Is Milk Good for Weight Loss or Not?

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Remember our childhood days when we used to run all over the house and were chased by our mother who carried a glass of milk in her hand. We used to cry, wail and weep like anything at the sight of a glass of plain milk. And our mothers used to convince us to drink milk by explaining its benefits to our health. Some even forced us to drink.

Every person has a childhood milk story like the above. We all know milk is infused with proteins and calcium that are essential for the strengthening of bones and other health benefits. But are you aware that milk can cause weight gain? Sounds different, right?

Is Milk Good for Weight Loss or Not?

Let us now do into detail with this concept. Let us first understand the health advantages of milk consumption for our overall health in brief. Later, we will go through how milk can add to your list of worries in the form of weight gain. All people who want to lose weight need to understand both the sides of the coin and plan their milk consumption patterns accordingly.

When we say milk, we are also referring to the various products that are made out of milk. Some of the examples of milk based products are as follows:

  • Curd
  • Buttermilk
  • Yoghurt
  • Cheese
  • Cotton cheese
  • Ice-creams
  • Butter
  • All sweet desserts made out of milk such as kheer, shrikhand, etc.

Out of these, please try to stay away from the sweet desserts and ice-creams. The sugar contained in these products will certainly harm you. Buttermilk is a good option. Also, avoid cheese and artificially-prepared butter to prevent accumulation of fat deposits on your body.

Why Milk is Good for Your Health?

It is true that milk and milk-based products are beneficial for our health. The various health advantages of drinking milk are as follows:

1. Healthy Skin

Milk Prevents the Skin from Environmental Damages

In the ancient civilizations like the Egyptian civilization, women took baths in tubs filled with fresh milk. Milk provides all the nutrients to skin and hair and makes it healthy and soft. It is comprised of lactic acid and amino acids for imparting sufficient moisture to the skin and hair. Fortified with antioxidants, milk prevents the skin from environmental damage.

2. Strengthening of Bones and Teeth

Milk needs to be consumed by kids as well as adults. Rich in calcium content, milk strengthens bones and teeth. It protects the teeth against cavities and other problems.

3. Muscle Development

Milk Helps in Muscle Development

A glass of milk everyday will help in the rebuilding of your muscles. If you undergo constant physical activity or exertion, then you should drink milk on a daily basis. It will replace the fluids that you have lost during physical exertion.

4. Minimizes Stress

This is the need of these days. We are constantly stressed due to hectic schedules, deadlines, personal commitments and challenges. After a long, tiring day, help yourself with a glass of plain milk to relieve the stress out of your body and to get a sound, undisturbed sleep at night. It boosts energy levels in our body.

5. Essential for Overall Health

Milk is comprised of essential elements to reduce fluctuating levels of blood pressure in the body. It works as an antacid and ensures smooth functioning of the liver. It also regulates levels of cholesterol. It promotes healthy eyesight and reduces risks pertaining to cancers.

6. Aids in Weight Loss

If you are drinking skimmed milk or low-fat milk, then it will help in your weight loss. We will be stressing on this point and continuing with our discussion. Does milk really helps in weight loss or increases our weight?

How can Milk Affect Your Weight Loss Regime?

1. Effects of Saturated Fats Contained in Milk

Dairy products such as milk are comprised of higher quantities of saturated fats. These fats go into the cholesterol components of our blood arteries. The fat contained in milk collects in the body areas such as thighs, belly and hips. It also slows down the transport of oxygen to all the cells and tissues in the body. Lack of oxygen in the body lowers down the rate of metabolism and makes your body bulky and lazy.

2. Ingredients that Cannot be Digested

Milk is comprised of a protein known as casein which cannot be absorbed by the digestive system of our body. These proteins cannot be absorbed into the body and thus, get collected and stuck on the walls of the intestines. It leads to unnecessary fat deposits and adds weight to your body. During this process, the digestive system of the body also gets hampered.

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3. Risks of Cancer

Women who consume animal based products in large quantities and less amounts of fruits and vegetables are susceptible to breast cancer. It is also observed by medical researchers that women who suffered from the dangerous problem of breast cancer consumed higher quantities of milk products. This is because the proteins comprised in milk promotes cancerous tendencies in women.

4. Acidic in Nature

In the benefits section, we studied that milk helps in reducing acidity in the body. But this point is amusing for us. The pH balance of milk is 6.5 and it is mildly acidic in nature. However, when we drink milk in excess, it creates more acidity in our body. It leads to accumulation of bad bacteria in the body and hampers the immune system. In case you are suffering from any issues such as a cough, irritated skin, constipation, asthma, etc. then it is advisable to cut off milk from your diet. If you are drinking excessive milk and consuming all sorts of milk products, then you need to lessen the consumption.

Is Our Milk Pure and Healthy?

We all are slightly aware of the fact that the milk we get in packets is not pure. It is mixed with chemicals, water and undergoes unhygienic procedures in order to make it available for us. We have another bitter truth about milk availability. In order to derive more and more milk, cows are injected with several growth hormones. Unknowingly, we also consume these growth hormones while drinking milk and it gets converted into fat deposits in our body. Our digestive system cannot absorb these hormones and it obstructs our path to weight loss.

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Role of Vitamin D

Healthy Food Containing Vitamin D

We all know that in order to absorb calcium in our body, we need to obtain sufficient quantities of Vitamin D in our body. Along with Vitamin D, magnesium plays a vital role in absorbing calcium. These days, milk is infused with Vitamin D in an artificial manner. The synthetic version of Vitamin D reduces the magnesium content in our body. As a result, even though we are consuming milk fortified with calcium and Vitamin D, it is not absorbed properly by our body due to a sudden lack of magnesium. Hence, before consuming milk, you need to check the ingredients too. It is strongly stated that milk is skimmed, fortified with Vitamin D. But it is our duty to understand whether such products are beneficial for our health or hampering our digestive system.

Thus, we have studied both the sides of the coin. It is not advisable to blindly consume milk just because it aids in weight loss. It can also put unnecessary pounds on your body without your knowledge. With the knowledge given above, you will get an idea how much milk to consume and why.

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