that lies beneath the tips of your nails. Use a cuticle stick to push them behind gently. Apply some cuticle oil to moisturize it.

4. Exfoliation

Manicure is to beautify your complete hand, and not just the nails. Exfoliate your wrists, hands, and forearms using a scrub that removes dead cells of the skin as well as restores moisture in it. Clear all the dirt, and grime deposited under the nail with the help of cuticle stick. Wash hands and dry them before you start with further steps.

5. Moisturize cuticles, and hands

After exfoliation, your skin becomes clean, but can also dry out soon. So, you need to use a good hand cream to moisturize your hands and hydrate your cuticles. A short hand massage is a good way to let all the moisturizer to get absorbed into the skin.

6. Base coat application

Now that your nails are perfectly cleaned, and shaped, and hands and cuticles are moisturized, you are ready to apply the base coat. This step hydrates, and protects your nails. It acts as a layer on the nails that prevents it from chipping. Apply the base coat and wait for two minutes before you apply the nail paint.

7. Apply the first coat of nail paint

Once the above step is done, it is time that you have been waiting from the start. Make your nails colorful by applying nail paint of your choice. Do not overload the brush with a lot of color. Keep the layer thin. Do not apply many strokes. Use as much paint as is needed to fully cover the nail in a single coat.

8. Apply the second coat of nail paint

After waiting for two minutes, you are ready for the second coat. If you are applying pastel shades, then you may need a third coat to get complete, and seamless coverage. Always apply a thin coat. It will look nice.

9. Finish off with the final topcoat.

This is the important step that you should not skip. A topcoat makes your nails glossy, and safeguard it from chipping. It will enhance the duration of your paint job.

10. Clean up rough edges.

Take a cotton ball, soak it in nail paint remover and carefully run around the nails to get the best finish. Wait for five minutes to let them dry for a few minutes.

Note: Always moisturize your hands when you remove nail paint using remover. Your nails will again get hydrated. Also, do not let the nail paint stay over fifteen days as it can result in discoloration of your nails. It is also required that your nails breathe in fresh air. So, between two applications of nail paint, do not apply nail paint for a week. This will keep them healthy.


Nail are one of the important aspects of a woman’s personality. Clean nails are inviting and Manicure makes them more appealing. When it comes to manicure, there is no dearth of choices available to you. Choose the type, that appeals to you the most. With the above step by step instructions, you can easily get salon like appearance easily.

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