7 Makeup Mistakes that Make You Look Older!

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Adding beauty to your looks with costly makeup kits? Are you sure you are using it correctly or is your makeup giving you an aged appearance!

Yes, this is the blunder faced by many women who are unaware of the correct techniques to use the makeup kits in the best way. No doubt makeup is used to give a newly blossomed touch to your beauty, but, if used in a disastrous way, it leaves you with an over ageing effect you might not have even dreamed of. Here are some prevalent makeup mistakes made by the women which can easily be avoided with proper applying skills. Have a read and try to avoid them.

Makeup Mistakes that Make You Look Older

Makeup Mistakes that Make You Look Older

1. The Primary Step – Foundation

Foundation is the prime makeup pack used while initiating with the makeup. The skin of the face would be shiny at some corners while some places would be rough, dull, containing light acne marks etc. Foundation is a pack which gets your skin to an equal texture at every intersection for a smooth beginning. Henceforth, it should not be neglected.

Another common mistake made while using the foundation is its selection. Go for a foundation that would match perfectly with your skin complexion. Getting a lighter one would make your skin look flat containing layers of foundation, resulting in aging appearance. At the same time, getting a heavy amount of foundation would hide your attractive corners leaving your face with dullness.

2. Covering the Under-Eye Circles

Having wrinkles under the eye, dark circles, fine lines etc. are the commonly found troubles for the women these days. To deal with such problems, concealer is the best solution. There are several women who use concealer in their day-to-day life to give a flawless look hiding the dark circles or the wrinkles. But very few know the that a concealer would highlight the under-eye circles when it dries and hence, the wrinkles and fine lines are clearly visible. Also, the over usage of concealer would give you patches near the eyes leaving you with an artificial appearance. The best solution to this is applying the concealer only in the inner edges lightly to give the best moisturizing result to your eye makeup.

3. Using Dark Lip Shades

The dark color lipstick shades are quite trendy these days. But is your skin tone allowing you to use it for the best outlook? The dark lipsticks would give the cute teens a better look than the ones who have crossed their thirty’s. For the age women, getting a light color lipstick is highly recommended to give your lips and a youthful attraction. Selecting shades like peach, pink, mauve, vibrant red and similar ones would give your lips a natural look.

You can also try applying the highlighting pencils before applying any lipstick or go for a lip gloss for fine and natural lips with a feathery effect.

4. Single Sided Use of Eyeliners

Using an eyeliner! Great! But do you apply it on the bottom and top lines of the eyes? Generally, the answer is no. Women use the liners only on the bottom part as it is easy to apply. However, it is better if the eyeliner is used to decorate both the upper and bottom eye lines. The lower lines give your eyes a small appearance and hence, the liners are used for both of the lines to give a broad opening to the eye. To give it a lighter effect, you can also cover the upper part with a brown liner, or black liner with a thin layer. The bottom line can be given a dark thick line to give a soft touch the eye makeup. Choose to start with the corners for satisfying results. Also, make sure that the top and bottom lines intersect well at the corner for a complete look.

5. Dual Use of Liner and Mascara on the Lower Lashes

When you wear a dark layer of the eye liner along with the mascara, the concealer effects vanish leaving your dark circles and wrinkles visible. Women, unaware with such information commit this mistake often. To avoid such bloopers, use the thick and dark eyeliner on the lower side, and use the mascara for the upper lashes. Use the mascara gently from the lash roots to the end giving a curvy effect. While ending with the lashes, make a slow move to give perfect curves outwards with an uplifted effect. It definitely adds to the beauty of your eyes if applied correctly.

6. Avoiding the Blush or Misusing It

There are some women who don’t need to blush their cheek bones as they are naturally youthful. While the rest avoid it as they are not aware of how to use or select the proper color. A pinkish blush on the cheeks would certainly give a glamourize touch to your face with a livelihood. While selecting a color for blushing, dark color would give you a dull effect resulting to aged look while light colors would get washed away with water. The best way to select your color is to get your cheek pinched and find a perfect color which is similar to the skin when pinched.

7. Setting the Eyebrows

Done with the makeup, but forgot to give a finishing touch to the eyebrows! Well, just as the other makeup packs, setting or giving your eyebrows equal importance is also necessary. Ageing, thin eyebrows, over plucking, lack of growth etc. are the reasons why the setting of the eyebrows is required for completing the process of makeup. Getting the correct shade for your eyebrows and using it in a correct manner would surely give a youthful presence. Get a similar color of your eyebrow hair or matching the roots and brush your eyebrows upwards and over the hair. Selection of light shades than the actual ones needed is sure to give you a natural eyebrow output. You can also use any gel or lotion and brush the eyebrows towards the end to give them a perfect shape.

Henceforth, the exact choice of shades and correct usage of the makeup would surely help you to give a lively look filled with natural youthfulness.

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