Easy Yoga Positions to De-Stress At Work!

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Working hours and hours sitting at the same place with lots of work burden is no easy! It brings a lot of mental pressure and physical stress on your body. Yoga has simply emerged as a boon for mental and physical well – being and thus, can work miraculously for you! It’s amazing that some yoga poses are awesome enough which you can perform at your workplace too! Here is all you need to know about these Yoga For Stress Relief!

How Yoga Poses Can Help In De Stressing At Workplace?

  • In today’s competitive and ambitious world, it’s quite obvious to get stressed while working. However, how much positive and motivational the work stress is, it has a negative impact on your brain and body.
  • Yoga has a calming effect on your brain and body and thus works as an amazing weapon against stress.
  • Yoga poses help in practicing the correct way of breathing, posing, stretching and physical activities which can make your body perfectly healthy.
  • Not only physically, but mentally it is important to de stress while working to reduce stiffness in the muscles and to stay fresh. Yoga helps your body stay relaxed and free while keeping your brain calm and focused.
  • Also, yoga helps in improving concentration power which would help you stay focused while working. Relaxed and focused mind helps you to stay fit and generate efficient results.
  • Sore muscles, stiff joints, and pain can be prevented during work while performing the de stressing yoga poses
  • Thus, try some cool and refreshing yoga poses to stay fit and energetic all the daylong!

Here are some fun and easy yoga for stress relief  which you can try at your workplace to stay relaxed and fresh.

Yoga For Stress Relief

1. Seated Moon Stretch Pose

While you are working in your office, the place and flexibility of working out gets low. You cannot move much and have to perform the yoga poses within a limited space. This yoga pose requires no space more than your office desk. While sitting, perform a stretch and your yoga session would get completed in minutes!

What Is Seated Moon Stretch Pose And What Are The Benefits?

  • The seated moon stretch pose is a yoga pose which you can perform while sitting on your desk.
  • It includes arm and back stretch which would get you relaxed if you have been working on your computer since long. All your shoulder, back and neck discomfort would fade away with this yoga pose
  • This pose soothes your back and thus, you can sit straight with your back crisp and brain focused!
  • Also this pose helps in improving your breathing which is a key to concentration and improved work focus. Thus, calm your senses and body with this amazing yoga pose and feel light while you work!

How To Perform This Pose?

  • Sit straight on your chair or desk.
  • Raise your hands and stretch your arms in the ceiling direction.
  • Join both your hands and stretch your fingers upwards.
  • Now, lean on the right side while breathing deep.
  • Try to lean and stretch as much as possible.
  • Feel your torso, sides and arms getting stretched. Also, take 2-3 long breaths and release.
  • Repeat the same for another side and perform this 2-3 times a session.

2. Basic Wrist And Finger Stretch

If you work with computers, you must know how painful and achy your wrists get while you constantly work on the table. The basic wrist and finger stretch would help your wrists relax and get stress free.

What is a Basic Wrist and Finger Stretch and What are The Benefits?

  • Working hours and hours on the desk can create pressure on your wrist and fingers. If you want to get rid of this stiffness, the wrist stretch would help!
  • Wrist stretch is a basic wrist rotation which can loosen up the stiff muscles of your wrist and can get your arms flexible.
  • For efficient work, it is necessary that your blood reaches the fingers, wrists and arms. This stretch allows blood flow and helps you perform better.
  • This is a multi benefit stretch which would allow your hands to de stress and reduce stiffness.

How To Perform This Pose?

  • Sit straight on your desk chair.
  • Raise your hands straight in front of you.
  • Close your fist and rotate your both wrists in clockwise and anti clockwise directions.
  • You can perform this circle 10-15 times and relax.
  • Now stretch your hands again in front of you and let the back of your palm face you.
  • With one hand, massage or stretch the fingers of another hand.
  • Perform the same stretch for other hand.
  • You can also stretch the fingers in inwards and outwards direction turn by turn.
  • This is an amazing easy yoga stretch to relax your hands and wrist.

3. Desk Plank Stretch

If you love planks and are aware about the benefits of planks, here is a super cool and easy variation of planks which you would love to perform. Planks are awesome and would never fail to make you feel relaxed a lot at your workplace.

What Is A Desk Plank Stretch And What Are The Benefits?

  • Desk plank stretch is a normal variation of planks with a twist of workplace comfort.
  • Generally, we perform planks while sleeping or while standing. This variation allows you to perform the planks while leaning on your desk.
  • This yoga stretch helps in soothing your stiff neck, shoulders, back and arms.
  • For those who sit hours and hours on the office desk, this is one of the poses which would help to regulate blood flow and reduce stiffness in muscles.
  • Also, if you do not get enough time for body stretching at your home, this position would help your legs, hamstring muscles and spine have a great stretch!

How To Perform This Pose?

  • Get into a plank position on your desk. Stand with your hands on the desk. Keep the hands wide stretched.
  • Now, stretch yourself until you make a straight and tight posture. Hold your body in a semi triangular shape.
  • Stretch your legs far until you can and feel the stretch on your torso, back, spine and sides.
  • Also, do not let your elbows bend. Take deep breath and stay straight.
  • Repeat the breathing 3-4 times and release.

4. Arm Rotations

Grab 5 minutes off from your work and perform this awesome and beneficial yoga pose to feel easy. Either you work on the computer or manually, your arms would get engaged in any work. This is one of the best ways to make your arms relaxed!

What Are Arm Rotations and What Are The Benefits?

  • Arm rotations are simple and flexible rotations which can be easily performed at the workplace.
  • While you work hard, your arms and hands too get stiff and achy after the tiring day. If you want to avoid this stiffness in arms, these rotations would make you feel quite energetic and enthusiastic!
  • Arm rotations target your arms, shoulders and spine which need a thorough stretch after this hard work.

How To Perform This Pose?

  • Stand straight and keep your posture tight.
  • Raise your left hand and rotate it from the arms.
  • Rotate it clockwise and anti clock wise and perform 5-10 rotations.
  • Repeat it for the second hand and complete your best pose for arm stretch!

5. Neck Bends

Neck bends or neck stretches are a fun workout which would help you feel great instantly. If you don’t keep moving your neck constantly, it would get stiff and achy with unbearable pain. The neck is supposed to be moving and thus, this pose would help your neck stay easy and soft.

What are Neck Bends and What are The Benefits?

  • Neck bends or stretches are simple neck rotation stretches which can reduce neck stiffness while working
  • You can stretch and bend the neck side by side or you can perform rotations to allow your neck muscles sooth
  • Staring at your computer constantly can make your neck jammed and painful. In such cases, rotations would allow blood flow and would also make you feel relaxed!

How To Perform This Pose?

  • You can perform neck bends while standing beside your desk, while you take a little tea break or while you are sitting on your desk and require 5 minutes off from your work.
  • Keep your back straight and bend your neck on the left shoulder.
  • Let your muscles stretch while you breathe.
  • Repeat on the right side.
  • Now, rotate your head in the clockwise and anti clockwise directions.
  • Perform these smooth and calming rotations to make your neck relaxed and allow your muscles to get loose.

6. Seated Toe Touch Stretch

Toe touches are immensely energetic and would make blood flow in your body quicker! You can perform this amazing pose to feel fresh and energetic while the sleepy and tiring period at your workplace. Try this daily and you would love performing it!

What Are Seated Toe Touches And What Are The Benefits?

  • From spine to lower back, this workout would help in soothing each of your muscles. Seated toe touches are an easy variation of toe touches which you can perform at your workplace
  • While sitting on the desk, your lower back, spine muscles, shoulders etc get stiff. The toe touches would help them stretch well
  • Performing seated toe touches would help stretching your lower as well upper body and make you feel amazing!

How To Perform This Pose?

  • Sit on your desk chair and keep your legs wide apart.
  • Make a triangle or v pose with your legs.
  • Sit straight and bend towards your legs.
  • Feel the stretch on your spine, back, shoulders and arms.
  • You can touch both your toes or thumbs with both the hands.
  • You can also touch the right toe with left hand and vice versa.
  • This stretch would make you feel light, comfortable and relaxed.
  • Hold this pose until you feel the stretch and tightness in your muscles. Perform 5-10 repetitions as per your convenience and release.

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7. The Seated Cow Pose

Seated cow pose also known as gomukhasana is one of the amazing yoga for stress relief which is a smooth pose from the best office yoga poses. It stretches your arms, shoulders, spine, torso and various muscles and helps you sooth while working!

What Is Seated Cow Pose And What Are The Benefits?

  • Seated cow pose provides stretch and flexibility to your spine which is very important if you work for a long period sitting at the same place.
  • It strengthens the extension and flexion muscles while relieving back pain.
  • While twist and stretch your hands and inhale, your inner body organs would also get calmed and relaxed!

How To Perform This Pose?

  • Generally this pose is performed while keeping your legs folded. But if you have space issues in your office, you can seat in the normal pose and perform this pose.
  • Sit straight on your chair and keep your back sharp.
  • Now, stretch your left arm backside. Also, stretch your right arm in the backside and let your both hands junction while holding each other.
  • Stretch both your hands and inhale.
  • Take deep breath, hold on this pose and exhale.
  • The left elbow must point towards the floor and right elbow must point the ceiling.
  • Take deep breaths and perform 5-10 repetitions with each hand.

8. Standing Twists

Standing twists are easy to perform and will take no more time from your work schedule. If you are looking for a workout option which can help your entire body to get relaxed and allow blood circulation throughout the body, this is the one which you can try.

What Are Standing And What Are The Benefits?

  • Standing twists are the basic yoga pose which you can perform and loosen your muscles. This includes stretching your back, sides and all your body muscles to feel light.
  • Your body gets tired and stiff while sitting on a chair and constantly working. You can perform standing twists which would help in loosening up your extension and flexor muscles.
  • Standing twists has different variation which would benefit you in different ways. Your shoulders, spine, arms and back would get some relief with this pose.

How To Perform This Pose?

  • Stand straight beside your work desk.
  • With correct posture, you can achieve all the desired results and thus, maintain straight and a sharp posture.
  • Raise your both hands horizontally.
  • Now twist your entire body from the waist in the left direction.
  • Feel the stretch on your sides, abdomen, back, spine, shoulders and various places.
  • While your body twists, you need to stand straight and not move with the flow.
  • Hold on this position and inhale.
  • Try keeping in this position and relax. Repeat the same process for the other side.
  • Repeat 5-10 times and feel relaxed instantly!

9. Temple Massage

This is a soothing pose which would help you calm down and focus on your work. This pose is more like a therapy which can give you relaxation from work stress and pressure. Try this and sooth your senses for a while!

What Are Temple Massages And What Are The Benefits?

  • The benefits of this pose are more than just relaxation from stress. Temples are the main location from where your senses can get regulated!
  • Little massage on the scalp or temples can reduce stress, anxiety, stiffness and various aches.
  • Also, your blood pressure can get controlled while you relax and massage your temples.
  • Headache is one of the most common conditions which people suffer at the workplace. This massage would help in reducing headache and would help you focus better!
  • Also, it includes enhanced breathing which would calm you if you are stressed and depressed

How To Perform This Pose?

  • This 5 minute session is a magical cure for stress and headache. You need to stay calm and relax while performing this pose.
  • Sit on your desk and close your eyes.
  • Place your both thumbs below the tip of your eyebrows and stretch your skin.
  • Apply pressure while stretching and breath. Hold this stretch for 10-15 seconds and then relax.
  • Now, place you thumbs on the brow bone and stretch the skin. hold this stretch for few seconds and relax.
  • Now, place your thumbs on the temples and rub them in circular motion. You can also apply pressure while massaging them and feel relaxed.
  • Massage the temples for 15 -20 seconds, 4-5 times and relax.
  • Also, massage under and above your eyes in a circular motion. With your first finger massage your eye surroundings and relax.
  • Perform these different massages around your eyes and in your temples and relax!

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10. Leg Folds

Leg folds or leg stretches would help your feet feel relaxed. Office workers complain to have achy and jammed feet while they stand up after a long working session. This stretch would help your feet get relaxed and free soon.

What Are Leg Folds And What Are The Benefits?

  • The leg folds or stretches helps in relieving the leg muscles. The knees, toes and entire legs get benefited with this pose.
  • A quick stretch session of this pose would help you feel energetic and relaxed. Stretching your legs would make it less painful to walk after constant work.
  • Also, come people get swollen feet after sitting too long on chairs. This stretch would reduce the swelling and allow blood circulation.
  • There are many diseases and conditions which occur if you sit for long hours in the same position. The signs are swelling , pain in legs and much more.
  • The leg stretch would regulate blood supply and this would reduce these signs. Try leg stretches, folds and bends to make your legs active even while you work sitting on your desk!

How To Perform This Pose?

  • Sit straight on your chair and stretch your legs outwards.
  • Try to get them parallel to the floor and straight in front of you.
  • Now fold both your legs and make a 90 degree angle from your knees.
  • Perform this step 5-10 times with quick and easy movements.
  • Now stand up and straight.
  • Hold your left leg and fold it from your knees.
  • Hold your leg for 10-15 seconds and release.
  • Perform the same pose for other leg.
  • There are the seated and standing variations of this pose which would help your legs stretch and feel lighter!

Feel relaxed and easy with these soothing yoga for stress relief while you work at your office. These are the best and promising quick yoga poses collection which you can perform at your office and prevent stiff muscles. Take 5 minutes break, relax your sense with these cool poses and boost your mood!

These poses would not only reduce physical stress but would also help in boosting concentration which directly would affect your work performance! Happy office workouts!

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