Essential Morning Skincare Routine You Must Follow!

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What is the first thing that you do in the morning after waking up? What tends to be your daily morning skincare routine? For most the busy souls, getting up in the morning implies only one task –getting ready for work at the earliest. This would involve a series of haphazard activities from brushing, getting fresh, bathing, eating breakfast (or even skipping it) and then heading straight out to one’s working place in a hurried manner. However, in all of these hastened movements of our daily schedule, we often tend to pay less or no attention to our health and skin.

As we age gradually, the side effects of our negligence towards skincare start to reflect on our skin. We eventually observe the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on our skin, mostly our face, hands and neck area. Therefore, it calls for a proper skincare routine to be followed religiously each day. Of all the times of the day, a morning skincare routine is considered to be the most effective. This is due to the fact that our skin is the freshest after waking up and would respond well to all care and affection that you would shower upon it.

Every Morning Skincare Routine for a Glowing Skin

When it comes to skincare, there are two aspects that need to be considered –persistence and timing. In the first case, you cannot expect to achieve the desired results of your skincare routine instantly like some magic. Therefore, it calls for some patience while preparing oneself for the best results. Similarly, the timing of your skincare regime would also play a vital role in bringing out the desired results for your skin. Making a few smart tweaks at the right time can make a huge difference in maintaining the quality of your skin throughout the day as well as for your entire life.

Your morning skincare routine could wake your skin up too. Here are some helpful skincare tips that you must include in your daily morning regime to welcome each day with a healthy and glowing skin. Have a read.

1. Shake It Up

If you are wondering what sort of skincare tip this is, then we are referring to the use of healthy fruits and vegetables shakes that could make your breakfast platter each day. There is no denying the fact that whatever amount of exterior skincare you might inculcate in your daily life, the true beauty of the skin rises from within. Therefore, you must, first of all, aim at starting your day with a healthy gulping of some highly nutritious shakes.

You can try making your green, healthy smoothie with the help of some nutritious options like kale, some coconut milk, almond milk, some berries and so more (as per your choice) to relish on a heavy breakfast. This delicious smoothie would not just serve healthy for your entire body, but would also serve a great purpose for your skin. The natural fiber and antioxidant content in the leafy vegetables and fiber-rich fruits would help in effective detoxification of your body. As a result, you can welcome a fit body and a glowing skin each day by following this morning routine.

2. Wash It Well

It is true that each one of us start our day by washing our face in the first place (or at least we assume so!). However, washing your skin merely by plain water wouldn’t do the trick well. There would still be ample deposits of dirt and debris inside the pores of your skin that simply won’t go away with plain water. You would need to wash your skin well with some good-quality cleansing agent. You could go for an organic-based cleansing agent that has the goodness of nature and no harmful chemicals to clean your face properly.

Exfoliation could also be a great option, though sometimes and if you have time for it. Along with proper face washing regime, you can also adopt a daily light scrubbing technique to wash off the stubborn debris off your skin. Look for the ones with lactic or glycolic acid with polish beads for the best results. The small beads scrub your skin well washing off all the accumulated dirt deep inside your skin layers. In addition to the normal cleansing and scrubbing regime, you must take note of the type of your skin carefully. Once you are aware of the same, only then you should follow the proper morning skin cleansing routine for the best results.

3. Drink Water the First Thing

Well, this pointer should have been the first one for drinking at least two glasses of water should be the first thing as you get up in the morning. Nothing can beat the benefits of drinking water on empty stomach. This habit once developed in your life would not only have great health benefits including better bowel movements and improved digestion, but would also flush out all the toxins out of your system to impart a glowing skin each day.

For the best results, the skin experts suggest that you could try drinking a glass of lukewarm water with some lemon and honey mixed in it. This would suffice the hydration needs of your body in the morning itself such that your skin feels rejuvenated the entire day. Therefore, if you have yet no started this, start by drinking at least one glass of water on an empty stomach every morning.

4. Exercise a Bit

Waking up a bit early to snatch out some exercise time would do not harm, only good to your body as well as to your skin. Early morning exercises have their own charm. You are able to deliver the best results on your daily exercise regime in the morning when you are all fresh and active. In return, you get the benefits of a fit body and healthy skin. There is no specific set of exercise that you should do every morning.

Your exercise regime could range from hard core gym workouts to the gentle yoga postures. Any form of exercise would not go wasted unless you are doing it in the right manner. Therefore, for the best results, you can do some research on the best exercise moves for your body type. Some of the yoga postures and breathing exercises can play a significant role in enhancing your inner beauty. Even meditation has immense positive effects on the overall quality of your skin as it keeps you stress-free and refreshed all the time.

5. Protect The Skin

What a lovely weather outside! If this is your first thought in the morning upon witnessing a cloudy or rainy weather, then this thought should not let your skin suffer. For most of us, we assume that the harmful sun’s rays and UV radiation could only harm our skin when we are exposed to excessive sunlight. However, what we fail to realize is the fact that there is a great possibility of the harmful UV rays penetrating our skin even on cloudy and pleasant days.

Therefore, it is vital to impart protection to your skin each morning by applying a good layer of high-SPF sunscreen on your skin before going out. You must apply the sunblock religiously each day on the exposed areas of your skin to prevent the potential damages like sunburns, early aging, tanning, wrinkles, and so more. If you think that your makeup product also has an SPF foundation or SPF lip gloss, then you should not know that sunblocking capability of the makeup products is not sufficient. Therefore, a sufficient layering of the sunscreen each day on your skin is a must.

6. Invest in a Good Serum

Most of the girls out there only tend to follow the basic cleansing, toning, scrubbing and moisturizing routine when it comes to their effective skincare. However, new to this trend is the use of a multi-functional serum that acts as active ingredients in resulting into a radiant skin throughout the day. in addition to imparting the essential glow to your skin, the serums also work by protecting your skin from potential sun damage and prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles too early.

You could try investing into a good-quality serum from a reputable brand to get the best results. Apply two-three pumps of the serum on your palm and then rubbing the same gently between the hands to warm it up, apply the serum on your face. You must massage well to ensure that it mixes well with your skin and imparts a glowing effect to it instantly.

Your mornings should begin on a fresh note with special care to your health and skin. You must adopt a proper morning skincare routine to observe the positive changes in your skin within a short span of time. When your skin gets the pampering in the mornings itself, it is bound to reflect elegance and radiance throughout the day. Welcome your everyday glowing skin and amaze others with your daily beauty secrets!!

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