Vitamin E – 12 Reasons Why It Is Important For Your Health!

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There are many compounds of Vitamins and all have their own importance in the growth and development of the human body. Among them, Vitamin E is a fat-soluble element, which is composed of nearly 8 amalgams. However, out of 8, only 1 of the amalgams are useful for the human beings. This amalgam is also known as alpha-tocopherol, which is necessary for the antioxidation process, as well as for the process of ageing.

Vitamin E is very beneficial for the health and is obtained mainly from sources like avocados, asparagus, nuts, corn, leafy veggies, vegetable oil, etc. The nutrient is also helpful in signalling the mechanisms.

Deficiency of Vitamin E According to Different Age Groups

Fat malabsorption is the main reason for the deficiency of Vitamin E. This results into neurological problems as the nerve conduction becomes poor at this stage. Also, having low weight during birth is another cause of the deficiency of Vitamin E. This might shock you, but the deficiency of Vitamin E depends on the age of the victim. Yes, the symptoms of infants may vary from the teens and the adults. Here is a list of the deficiency as per the age of the victim.

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Deficiency Symptoms For Infants

  • An eye disorder – Retrolental fibroplasia
  • Weight loss
  • Slow process of growth
  • Poor eating behaviors
  • Physical development problems
  • Lower mental growth

Deficiency Symptoms For Children

  • Neurological defects due to chronic liver disease
  • Lack of coordination in the movement of muscles along with loss of tendon reflexes
  • Limb ataxia and truncal
  • Difficulty in position sensing
  • Loss of vibration in the muscles
  • Paralysis in ocular muscles due to the movements of the eyes
  • Weakness in the muscles
  • Dropping of the upper eyelid
  • Motor speech disorder
  • Reduced growth

Deficiency Symptoms In Adults

Health Problems due to Vitamin E Deficiency

  • Trifling anemia
  • Generic neurological defects
  • Reproduction and infertility disorders
  • Brittle cell (Red blood cells)
  • Spots exploring your age
  • Cataracts
  • Neurological damages
  • Reduced urge of sex
  • Abnormal function of the muscles, bone marrow, liver and brain

General Symptoms Of Deficiency Of Vitamin E

  • Gastrointestinal disorder
  • Hair loss or drying of hair
  • Weakness in muscles
  • Long term healing of tissues
  • Cramps in legs

What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin E?

Vitamin E acts as a wonderful drug for various health disorders. It is capable of treating various health problems related to the heart and the blood. The list begins from blocking of the arteries, increased blood pressure, arteries of the legs getting harder, diabetes, varicose and other such disorders including the nervous system. Vitamin E also plays a vital role for the eyes, health of women, for the protection of the fetus and men impotence conditions.

Vitamin E is also suggested to get rid of the parched and dry skin. For this, it is also used in various cosmetic products also. Let’s go through some benefits of including Vitamin E in diets.

Skin Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E Benefits for Glowing Healthy Skin

  • Vitamin E is the best oil-soluble element for the skin. It works as a moisturizer for the dry and damaged skin healing it to soft texture. The anti-oxidants present in Vitamin E are capable to neutralize the adverse effects of the free radicals, which damage the skin due to UV radiation. As a result, you can reverse or control the skin from ageing.
  • As it controls the free radicals from getting damaged, it is also beneficial in the treatment of sunburns. Vitamin E also acts as a booster in the construction of collagen, which helps in the maintenance of the skin elasticity. This helps in controlling the skin wrinkles, fine lines and spotting, giving you a flawless look.
  • Vitamin E is also a rich palliative, which helps in getting rid of the unwanted impurities from your skin, especially the nose area. It also helps in balancing the oil on the face for a brighter look.
  • As vitamin E is a moisturizer too, it is also used for giving moistness to the dry nails or the cuticles for protecting the surrounding skin.
  • Hate those curvy stretch marks giving your tummy an ugly look after losing weigh post pregnancy! Vitamin E also helps in treating them. Regular application of Vitamin E would refurbish the elasticity of the skin and slowly lighten the marks, finally vanishing them.
  • Vitamin E is also applied on the lips in the form of oil, for giving some moist to the dry lips. Having cold sore would lead to such situations, when Vitamin E can prove to be a healing sensation for such situations.

Hair Benefits of Vitamin E

  • Vitamin E is carries anti-oxidants, which are helpful in improving your blood circulation to nearly all the body parts. As it provides sufficient blood to the scalp, it gives your hair a healthy growth from the roots. It also heals the damage follicles for promoting healthy hair growth.
  • Vitamin E is also rich in potent antioxidants, which work effectively for the prevention of corrosion of the tissues of the hair. As a result, the possibility of premature graying of your hair decreases.
  • As a natural moisturizer, Vitamin E keeps your hair and scalp in a good ailment. When applied directly to the scalp or hair, it can do wonders with your hair giving it a smooth, soft and silky texture.
  • Hate those ugly split ends! Vitamin E gives you the best results for your cuticle hair, reducing the chances of breaking and split ends to a great extent.

Health Benefits of Vitamin E

  • Vitamin E comes with therapeutic clouts. It is capable of treating minor burns. You can apply Vitamin E oil over the burn, when it has slightly cooled down for remarkable results. It also works on some of the minor injuries.
  • Having acne problem, which leaves light scars behind them! Vitamin E oil is the best to repairs such scars caused due to acne and burns. It repairs the tissues of the scars and helps in vanishing them giving quick results.
  • Vitamin E consists of strong antioxidants, which play a vital role for fighting against skin cancer. It works as a shield for the harmful rays of the sun, which reduces the growth of cancer cells.
  • Vitamin E also works for skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. The element helps in healing the dry skin causing eczema by returning the skin elasticity. Vitamin E rebuilds the apparatus of skin regeneration, healing problems like psoriasis.
  • Vitamin E when included in your diet, it stops the deposition of bad cholesterol in the arteries. This makes the circulation of blood difficult as it hinders the pumping of blood. As a result, the individual faces heart attack. Vitamin E disavows the effect of bad cholesterol. It stops the bad cholesterol to oxidize and also shields it from accumulating up in the arteries.
  • Vitamin E is also essential for the infants. It is given to them in the form of supplements for protection against disorders like cystic fibrosis, which may also result in pancreatic blockage. It also helps the infants in gaining the required weight.

Natural Sources of Vitamin E

Although supplements are available for Vitamin E, but natural sources are still highly preferred. Here are some ingredients, which may provide you with adequate Vitamin E, when included in your regular diet.

1. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds are good source of Vitamin E

Whether you select sunflower seeds, or sunflower seed oil, both of the ingredients are capable enough to provide you with the required amount of Vitamin E. The dried and roasted sunflower seeds provide you with nearly 90% of the Vitamin E you require daily.

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2. Avocado

Avocado is a rich source of Vitamin E

Avocado is a rich source of not only Vitamin E, but also calories. Having it regularly would give you a good amount of Vitamin E and calories for a healthy day.

3. Pine Nuts

Similar to avocado, pine nuts are also rich in both Vitamin E and calories. Adding them in your salads, or using it in the form of oil would provide your body with the required elements.

4. Spinach

This green leafy veggie is a treasure box of elements like calcium, Vitamin E, fiber and folate. Include it through salads, boiled or sautéed in your diet for managing your weight.

5. Green Turnip

The green turnips might not be as tasty as you have imagined, but they are highly nutritious. Even a small portion would provide you with a good amount of Vitamin E and calories.

6. Mustard Greens

The nutrients effects of mustard greens are similar to that of swiss chard. The ingredient comes with required dietary Vitamin E, which is easily obtained with the smallest portion of the vegetable.

Apart from all this, other ingredients include parsley, almonds, swiss chard, kale, milk, egg, organ meats, brown rice, all leafy green vegetables, etc. They all give you a rich and passable amount of Vitamin E, any individual might require for his/her daily prerequisite. Have them raw, boiled or cooked, the nutrition value would remain the same in your diet.

Results of Over Consumption of Vitamin E

Vitamin E can be included in your meals, or can be applied topically. However, in both the ways, over consumption or application of the same would lead to some risks or side effects, which can also turn out to be serious. Along with this, there are some health disorders during which, the consumption of Vitamin E is not recommended. Here are some of the disorders:

  • The people suffering from diabetes are generally, recommended to limit the intake of Vitamin E, as it may result to increase in the risk of heart failure.
  • If you are having the deficiency of Vitamin K, the consumption of Vitamin E sources may lead to clotting problems.
  • Having a medical history related to cardiac problems! Intake of Vitamin E may result into heart attacks too.
  • The intake of Vitamin E is limited up to 400 IU per day, for the patients of neck and heart cancer.
  • Having too much of Vitamin E doses might lead to retinitis pigmentosa, hindering your vision, leading to blindness.
  • Vitamin E is generally, not suggested before and after major surgeries, as it is a rich source of blood thinning. This may increase the bleeding during or after the surgeries.

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Facts Related To Vitamin E

  • Vitamin E was ascertained by Dr. Herbert Evans and Katherine Bishop in the year 1922.
  • It was named as alpha-tocopherol in 1936, by Dr. Evans after advanced research.
  • Vitamin E can be stored in the fatty tissues as it is a fat-soluble element.
  • You can also obtain Vitamin E from herbs like dandelion, flax, alfalfa, bladder wrack, rose hips, nettle, etc.
  • Vitamin E is generally not advised along with chemotherapy drugs and mineral oil, as it may result in to harmful side effects.
  • People who are taking medications like blood thinners or aspirins should intake Vitamin E with a physician’s guidance.
  • Vitamin E supplements lose its effectiveness when it comes in contact with light, air and heat.

Vitamin E is usually a good ingredient for your daily nutrition, which helps in sustaining the overall health. Include a source rich in Vitamin E and have a healthy and fit start of your day.

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