Top 5 Reasons of Obesity and How to Deal with It?

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Obesity has become a widespread problem amongst the majority of the people all over the world. It is one of the primary causes for major diseases such as heart disorders and diabetes. Despite awareness of its negative impacts, it is spreading amongst all the people.

In case a person’s Body Mass Index (BMI) is above 30, he is said to be obese. In simple words, a person is said to be obese when he or she is above the standard weight criteria.

Before we move ahead towards the reasons for obesity, let us first understand how do obese people look like and what kind of signs they show.

  • Obese people are likely to have weight-related concerns such as panting even after climbing few stairs.
  • They suffer from heart issues such as high blood pressure levels.
  • Obese people are likely to suffer from problems such as liver concerns, depression, breathing issues, joint diseases, diabetes, etc.
  • Obese people also have self-esteem concerns. They always feel that they do not look good as compared to slim and slender people. Hence, they suffer from depression or anxiety issues.

Top 5 Reasons for Obesity

obesity Reasons-and-solutions

Here are the top 5 reasons for obesity.

1. Over-consumption of Calories

A person’s weight increases after consumption of too many calories. Intake of calories takes place through consumption of food. Thus, when high-calorie food is consumed on daily basis by a person, he tends to become obese and over-weight.

Our recent lifestyle has become sedentary and complicated that we do not have time to check what we are actually eating and at what time. People do not follow meal timings, calorie intake charts, and balanced diet regimes. As a result, they become victims of obesity.

2. Lack of Exercise

There comes the sedentary lifestyle again! People do not have time to undergo physical exercise on daily basis. As a result, the calories consumed do not get burned and get built up inside the body, leading to obesity. It is only when their old clothes do not fit in themselves, they think of subscribing for a gym or going for an early morning walk.

3. Genetic Reason

Genetic factors of a person also influence his or her weight. Genetic factors affect the metabolism of a person thereby making weight loss or gain difficult. For instance, if obesity is a concern for generations in your family, then you are also likely to become obese. You need to take extra precautions for avoiding obesity in yourself.

4. Environmental and Social Factors

Earlier, people thought that over-consumption of food and lack of exercise are the only reasons for obesity. However, experts have found that environmental and social factors also influence obesity in a person. For example, if you are working in an office wherein you have to frequently attend late night parties or gatherings. You are likely to consume junk food or oily and sweetened food that is not healthy for your body. Similarly, if your family is also inclined towards eating fast or junk food on a consistent basis. Then you are likely to pick up such unhealthy habits easily.

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5. Stress

Lastly, we again come to our lifestyle which makes us feel stressed and anxious. A stressed person is either indulged in binge eating or no eating at all. However, when he has those carvings, he may not think about calories or fitness anymore. Hence, stress has a negative impact on our mind, making us unhealthy and obese.

How to Overcome Obesity?

Well, we have seen in detail the top 5 reasons for obesity. Identification of the cause is the first step towards fighting the obesity. Now, let us understand some of the tips to overcome or prevent obesity.

1. Observe What and When You Eat

This is an important step in overcoming obesity. Initially, one needs to observe their eating habits. When do you feel hungry, what do you feel like eating, crunchy or spicy or sweet, what do you actually eat or drink? After recording all these details, you need to replace it with healthy eating habits.

Prepare a diet schedule after consulting a dietician or your family doctor. This diet chart must comprise of proper balanced diet foods and meal timings. However, the actual step would be adhering to the diet schedule on a consistent basis.

2. Cut Off the Unnecessary Stuff

You need to cut off the enemies from your diet. The enemies of obesity are junk food, fast food, processed sugar, bakery foods, alcohol, sweets, sweetened drinks or soft drinks, etc. When you are willing to say no to this unnecessary stuff, you are really making a striking difference to your diet and your life.

3. Replace With Healthy Food

After cutting off unnecessary foods from your meals, you need to replace it with healthy foodstuffs. These include fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, pulses, whole grains, oats, homely cooked food, natural and fresh juices, natural sugar, etc. These foodstuffs are the powerhouse of essential nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates for your healthy body. If you eat a balanced and fibrous meal, you will never get food cravings and always feel enthusiastic for the rest of the day.

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You won’t keep adding calories by over-consumption of food. It will help in weight loss as well as in improving your digestive system.

4. Hit the Exercise Floor

This is another important step to overcome obesity. For burning those extra pounds, you don’t need to subscribe to an expensive gym or hire a yoga teacher. You can be active throughout the day by choosing stairs instead of a lift, walking to the grocery store, doing simple exercises or practice yoga at home. However, be consistent in the fitness regime. You are supposed to do it at least thrice a week and for 30-40 minutes a day.

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5. Anti-Stress Regime

As we mentioned earlier, stress contributes to obesity. You cannot throw out stress from your life but you can learn to manage it. Stress can be managed by doing yoga or breathing exercises, spending time with your family, cultivating an art or getting involved in your passion or social cause.

Thus, in order to overcome obesity, one needs to incorporate healthy eating and exercise habits in daily life. Also, one needs to be patient to achieve results over a period of time.

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