How to Get Rid of Clogged Pores?

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Healthy and clear skin gives you a bold statement on any occasion. But the problem based on clogged pores is more which lowers the self-confidence. We have sought out certain remedies to get rid of clogged pores and get relief from it. Just go ahead with these remedies inorder to avoid the clogged pores to be turned into acnes.

What is a Clogged Pore?

A clogged pore is nothing but the blockage of skin pores which leads to several skin issues. Usually, our body produces sebum and sweat which gets secreted through skin pores. When the skin pores get clogged that leads to whiteheads, acne, blackheads, dullness etc., Forehead, nose, and chin are more prone to clogged pores as it has a higher concentration of oil glands. Therefore, clogged pores on forehead, nose, and chin are common. Let’s get into the reasons and remedies for clogged pores.

How to Get Rid of Clogged Pores on Skin?

Reasons for Clogged Pores

There are several reasons for the occurrence of clogged pores and they are given below.
• Entrapment of dead skin cells into the skin pores rather than being shed into the environment.
• Excess oil secretion due to the hormonal changes.
• Catching up of dirt underneath the skin surface.
• Certain bacteria and usage of cosmetics.
• High intake of sugar.
• Allergic reactions.
• Improper cleansing.
• Transferring oil from hands to your face by placing your hands on face.
• Dehydrated and dry skin.
• Excessive secretion of sweat.
• Not showing good skin care.
• Genetic basis.
• Pollution and the working environment.

How to Get Rid of Clogged Pores?

Keeping the skin pores free from dirt and oil is the best way to prevent clogged pores and the formation of acne. Here are the few ways which you can just walk behind it to kick off the clogged pores.

1. Get A Facial

Undergoing facial is a good remedy to open up the clogged pores. You can visit a clinic to facial from facialist. Also, go with hydra facial which is a popular treatment. Here they use water to remove the dirt, oil or dead skin cells thereby opening up the pores.

2. Sugar

Sugar, an exfoliating agent which unclogs your skin pores. This helps to clear off the clogged pores on face.
• Take two tablespoons of sugar and crush it.
• Now add water and lemon juice to it.
• Mix it to form a paste.
• Apply this mixture on the affected region.
• Give a gentle massage in a circular motion for 5 minutes.
• Then rinse it off with cool water and moisturize.
• Repeat it weekly once to get clear skin pores.

3. Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth)

This is a natural exfoliating agent which clears clogged pores on cheeks and nose. Fuller’s earth has the potential to absorb excess oil and it also does away with other substances blocking pores.
• Take a tablespoon of multani mitti in a bowl.
• Add water and oatmeal to it.
• Coat the mixture on the affected region and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.
• Then wash it off with plain water and moisturize.
• Do this once in a week to get unclogged pores.

4. Steam

Facial Steaming to Unclog Skin Pores

Steaming is one of the effective methods to unclog your skin pores. Steam opens up the pores and clears off the debris and oil over there.
• Take a pot and fill it with water.
• Cover the pot with a lid and heat it until the water boils.
• When it starts boiling, remove it from heat.
• Wash your face with mild soap or cleanser.
• Now you lean over the pot and cover your head with a towel.
• Steam your face for 15 to 20 minutes.
• Then wipe your face with a clean towel and apply moisturizer.
• You can follow up this procedure twice in a week to keep your pores unclogged.

5. Lemon

Lemon helps in exfoliating the dead skin cell. It reduces oiliness and also clears off debris in the pores.
• Take a fresh lemon and cut it into two halves.
• Now squeeze the lemon to get lemon juice.
• Rub the juice over clogged skin.
• Leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes.
• Wash your face with warm water and go for the application of moisturizer.
• Do this 4 times a week for added results.

6. Papaya

Application of papaya over the clogged skin exfoliates dead skin cells and leaves you  soft and glowing skin.
• Get fresh papaya and slice it.
• Peel the raw papaya and have only the pulp of it.
• Mash the papaya and rub it over the affected region.
• Let it be there for 10 to 15 minutes.
• Wash it off with plain water.
• Repeat it twice in a week for better results.

7. Try an Exfoliant

An exfoliant is a product which clears off the debris and dead cells from skin surface. You have both mechanical and chemical exfoliants. Have a look at it one by one.

• Mechanical Exfoliant

Mechanical skin exfoliants use mild abrasives which sand off dead skin cells from the pores. It includes a facial cleansing brush, scrubs, and cleansers with rough, tiny particles. Use these exfoliants and massage it gently over the skin surface which loosens the dead skin cells.
Don’t scrub too much as it might cause a cut to the skin and it is better to skip for the persons with sensitive skin.You can use it twice in a day for better results.

• Chemical Exfoliant

Chemical skin exfoliants make use of mild and gentle acids which makes the dead skin cells to fall off from the skin pores. These chemical exfoliants are derived from different fruits and foods like grapes, apple, milk etc., This lowers the skin’s PH thereby improving the skin tone.
These chemical exfoliants seem to be harsh when compared with the mechanical exfoliants. It refreshes and improves the look of your skin. Some might experience skin irritation by using chemical exfoliants.

8. Pore Strips

Using pore strip is another method to unclog the skin pores. These strips contain water-activated ingredients which get adhere to the dirt, oil, dead skin layers. When you peel off the pore strip, it pulls out all the accumulation in the skin pores. But this procedure is cost-effective and it is not a long-term solution to eliminate clogged pores.

9. Follow Up Medications

Even on following the remedies to clear off the clogged pores, it can’t make the grade as the reason for clogged pore might vary. It may be on an environmental, bacterial or genetic basis. Then it is better to get advice from the certified dermatologist who can access your skin type and recommends oral as well as topical medications. Follow up the prescribed medications to get clear and unclogged pores.

Prevention of Clogged Pores

It is always better to prevent than in curing any disorders. Here comes few tips which prevent the skin pores to be clogged.
• Often cleanse your face and keep it clean.
• Drink lots of water.
• Follow skincare regimen.
• Avoid the usage of anti-wrinkle cream which clogs pores.
• Go with the face wash which is non-comedogenic.
• Clogged pores on chin and cheeks occur mainly due to the placement of hands over there. So avoid keeping your hands on face.
• Exfoliate your dead skin cells regularly.
• Avoid eating oily foods, dairy products like milk and cheese.
• Remove your makeup before going to bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often to use the exfoliant to remove dead skin cells?

You can exfoliate once or twice in a week. Oily skin persons can exfoliate four times a week. You cannot exfoliate daily as the skin requires time to regenerate the superficial layer, that exfoliation takes off. Always use a moisturizer after exfoliation.

2. . Does coconut oil clog pores?

Coconut oil is a comedogenic (a product which clogs pores and breaks out acnes) which oxidizes and sticks to the dead cells and clogs pores whereas virgin coconut oil is non-comedogenic and it is better to use.

3. Does drinking plenty of water help to unclog pores?

Drinking more of water keeps your skin hydrated. It also reduces the skin pores size and clears off the debris over there.

This article gives you more information on, “How to get rid of the clogged pores?” Hope this benefits you to get clear and healthy skin.

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