How to Stop Peeling of Fingertips with Home Remedies?

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Peeling skin around the fingertips is a common problem. It causes discomfort, especially while doing the washing, grooming, and cleaning. As the skin present around the fingers is sensitive and gentle, it is important to take adequate care.

There are simple natural remedies that can help protect your skin and prevent it from peeling. Regular use of these remedies will make your hands soft and smooth naturally.

What Causes The Skin To Peel Around The Fingertips?

Hands are the most exposed parts of the body. Hand peeling is mostly seen in dry and cold climates. Though the problem does not cause pain, it definitely causes uneasiness while doing household work. It can even cause embarrassment in a public setting.

Here are some factors that enhance the chances of skin peeling:

  1. extreme cold and dry weather,
  2. excessive dry skin that lacks moisture
  3. sunburn,
  4. sensitive skin,
  5. vitamin deficiencies,
  6. diabetes,
  7. frequent cleaning of hands
  8. eczema, a skin ailment that causes scaly fingertips that results in easy skin peeling.
  9. bacterial infection,
  10. staph infections,
  11. fungal infections,
  12. exposure to intense sunlight
  13. allergies, use of strong chemicals infused detergents, and
  14. psoriasis, a skin disorder that causes renewal of skin around the fingertips

Signs Of Peeling Fingertips

The signs of peeling fingertips are easy to notice. Any person of any age can suffer from this issue. A person who has this problem observes that the skin around their tips and nails become dry after they expose this region to harsh soaps. The dry skin starts to peel off. It becomes reddish, blotchy, and sensitive.

It can even give an irritating sensation. Several natural effective remedies can help you get relief from a mild form of peeling skin. In extreme cases, you may notice blood coming out of the flaky skin. This can even lead to painful outbreaks. In such a scenario, you should consult the doctor.

Home Treatments To Stop Peeling Fingertips | Treat Skin Peeling on Fingers Near Nails

Home remedies are the simplest ways to repair the skin and make it healthy. These remedies are made from the commonly used ingredients in the kitchen. The best part of natural DIY home treatments is that they are free from any side effects. They are made from only one or two ingredients that make them easy to use. If you are looking for a solution on how to treat dry peeling hands then you can also try these remedies.

1. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is a potent healer. It has a soothing and cooling effect on the skin. Application of this gel soothes dryness, pain and irritation on the skin. The pure Aloe Vera gel locks in moisture and saves it from a wide range of infections. Apply fresh Aloe vera twice a day. Let it dry and rinse it off with plain water.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also a potent natural healer. It is an excellent remedy for all types of skin issues including peeling fingertips. It has medium-chain fatty acids that penetrate fast into the skin.

It hydrates the skin and gets rid of dryness, itching, flaking, and patchy skin easily. The antibacterial properties of the oil also help protect against infections. Apply it overnight and wear cotton gloves. You will notice that the skin of your fingers repairs and becomes soft.

3. Honey

Honey is a great moisturizer and emollient. It also possesses antibacterial qualities that protect your skin. Apply a few drops of honey to the impacted area. Let it stay for thirty minutes on the skin. Perform this remedy daily for a week for effective relief.

4. Oats and Milk

Milk has moisturizing properties while oats remove flakes that irritate the skin. Prepare a thick mixture of oats and milk. Apply it to the fingertips. Leave it for half an hour. Rinse it off with plain water.

5. Stay Hydrated

Drink at least ten glasses of water daily. Adequately hydration helps take the best care of a majority of skin issues that include skin dryness and peeling fingertips. You can even consume vegetable juices, fruit juices, plain yogurt, etc. to increase water content in your body. These natural beverages help keep your skin in a healthy state.

6. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly is effective in getting relief from dry, and flaky skin. The application of petroleum jelly on the fingertips provides deep moisturization to it. The best way to apply it is before sleep.

  • Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly on your fingertips.
  • Wear gloves.
  • Let it stay overnight and rinse it off with water the next day.

You will notice your skin will become soft.

7. Bananas

Overripe bananas are very good for your skin. They make the skin soft and supple.

  • Mash one banana and add a little amount of milk, sour cream, sugar, olive oil, and honey to the mixture. It will help heal your skin fast.
  • Mix well and make a paste.
  • Apply it to the skin with the help of the fingertips. Let it stay for 30 minutes. Later, wash your hands with normal water.

Perform this remedy daily. The nutrients of the mixture will sink into the broken skin tissues and heal them. After two weeks of regular application, you will notice your skin will come back to its original healthy state.

8. Warm Water

Warm water soothes the skin. All you need to do is to soak your hands in it for ten minutes daily. Repeat the step every day to get rid of peeling fingertips. Your fingertips will become soft, and will show no sign of dryness. Apply some vitamin E oil, olive oil or a moisturizer to retain the moisture of the hands.

9. Cucumber

Cucumber smoothens and moisturizes your skin. Apply grated cucumber on the skin. Leave it for half an hour so that your skin absorbs the nutrition properly. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Perform this remedy every day till you notice the desired outcome.

10. Oats

The coarse texture of oats removes dead skin cells from the fingers. This property makes it beneficial in treating peeling fingertips. It also makes the skin smooth, and soft.

  • Take a bowl and add warm water to it.
  • Now add two to three tablespoons of oats to it.
  • Next, soak your fingers in the water.
  • Remain in this position for fifteen minutes.
  • Rinse with normal water.
  • Pat dry your skin with a cotton towel.
  • Apply a good quality moisturizer.

Do this daily at night before going to sleep.

1. Milk

High-fat milk offers a good amount of moisturization to the skin. This, in turn, helps prevent peeling. Honey offers incredible healing, hydration, and antibacterial properties that soothe and safeguard your fingertips.

  • Add a teaspoon of organic honey to half a cup of warm milk.
  • Mix properly.
  • Soak your fingertips in this mixture. Finally, rinse your hands with lukewarm water.

Do this for ten minutes daily to see a visible reduction in skin dryness and peeling. Your skin will become soft and smooth naturally.

2. Olive Oil

Extra-virgin Olive oil is another remarkable natural moisturizer. It is highly effective for dry skin. To perform this natural treatment, you need to massage warm oil on your fingers. The oil has an abundance of vitamin E that heals, nourishes and moisturizes your skin.

You can add lavender essential oil in olive oil to maximize its effectiveness. Do daily massage for about ten minutes to make the skin supple and soft.

3. Peppermint

Peppermint is another useful natural ingredient that offers a wide range of medicinal properties. It is a potent natural moisturizer that helps effectively treat skin conditions mild to excessive dryness like eczema.

You can use this herb by mixing a few drops of peppermint essential oil in coconut oil or olive oil. Alternatively, you can also apply fresh peppermint juice on the peeling fingertips. Do it before going to bed. Let it stay overnight and rinse it off with lukewarm water the next morning.

4. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the best vitamins for the skin. It helps rejuvenate and vitalize the skin. You can take a few drops of vitamin E oil and rub it on the peeling fingers for a few minutes. In place of Vitamin E oil, you can even take a few vitamin E capsules.

Crush them and add their powder in coconut oil or olive oil. Apply this oil on your impacted skin. It will nourish, moisturize and repair the skin naturally in just a few weeks of its application.

5. Sandalwood and Rose Water

Both of these ingredients have a cooling effect on the skin. Add some rose water to a few tablespoons of sandalwood powder and prepare a thick paste. For added moisturizing effects, you can add honey to this paste.

Here are the steps to perform this remedy.

  • Spread the mixture uniformly on the peeling fingertips
  • Leave it on the skin for twenty minutes.
  • Wash it off with plain water

Repeat the above steps daily to get the best effects.

What To Eat To Treat Peeling Of Finger Tips

In addition to the topical application of naturally hydrating ingredients, you should also pay attention to your diet. This is important because deficiency of nutrients is a major reason for the peeling of the skin. Here are the major nutrients that boost skin health. Increasing their intake offers better nourishment, healing and moisturization of the skin.

1. Eat Vitamins

Rough skin indicates vitamin deficiency. So, it is important to eat a diet rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. There are various ways to add vitamins to your diet. You can prepare fresh fruit salads comprised of seasonal produce.

You can even eat them in the form of fruit juices. Not just it will give you relief from peeling skin but also makes the skin healthy. In addition to fruit juice, you should replace caffeinated drinks with coconut water, mint juice, Aloe Vera juice, etc.

2. Eat Proteins

Proteins act as a building block of the body. This nutrient aids in the quick renewal of dry skin cells. The damaged skin is replaced by new healthy skin. Up your intake of protein-rich foods in your diet by including potent sources of protein such as eggs, lentils, and meat.

3. Eat Nuts

Your body needs a good amount of healthy fats to stay moisturized. Nuts are rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids that heal the skin from within. They are a great snack. Munch them as a mid-meal snack regularly to deal effectively with the skin peeling issue. However, you should note that nuts are calorie-rich food. Overeating them can cause weight gain.

Tips To Treat With Peeling Skin Around The Fingertips

Treat Peeling Fingers with Home Remedies

In addition to the above home remedies, there are a few tips that would help in dealing with this issue.

  1. Do not wash your hands too often.
  2. Moisturize your hands after every wash with a good quality vitamin E, moisturizer, or hand lotion.
  3. Wear hand gloves at the time of cleaning the dishes.
  4. As peeling fingers could be related to malnutrition, you can focus on eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet.
  5. If peeling of fingers is due to any existing condition such as diabetes, eczema, etc. then consult the doctor for its solution.
  6. Apply a good moisturizer overnight daily.
  7. It is very important to keep your hands covered at all times. Avoid exposing your hands to harsh chemicals. Doctors suggest wearing cotton-based rubber gloves while doing house chores.


Peeling fingertips is a temporary issue. In most cases, it heals with the natural skin regeneration process that involves replacing the old skin with new one. However, if this issue is disrupting your daily activities then here are a few natural treatments to accelerate the healing process.

If you have deeply cracked skin or do not notice any relief from the problem after using these remedies for a week, then you should talk to your doctor. It could be a sign of an extreme skin issue, or infection. Your dermatologist will prescribe a personalized medical treatment to deal with the condition.

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