Nutritious Late Night Snacks To Munch On When On Diet!

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We have all experienced waking up and stepping into the kitchen like robbers and stealing some ice cream tubs or food leftovers from the refrigerators! Well, this is known as late night food cravings. Food cravings would never discriminate between dieters and normal eaters and would make you feel hungry late nights.

The dieters are generally advised not to eat after a certain period in the evening for quick an easy digestion. But for those people who keep awake late nights for work, study or any such purpose would simply feel huge food carving at nights. When you are awake, your body uses lots of energy and thus it’s obvious to feel hungry. Also if you have extreme food cravings and still you don’t eat, it may result into weight gain! What to do in such cases?

Well, we have some cool options and dietitian approved late night snacks which you can munch at midnight. Here’s all that you need to know about late night munching!

Nutritious Late Night Snacks

Why Should You Grab Some Food If You Feel Hungry Late Night?

Generally people a haunted by the idea that if they would eat anything before going to bed, it won’t get digested! But forgetting the food digested, you need to rely on the quantity of food and calories you eat each session.

Morning breakfasts must be heavier and with the progressing day, the meal should become lighter with each meal session. This does not mean you can’t grab anything during the midnight. If you follow the calorie chart and eat less during nights, it will surely pay off! Midnight food cravings suggest that you haven’t fed your body with enough food and thus your body is starving. Also if you feel starved at nights and you don’t eat, this would simply lead you to weight gain!

Thus don’t restrict the diet due to time changes but keep an eye on the calories and quality of food you munch at night!

How Many Calories Can You Grab For Satisfying Your Mid Night Cravings?

Before you explore for the yummy recipes and options you can have at midnight, it is important to know that there are two factors which would mainly contribute to weight gain if you eat at night. Sleeping directly after eating would simply make your food digestion weak while eating lots of calories would too result in same!

Thus it is important to count your calories when you munch on at night. Around 200 calories are quite okay to grab at midnight as if you will eat more and more, you would feel quick sleepy and for late. This would make you skip the breakfast and again grab a heavy meal in the afternoon. This cycle would continue and weaken your digestive system. Thus go for maximum 200 calories and balance up your food cravings!

What To Avoid Strictly For Late Night Snacks?

We all know staying fit and healthy is simply not easy. It takes hours and hours in the gym and a strict control over foods to balance the weight and stay healthy. Your simple mistakes would take all your hard work away from you soon and thus, you must know the foods which you must avoid during nights.

There are certain foods which can weaken the digestion, cause heart burns and other issues if consumed late at night. Oily, fatty, chilly and spicy foods have the work effect on our body especially if consumed during nights banish pizzas, pasta, spicy foods, bread, rice, meats and such immensely fatty foods at night. Before you go for a late night snack, think about the calorie content and nutritional value of the meal. This would help you in remaining fit and would also save you from any health side effects.

Delicious Options For Nutritious Late Night Snacks Cravings

After lots of information and facts and restrictions for late night snacks, we present you some amazing dishes you can try and stay fit. Here are some easy to digest, delicious and healthy snacks which you can eat during midnight to satisfy your food cravings without any guilt!

1. A Bowl Of Yummy Cereals

The delicious cereals are not limited to a single flavor and taste. You can grab the yummiest flavors of your favorite foods in lesser calories. A single bowl of cereal with milk would make less than 200 calories which is very nutritious and healthy! Also, milk would get you some energy and make you feel full. Cereals are filled with fibers and minerals which would simply improve digestion and get you a tight sleep! Thus go for a bowl of cereals if you wake up midnight due to hunger!



Whole Grain Cereals, Milk, Low Sugar Fruit If Needed


  • Get a bowl full of whole grain cereals.
  • Add little milk.
  • Get some low sugar fruits easy to digest for taste.
  • Eat this yummy snack for finger licking taste and for midnight cravings.

2. Delicious Yogurt

There are numerous yummy yogurt flavors which would swoon your mood and brighten up your night! Yogurts are filled with cool healthy bacteria, important digestive fibers & antibiotic which can make your digestion strong. Within 150-200 calories in one serving, you can surely afford a bowl or cup of Greek yogurt and satisfy your id night craving with the most delicious food you can have! Also, you can add some fruits to yogurt for better taste!



Low-fat Greek yogurt


  • Get a bowl of Greek yogurt.
  • You can add some healthy nuts or fruits if you did like plain yogurt.
  • Eat with joy!

3. 2 Slices Of Whole Grain Toast With Low Fat Peanut Butter

We simply love this mouth-watering dish which would make you mood pleasant and satisfy your late night food cravings with a yummy twist. Low-fat peanut butter is delicious and a healthy option to balance your calories while whole grain toast of filled with healthy fibers and mineral which can aid digestion. Together it would become a mini meal of 200 calories which is enough for satisfying the night food cravings. Go for this healthy and yummy food at night and stay fit!


Ingredients –

2 whole grain toasts, peanut butter


  • Get some low-fat peanut butter.
  • Get your whole grain nutritious toasts.
  • Spread the delicious peanut butter on the toasts and enjoy your midnight meal!

4. Air Popped Popcorns With Low Fat Cheese

There are lots of healthy cheese options like feta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese which have less than 100 calories per serving. You can blend it with air-popped popcorns for a crunchy munchy late night snack! The air popped popcorns have a very few calories and thus, you can mix these awesome ingredients and have a delicious late night meal! Get yourself this yummy and well-deserved treat with the best foods and have a great night!



Get Some Pop Corns, Low Fat Cheese


  • Place the airbag and corns in the microwave.
  • Set the timer before you place the popcorn.
  • Let the popcorns pop for 2-3 minutes.
  • Empty the popcorn in a bowl, add salt and complement it with low-fat cheese.

5. Bananas

Bananas are filled with amazing nutrients and can act as a best late night snack! Filled with proteins, calcium, potassium, iron and such amazing nutrients, this fruit would make you feel full and energetic. If you love to work at nights and stay fresh, this is the fruit which would make you feel awesome while you work. You can also use nut butter on the bananas if you like more taste and a buttery twist. Also small bananas could lead you towards 100 calories and thus you can grab up to 2 bananas in a session and satisfy your late night craving.



Bananas, Peanut Butter


  • There are numerous ways you can grab some bananas for your food craving.
  • Eat raw little bananas or add little peanut butter over the bananas.
  • Go for little bananas and fat-free peanut butter for taste.

6. Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

Love the delicious and yummy smoothies? Here is a stunning and refreshing smoothie recipe which would not only make your taste buds dance with joy, but would also aid digestion and make you feel full. Under the 200 calorie count, this smoothie sits perfectly and thus, you can try this refreshing and healthy smoothie as a late night snack.



Strawberries, Plain Yogurt


  • Get some strawberry slices in the blender.
  • Add plain yogurt.
  • Bend these ingredients and prepare a smoothie.
  • Drink this low fat and the refreshing smoothie for a healthy late night snack option.

7. Protein Bars

If you feel a craving for something nutty and sweet, the protein bars are a better option to select. There are numerous low fat and multigrain protein bars available in the market which can make you feel full and satisfied if you wake up hungry. These bars are within the range of 200 calories and thus can fit into your diet routine while not trashing your hard work! Thus go for a rich protein bar and grab a healthy option.



Protein Powder, Almond Or Mix Grain Flour, Milk, Peanut Butter, Chocolate


  • Mix the protein powder and flour.
  • Bind the mixture with milk, select low-fat milk.
  • Cut the mixture into the bar shape.
  • If needed, coat or bid the bar with flour once again.
  • Melt some chocolate and when it gets cool, dip the bars in the chocolate and place it into the freezer.
  • Let it stay for 30 minutes and the protein bars are ready!

8. Cooked Oatmeal

If you are working at nights and really are free to prepare some hot and delicious food for your cravings, cooked oatmeal is the best option you can try. A bowl of cooked oatmeal is filled with essential nutrients and lesser calories. With fibers, protein, calcium and such important minerals, this healthy recipe would save the calories and aid digestion. Filled with carbs, fibers, and essential proteins to support your diet and workouts, this nourishing meal would get you 150 calories and taste dreamy! Also, you can add little-boiled veggies for more taste and minerals but keep in mind the calorie count. Go for this delicious option and feel asleep with satisfied stomach!



Oatmeal, Low Fat Vegetables


  • Get some water in a container and add low-fat vegetables.
  • Boil the vegetables till they get cooked and smooth.
  • In another pan cook the oatmeal.
  • Add the boiled vegetables.
  • Add salt, pepper, and little oil.
  • Enjoy this delicious meal as a healthy late night snack.

These are the healthiest and delicious options you can munch on late nights. If you are a dieter, consider eating these healthy snacks and avoid the heavy foods which can spoil the entire hard work you have been doing lately to stay fit. Also consider a little walk tor minor activity after eating as, if you directly sleep after eating food, you may feel heavy and full. Keep your stomach and taste bud happy with these magical late night snacks!

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