10 Amazing Tricks To Make Your Lips Look Fuller!

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Fuller and plumper lips is actually a healthy sign of a healthy body and beauty in many societies. The true size of your lips are always determined by the genetic factors but there are various ways to explore if you are looking to get fuller and luster lips. Though the known solution to significantly improve the size of your lips is cosmetic surgery, you can simply opt for these few amazing tricks to make your lips look fuller naturally.

Yes, you heard it right!

After all who doesn’t want that extra oomph in her pout? And you don’t need to worry about spending hours to look like diva Kylie Jenner. Few simple tricks and makeup hack and we promise that you will thank us for guidance on this route of kiss-worthy puckers. Let us get those balls rolling down the trick lane.

How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller with Makeup?

How To Make Your Lips Look Fuller with Makeup?

1. Brush Off the Flakes With ToothBrush

Perfect makeup needs a smooth and flawless canvas to work on. In order to start with the basic lip makeup, you need to get rid of all the flakes because such lips reflect lesser light and the dryness can make lips look way smaller than the natural size. Therefore, a simple formula to get rid of dead skin cells from your lips is by gently brushing them with a brush. Yes, you heard it right, a Toothbrush. Brushing your lips gently boosts the blood circulation and gives you a slight rosy tint to start the makeup. You can also try to scrub your lips with sugar to increase the circulation of blood which further helps in plumping your lips naturally.

2. Fake a Large Canvas with Concealer

Applying concealer on your lips over the regular lip line will give a large canvas to draw the extended lip lines. This will allow you to apply lipstick to the entire portion and will make them appear large.

3. Over-line Your Lips for More Space

Many girls don’t use lip liners but if you have been continuously trying to get those fuller lips and haven’t got any success yet, here is your reason. Start by applying lip liner to outline your lips. Take a neutral shade such as pinkish nude or just the simple nude pencil and over-line the lip from the outside and then blend the color towards inside. This will help in achieving the illusion of fuller and plumper lips.

Even the celebrities like Angelina Jolie and recent fashion icon Kylie Jenner use lip liners to make their lips appear bigger than the normal size. To start with, use a lip liner that matches the lipstick you want to apply and trace the line just outside the natural line. Fill them with the lipstick and blend the liner with the lipstick. You can also hide your natural lip line with a concealer for a bolder look.

4. Make Difference With Highlighting

Highlighters are mostly used for enhancing the cheekbones and other facial structures. Similarly, the highlighters have a similar effect on the lips too. They help in accentuating your lips. Use the highlighter to outline the upper lip and apply on your cupid lips to make them appear little plump by creating an illusion of the light all around them. This is the widely used make up hack by much professional makeup artists.

5. Use Bright Happy Colours

Once you are done creating the base for your lipstick. Bring in your bright colors that really help in popping up your lips. Remember that glossy lipsticks give you fuller look as compared to matted ones. So, don’t feel shy to shine like a diamond. the lip gloss reflects the light and gives out more plump effect. Play with colors like pink, red, plum and bright shades to give a fuller effect. Do not apply dark lipsticks because they will give a flatter appearance to your mouth instead of making them look big.

6. Make It Juicy and Glossy

As mentioned above apart from the bright color lipstick, lip gloss is your best friend if you want the fuller look. You can also experiment with the shimmers especially in the center of the lips because it helps in getting the fuller appearance and all thanks go to the reflection of the light. For the more effect, you can also blend two lipstick shades. Dab on some bright and light color together.

Keep the brighter shade in the middle for the illusion of juicy looking lips which cover the rest of the outlines with the lighter shade. Pink and peachy glosses are the perfect choice for creating an illusion of hyper-hydrated lips. Matte lipstick tends to dry out your lips and with time it can end up making your lips look thinner. Therefore, more the glossy lips, more fuller they would look.

7. Get a Lip Plump

If you are getting ready for any event and you want a quick trick for fuller lips, there are simple lip plumps that could add fullness via suction. Placing a small lip cup on your lips and creating the suction to give blood flow and pressure of the lips give a temporary boost to your lip size. These cups are quite cheap and very easy to use.

8. Exercise Your Lips

Puckering and Whistling Exercises to Make Lips Fuller and Strong

Puckering is an easy go-to exercise for strengthening your lustrous lips. Pucker your lips in the shape of kissing and then press your palm against the lips. Remove your hands within few seconds and release the pucker. Follow the step counts between 10 to 15 reps. After few sessions, you would feel that your lips are getting stronger than before. Just like other parts of the body, you can train your beautiful lips to get stronger. The best way to do so is by whistling. When you whistle you end up putting pressure on the lips and this helps in boosting the blood flow. Therefore, whenever you have spare time, try whistling because casual whistling can help you achieve those fuller lips that you have always dreamt of sooner or later.

9. Massage Your Lips Using Ice Cubes

Another great method to encourage the flow of blood to your lips is by massaging them with ice cubes to make them look fuller. The cooling massage relaxes lip muscles and also promotes redder and radiant pigment of lips. In case you feel cold with direct touch, wrap those ice cubes in a  clean cloth and gently massage for few minutes. Use this trick before applying lipstick to your lips.

10. Coconut Rub

Coconut oil can be used alongside the sugar as an exfoliator. But along with that option you can use coconut oil as a lip balm. The oil contains many nutrients like Vitamin E known for its amazing moisturizing properties. Coconut oil has antibacterial, antimicrobial and antioxidants with many benefits. Apply few drops of oil on your lips to moisturize them. Healthy lips look plump with the tinge of natural pink color.


To conclude, do not let yourself get obsessed with the idea of fuller lips. Physical beauty is not defined by a specific trait. Accenting your features may help in getting the desired results but it is important to take care of your entire body and feel confident from within. All the above-mentioned tricks to make your lips look fuller are safe motions which you can experiment with and can add to your skincare routine. However, don’t force yourself to achieve perfect plump looks. Eat healthy food that is rich in Vitamin C that will act as a natural toner for your lips.

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