10 Ways To Get Smooth And Soft Feet Without Pedicure!

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Beautiful feet with no cracks and rough skin is desired by all ladies in the world. It is though the right of every lady but the hard work they do can make the feet look rough. Since the women of the world have a tender heart, their feet also deserve to get the care which can make them look soft and beautiful.

In this post, we shall be talking about a number of ideas and tips which you can use while sitting at home and making your feet look amazing and be crack free, and for this, you will not have to get the expensive pedicure which can put a hole in your pocket. With these tips, we can even help you get rid of the pain which is caused by the cracks or the roughness in the feet. Beautiful feet will not just boost your confidence as you flaunt them in a party but will also give you an internal happiness, so simply follow these tips and make life beautiful. Just achieve smooth and soft feet without pedicure!

10 Ways To Get Smooth And Soft Feet Without Pedicure

1. Give A Warm Shower To Your Feet

Clean Your Feet with a Brush for Pedicure

As you take a shower make sure you are not neglecting your feet. You might have soft feet but not paying attention towards them can make them look rough. This mostly affects the toes near the nails and the heels. If you have time you can even scrub your feet with a loofah and a body wash or a soap. This is a very basic thing and will not even need a lot of time. Whether you are going for working, working from home or taking care of the household, your feet will be exposed to the different weathers and pollution and dust in the environment. Thus you should every day wash your feet while you are taking a shower.

The debris or dirt collected in the gaps between the toes and on the heel, apart from making the feet look rough can also cause many skin related problems. This can also make your feet look very unattractive especially when you are wearing strapless sandals for a party or special occasion.

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2. Pamper Your Feet  With Milk Therapy

Give Your Feet a Warm Milk Therapy for 15 Mins Once in a Month

The milk therapy for feet is very healthy and also makes you feel very special and royal like a queen. You can do this therapy once in a month or a week depending upon your convenience. You will need to soak your feet in a warm whole milk for a while. You can do this for just 15 minutes but if you want to pamper your feet for some more time, feel free to do so. It will not do any harm but just make you feel more special.

The benefit of the milk therapy is that the lactic acid is really effective for removing the rough spots and helps in making the skin remarkably soft. If soaking feet in the milk is not possible for you, you can even take the milk in a small bowl and apply it to the rough parts with a cotton ball. After the application let the milk be present on the feet and wash after some time.

3. Warm Water Therapy

Just taking a warm shower will not be enough. You must soak your feet in warm water for a while. This helps to soften the feet and get rid of the dead cells that are accumulated on the feet. the dead cells are mostly found near the heals, so when you are soaking your feet in warm water, make sure you scrub that part particularly.

  • Add few drops of body wash lotion inside the warm water.
  • This will give you a good froth and also a pleasing fragrance.
  • Keep your feet inside the water for a duration of ten to fifteen minutes.

The warm water therapy is not just good for the removal of the dirt from the feet, but it is also a very old technique to feel relaxed after an exhausting day. After you have scrubbed your feet for a while, take some time to just sit back and relax while your feet is inside the warm water. The warm water therapy can be practiced at home on daily basis and does not require any special cosmetics. This is a therapy good for both men and women.

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4. Use The Pumice Stone To Remove Dead Cells

Scrub Your Sole, Toes and Heels with Pumice Stone Twice a Week

The scrubbing of the sole, toes, and heels with a pumice stone should be done alternatively. if not possible, you should do this at least two times in a week. The pumice stone is known to remove the dead cells. It seems to be a painful process but it is a very soothing therapy for the feet. It will take away all the dead cells and make your feet very silky and soft. All you need to do is, dedicate two minutes to each foot with the pumice stone. If you do it every day or alternatively, you will be also getting the benefit of massage. This keeps you active throughout the day and also works as an acupuncture therapy to some extent. Just to avoid any skin tear or irritation be gentle while using the pumice stone.

5. Use Nail Clippers To Shape Your Toe Nails

A nail clipper is found in every household and can be easily used to make your feet look more beautiful. After you have taken a shower or soaked your feet in warm water for a while, the nails get soft and thus you can use the nail clipper to give a beautiful looking shape to your toenails. If there are long toenails, they can be a home to disease-causing bacteria. Thus it is important to cut them. The properly shaped toenails make your feet look beautiful. You can use a nail file to smoothen and beautify the rough edges of the nails on the toes. For this, you will not even have to visit a beauty parlor or salon and spend a heavy amount of money.

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6. Let Your Shoes Breathe

Keep shoes out in the sun or open air for a day. Do this especially when you are going to wear them the next day or just wore them for a long time. Make sure to do this with your boots and sneakers as they accumulate the smell of the sweat. Smell from the shoes can be very unhygienic and can also cause skin problems. Apart from this smelly shoes can also embarrass you in the public. To avoid all the skin problems in the feet and embarrassment in the public make sure you toss your shoes out in the air to kill all the germs and smell.

7. Moisturize Your Feet

Before you sleep use this tip to give your feet the best care they deserve. Use a vegetable oil or a moisturizing cream on your feet and wear socks. Wearing socks after the application of the lotion will increase the effect. Following this routine for a month will make your feet soft like feet of babies. It will eliminate all the cracks and rough spots on the skin of the feet. This also is very helpful for relieving your feet from the pain of the cracks. You will start feeling the positive effect from the third or the fourth day itself.

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8. For Daily Routine, Wear Proper Shoes Which Cover The Complete Foot

For everyday purpose wear the shoes which fit your feet properly. This can show a dramatic change in the cracked heals and if you have been wearing shoes which are not so tight, you will have relaxed and beautiful feet. Wearing sneakers or boots with a soft sole is a good idea. These shoes cover the feet completely and thus prevent any damage from the pollution. You can wear heels and other party wear footwear for parties, but wearing them on regular basis can badly affect your body posture.

9. Rest Is Vital

Not taking proper rest can be one o the reasons for the cracks in the feet. Apart from exposure to heat and pollution,  long hours of standing walking can cause cracks in the feet. If you want to avoid the cracks in the heels you must give rest to your feet. You can also use the therapies mentioned above to relax your feet.

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10. Once In A While Give A Nice Foot Massage To Yourself

Give Foot Massage to Yourself

For the healing of cracks and soreness in the feet, it is very important that the flow of blood is proper. if you massage your feet once in a while, it will improve the blood circulation which will simply relax your feet from the strain. To make your feet beautiful you can even use the special oils while massaging. This will exfoliate the dead cells and make your feet soft. The skin will also look smoother, but make sure that you do not step outside while the oil is on your feet. This will attract the dust and cause more damage. You can do the massage on your own at home and will not have to pay an expensive price at a salon.

So these were the 10 easy tips to take a good care of your feet while being at home and not spending your valuable money at beauty salons and parlours. Hope you can get the best results by using these tips. If you think we missed out on any home remedy for the treatment of the feet, please feel free to mention in the comments below. We value your feedback, so please share the experience you had while using these simple tips.

Happy feet Pampering!

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