Amazing Benefits of Surya Namaskar Yoga (Sun Salutations)!

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Yoga is a precious and priceless gift of India to the world! Emerged before eras, Yoga Asanas (poses) have transformed uncountable lives with the health benefits! Surya Namaskar or “Sun Salutation” is one of the Yoga poses that is much beneficial for complete body. Performing Surya Namaskar for atleast 15 minutes every day can bring amazing results. Sun salutations are performed by bowing down to sun and consist of 12 different poses. In this article we will take a closer look at the amazing benefits of Surya Namaskar.

It is said that while performing these 12 poses a day, you would get rid of numerous diseases, skin issues, hair issues and it would make your body healthy day by day! Sun salutations would work out all the body parts and improves the working of various organs of our body. It is suggested to be performed during the sunrise in the morning hours. It will get you instant energy and freshness to kick start your day! Here are some amazing and cool benefits of Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation Yoga, which would get you addicted to this multi-beneficial Yoga Asana!

Know about Amazing Benefits of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)

Amazing Benefits of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)!

1. Sun Salutations Improve and Strengthen the Digestive System

The redefining 12 poses of Surya Namaskar are efficient in strengthening the digestive system. The poses would boost your metabolism, get your digestive tract enhanced and would treat issues related to digestion. From stomach to the kidneys, performing Surya Namaskar would benefit all organs and would aid in the quick digestion of food. People suffering from constipation, gas troubles and such issues are suggested to perform Surya Namaskar for an effective and permanent cure!

2. Improves Blood Circulation and Boosts Blood Flow

Blood circulation is a very important phenomenon in our body.  For any organ to perform accurately, blood flow and its proper circulation are required. Performing the 12 poses of sun salutations every morning would lead to a proper reach of blood flow in all the body parts which would simply make your body more efficient. For fighting and preventing any chronic disease, efficient blood flow is required which can be obtained by sun salutations!

3. Empowers the Nervous System

Surya Namaskar Empowers Nervous System

If you think that Surya Namaskar has benefits just over the bones and digestive tract, this amazing benefit would stun you. Not only Surya Namaskar heals the damage in the brain, spinal cord and various organs of the nervous system but would also help in reducing mental illness. From physical to psychological issues, this amazing Yoga Asana would help in healing various conditions if performed regularly!

4. Sun Salutations Keep the Skin Firm and Tight

Get Tight Skin with Surya Namaskar Exercise

Worried about skin aging? Perform Surya namaskar and get rid of all the concerns regarding your skin! This amazing Yoga Asana would tighten your skin, make it firmer day by day and get you youthful skin in just a few weeks! For everlasting youthful glow and flawless skin, you must perform the Surya Namaskar daily and get cool results over your skin. It would also fight issues like saggy skin, wrinkles, loose and dull skin!

5. Surya Namaskar Makes the Hair Strong and Prevents Hair Fall

Surya Namaskar Helps Reduce Hair Fall

Performing these 12 poses every morning would help inefficient blood circulation which will in turn help in maintaining the hair health! In today’s hectic and busy life, if you are not able to take some time out for your hair care regime, perform the Sun Salutations and you would get a visible difference in your hair! It would simply promote hair growth; prevent premature greying of hair while making your hair long and strong!

6. Sun Salutations Helps in Weight Loss and Melting the Fat

We all are troubles with belly fat, jammed fat over the hips, thighs and arms. Also, people face numerous issues due to obesity and heavy weight! Sun salutations can work as an ultimate remedy for fighting this excess fat and weight. These amazing poses would simply boost your metabolism aiding into weight loss! If you have flab jammed all over your body and require a slim and trim figure, try including these amazing Yoga Asanas in your workout regime and you would simply love the results!

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7. Improves Immunity

A stronger immunity powder would simply make your body more healthy and fit. However if you want to make your body healthy, it is important to prevent the disease. Our immune system does the job of protecting our body from such various harmful diseases and maintaining a healthy life! If you want to stay healthy and resist various life-threatening diseases, daily perform the Surya Namaskar and get cool benefits!

8. Improves Muscle Flexibility and Strength

Increase Muscle Flexibility with Sun Salutation Exercise

If you are a runner, athlete, dancer or someone who requires a lot of flexibility and strength to perform, this amazing Yoga Asana is the best option for you.  Also, conditions like muscle stiffness, joint pain and much more are witnessed in people who perform serious physical work or undergoing physical strength training! This amazing Yoga Asana would simply relax your muscles, make them more flexible and fit with ease! This is one of the most promising benefits!

9. For Women, Sun Salutations Help in Reducing Menstrual Pain and Issues

Considering the menstrual cycle, sun salutations would simply ease your cycle while fighting the pain and suffering during this period. If you perform sun salutations daily, you would suffer less from the pain and soreness during the menstrual cycle! Go for sun salutations and relieve the pain!

10. Surya Namaskars Would Get You a Perfect Posture and Lengthy Body

Surya Namaskar Builds Correct Body Posture

Surya Namaskar needs to be performed with right technique. Everyone who aims to extract maximum advantages for this Yoga Asana must consider performing it in a correct way. If you perform the sun salutations with the correct method, it can help in improving your posture and also increase your height. Dont get confused – if your posture is erect and you stand straight without bending your shoulders and neck, you look tall. Logical, isnt it?

If you love heighted body and a sharp posture, go for sun salutations daily!

11. Sun Salutations Would Treat Insomnia and Stress

If you want a relieving and healing activity which can help in troubleshooting insomnia and stress, you need to consider the sun salutations. The poses of sun salutations would heal stress, depression and such mental illnesses while getting you a relaxing sleep!

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These are the most common and highly impactful benefits of sun salutations! If you want to get maximum benefits of this yoga asana, you must perform it daily during sunrise in the correct method! This would get you a healthy body and perfect life!

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