How to Gain Weight Quickly With These Tips?

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Are you underweight? Do you feel shy while walking with your friends who are healthy weight wise!

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Just as there are several people looking for weight loss techniques, there are also a similar number of people who are looking for quick ways to gain weight. Those who are having a thin body just as a stick or those who are underweight are more likely to be looking for tips to increase weight. If you are also looking for how to gain weight then you have reached the correct place. Lets see the natural ways of weight gain.

What Does Being Underweight Mean?

How to Gain Weight Quickly With These Tips?

When your body mass index, also known as BMI, goes below approximately 18.5, it is considered that you are underweight. While calculating your BMI, your weight and height both are considered. So, if you are having less weight but are heightened, it doesn’t mean that you are underweight. It should also be noted that while calculating the BMI, your muscular weight is not considered. Likewise, if your body is slight healthy, it is not necessary that you are obese.

Henceforth, before deciding on your own that you are underweight, make sure you calculate your BMI and then after taking effective measures to gain weight.

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Various Reasons Leading to Underweight Conditions

  • Irregular eating habits, lengthy time gaps in having meals and selection of unhealthy meals are the prime reason leading to underweight conditions.
  • When you increase your workout hours but don’t take enough meals, you are sure to face the problem of being underweight.
  • Long term illness with disorders like tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism, cancer etc. can also lead to underweight situations.
  • Diet disorders like anorexia, bulimia and nervosa can also lead to underweight problems.
  • Celiac disease is also a reason for underweight situations.
  • Diabetes is also a reason where your weight would decrease to a great level.

Hence, if you have started losing weight suddenly in bulk, make sure you visit the doctor before you begin with any weight gaining tips.

Tips to Gain Weight Quickly But in a Healthy Manner

Gaining weight with pills, unhealthy eating habits and over working in gyms is definitely not the right way to start with. They would give you weight as a replacement with other problems like heart problems, belly fat, diabetes and much more.

Confused which is the right way to gain weight in a healthy manner! Here are few tips to gain weight quickly, and naturally.

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A. Exercises Which Would Help You in Gaining Weight

The exercises are beneficial for both weight loss and weight gain. All you need to know is which exercise works on which part of the body to give you a properly shaped body. Here are few exercises you can try to gain weight which is simple and prop free.

1. A Calisthenics Workout – Squats

A squat is a simple exercise which would tone your lower body (hips, glutes, thighs and calves) and also strengthen it. You can start with small sets and increase the number as you start feeling comfortable with it. You can also add weight to the exercise, especially men, for better toning. It works for both men and women for weight gain.

2. Push Ups

Push-ups is the best upper arms exercises, that tone your arms making them strong. The exercise also helps in making your chest, triceps, shoulders, core muscles etc. strong. The exercise can be carried by both men and women to make their biceps and arms strong.

3. Walking Lunges

In order to work on your muscles mass, walking lunges would be the perfect exercise which helps in toning your lower body. The exercise can be carried out in two different ways. Either you stand and complete your lunges or carry the latest walking lunges exercise. After getting comfortable with the exercise, you can add dumbbells or other free weight for better toning.

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4. Triceps Dips

Triceps works on your arms and back for toning them. It is a simple exercise done to get an attractive curve line figure for the females. For men, it helps to tone the triceps, hips, glutes, back muscles and calves. The exercise henceforth helps to achieve good tones the muscular body.

5. Pull Ups

This exercise is widely recommended to men for muscular shoulders and arms. It is a quick resulting exercise for appealing arms and shoulders. All you need to do is carry out the exercise on a regular basis and complete minimum 15 reps.

6. Crunches

Crunches help to get rid of the bulky tummy fat and also increases the strength. The exercise also helps in boosting the muscle mass. The exercise is beneficial for both men and women. The only thing is women need to take care they don’t develop six packs.

7. Running or Walking

This is the best recommended exercise to both men and women. Running and walking helps you to concentrate on your cardio and helps your body in increasing your muscle mass in a natural way. Start with small distance walks and gradually keep on increasing the speed and distance.

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B. Ingredients to Add in Your Meal to Gain Weight

Having a proper diet is also necessary while exercising to increase your body weight. While exercising, your body would lose its stored energy and hence, have a proper meal is necessary to keep your body energetic for the current and next day tasks. Here is how you can manage your eating habits.

  • In the weight gaining process, calories also hold an important role. Increase the intake of ingredients which contain calories in it. If going for a slow process of weight increase, make sure you take 300-500 calories in a day. While for those who want to increase in a short time span, increase the intake to 700-1000 calories.
  • Proteins are the best to gain muscular weight. Protein adds the extra calories to make your muscular portion bulky. Protein also works to decrease your appetite and hence, take care while you are having protein rich diets like meat, fish, eggs and dairy products etc.
  • Eat meals that contain a high number of carbs and fats. Also, make sure you have minimum three meals a day to gain those extra carbs.
  • Have diets which are full of spices, condiments and sausages. The tastier your food will be, the more you would be tempted to have it. Have ingredients that provide you with more energy and calories.
  • Increase the intake of nuts like almonds, peanuts, walnuts etc. You can also include dried fruits, dark chocolates, peanut butter, avocados, granola etc. that contain calories and proteins in bulk.
  • Add dairy items that contain a high amount of fat in it like whole milk, cheese, cream, full-fat yogurt, paneer, etc. You can also add whole grams like oats and rice (brown) to your diet. Apart from all these, ingredients like avocado oil, virgin olive oil, potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes etc. also have a good role in increasing your weight.
  • For the non-vegetarians, having red meat, chicken, lamb, pork, beef, eggs etc. would be the best to gain weight.

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Other important sources to increase your weight

  • Avoid drinking water before having your meals. Drinking water would feel your stomach and hence, you will not be able to eat more.
  • Grab any eatable between your meals. You can also have snacks before you bid a good night.
  • Make sure you drink adequate milk to grab extra proteins and calories. Have milk which contains cream.
  • Use big plates while you sit for meals. This would allow you to take more quantity of meals, automatically increasing your intake.
  • If you are looking to gain weight within a short time period, add weight gainer shakes to your routine. They contain carbs, proteins and calories in the extra portion.
  • While having coffee, make sure you add cream to it.
  • Make a habit of sleeping some more time than normal. Taking a nap in the afternoon or increasing the sleeping hours for 1 more is beneficial.
  • While having your meals, eat the portion which contains proteins firstly. After that have the calorie portion and then the vegetables.
  • If you are having a habit to smoke, avoid it. Smoking would help the weight losers. To gain weight, you need to stop it.
  • You can also join the Yoga classes as there are some yoga aasanas that would help you to gain weight in a natural way.

So, this were some basic points which would help you to gain weight in a natural way. Moving with accurate and beneficial points, you will be able to get into that perfect shape with sensual curves for women, and strong muscular body for men. Now that you have all the basic details, grab the opportunity to increase your weight with proper diet plans and workout sessions.

Happy weight gaining.

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