Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

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Things father-to-be need to know about sex during pregnancy

  • During pregnancy, the woman’s body goes under several changes for developing the baby inside. Again, the symptoms like nausea, fatigue, vomiting, etc. make her sleepy and sluggish. So, if she is looking for the bed earlier, don’t be offended or surprised as her body is too tired for sex.
  • It is advised to carry out the sexual activities in the second trimester as, during the first trimester, the libido of your partner is quite dampened due to anxiety, energy-sucking hormonal changes, morning sickness, etc. And during the third trimester, she would be achy and pooped with the new baby inside. So, the second trimester is the right period to look for some lovemaking time.
  • Where some women are drained during pregnancy, some might feel playful due to the capricious hormones and additional blood flow to the vulva. So, if she is ready to have some sex, go for it, but make sure she doesn’t skip plenty of sleep essential for the baby and her.
  • Worried if sex would harm your baby? Be assured, it wouldn’t. The penis doesn’t come into contact with the baby when having sex. Again, during sex, the cervix of the woman helps in protection against any infection. So, having sex wouldn’t affect your tiny toddler inside the womb.
  • Say no to oral sex during pregnancy as if the air is blown forcefully or purposely into the vagina, it can lead to air embolism that blocks the blood vessel. This can be dangerous for the baby and the mother. Again, having oral herpes can also pass on the infection to the mother which can be dangerous.
  • No doubt, intercourse is surely not going to harm you or your baby, you still need to work on the position as well as rough sex can make your partner uncomfortable. So, say no to missionary positions, especially, after the fourth month. Search for safer positions for safe sex.
  • Sex is surely safe during pregnancy, but there are situations when the doctor might not permit you for sex if the partner has gone through preterm labor, cervical insufficiency, abdominal cramps, inexplicable vaginal bleeding, placenta previa, or dilated cervix. So, talk to the doctor before having sex.

Sex During Pregnancy : Myths, Facts, and Confusion

The most confusing question during pregnancy is whether sex is good or not, especially, when the couple has conceived for the first time. The myths related to sex at the time of pregnancy like miscarriage, harming the baby, positions, etc. are sure to baffle you for having sex once you know you are pregnant. Sometimes, the couples also think that pregnancy reduces the interest in having sex, and hence, they start avoiding it. Are you also in the state of confusion? Through this post, we shall learn every possible point regarding sex during pregnancy for a clear idea.

The good news here is that sex is surely a safe activity for both the expecting mother and the baby during pregnancy, unless the doctor refuses for it. Having sex will not come with any adverse impact on your little toddler growing inside as the baby wouldn’t be aware of what’s going out of the womb.

The only thing that affects sex life during pregnancy is the changes in the sex drive. Some couples might enjoy sex throughout pregnancy, while some ignore it and look for different ways to make love. For the couple with a normal pregnancy with no complications, having orgasms and sex is totally safe as it wouldn’t add to the risk of having early labor or even miscarriage.

However, in the later pregnancy period, having sex or even orgasms can lead to mild contractions termed as Braxton Hicks. Braxton Hicks are contractions felt in the womb muscles during which the muscles turn hard and lead to an uncomfortable situation. No doubt, having Braxton contractions is also termed to be normal and you need not have to rush to your doctor, but simply look for some relaxation techniques or just lie down with calmness.

When should you avoid having sex during pregnancy?

When to Avoid Sex During Pregnancy?

As mentioned above, having sex in pregnancy is safe, unless your doctors ask you to avoid orgasms and sex completely. The doctor or midwife might suggest avoiding sex if the expecting mother has observed heavy bleeding during pregnancy. This is because sex increases the risk of additional bleeding if the placenta is in the lower position or any collection of hematoma or blood has taken place.

Some other situations in which sex is prohibited in pregnancy include:

  • If the waters have broken, the doctor would suggest you avoid sex as it can increase the chances of infection
  • If there are any kind of issues in the entrance of the cervix or womb sex should be avoided to reduce the chances of early labor or miscarriage
  • When carrying twins in the womb, or having any history of early labors, and during the later pregnancy stages, doctors ask to say no to sex
  • If the expecting mother is suffering from cervical incompetence that is when the cervix opens precipitately or before labor time
  • When suffering from unexplained vaginal bleeding or during significant blood loss
  • When the doctors find leakage of the amniotic fluid

Lastly, doctors might also ask you to avoid sex for protecting the baby and the mother from sexually transmitted infections or say STIs. Hence, it should be noted that if your partner or you are having sex with someone else in pregnancy, or are using adult toys, it is advisable to use a condom or any other barrier form for complete protection.

Can having sex be harmful to the baby in pregnancy?

This is among the common questions running in the minds of many expecting couples. If your doctor has cleared you regarding having sex in pregnancy, it is totally safe, even for your fetus as it would definitely not hurt the baby. The baby remains in the amniotic sac that keeps the baby warm and would also protect the fetus when you and your partner are having some cozy time.

Worried if your sexual activities would poke the head or other body part of the baby? To clear this myth or confusion, your baby is far away from the area where sexual activities take place. Again, the baby will not also visualize the sexual activities which mean there is no audience from inside the womb to keep an eye on you and your partner. Again, if you feel a kick after sex or having an orgasm, its not a reaction from the baby for the pleasure you have had. It’s just a normal activity of the fetus reacting to uterine activity. Surprisingly, the baby might enjoy the rippling motions tantamount with sex.

Are there any benefits of having sex during pregnancy?

No doubt, sex when pregnant can come with some surprising sweet perks, there are still some benefits of having sex in those months. Here are some reasons you should look for sex even in pregnancy.

Benefits of Sex During Pregnancy

1. Increases bonding experience between the partners

Pregnancy comes with various surprising moments and days for the women. The sudden mood swings, cravings, emotional issues, physical pain, etc. are sure to have a negative impact on the mental condition of both the partners. During this situation, having some intimacy with each other helps in remaining connected and understanding the mental status of each other with ease. Hence, sex helps in boosting a strong bond among the partners.

2. Good for physical health

Blood pressure is something that can have a major impact on pregnancy. And having sex is a good way to deal with blood pressure levels. Merely having an intimacy period of 30 minutes would help in burning around 50 calories as well as reduce the blood pressure levels or help in managing them. So, go for some sex to have good physical health in pregnancy.

3. Reduces discomfort and pain

When having sex, during orgasm the body releases oxytocin. This hormone helps in tolerating the pain the mother is suffering from during pregnancy like backache. It not only eases the pain but also adds to the comfort levels and relaxation.

4. Good for a sound sleep

The sleeping hours are sure to vary and lessen during pregnancy when the body is going through various changes, especially when your toddler starts making movements inside. Having sex would help you sleep for a good time as it releases the good-feeling hormones which boost relaxation and sleep.

5. For boosting your mood

Pregnancy is a roller coaster in which every day is big amazement. Again, the hormones may lead to anxiety, nausea, and other pregnancy symptoms to arise which is surely irritating. The sudden emotional changes can worsen the situation. And having sex would help in managing all these with ease. While having sex, the release of oxytocin would not only help in reducing the pain but also increase feelings like joy, love, happiness, etc. which boosts your mood and gets the partners closer than before. So, have sex when feeling low in pregnancy and give an enhancement to your mood.

6. Helps in labor when you are ready for it

When having sex, orgasm shoots the uterus to contract. Hence, unless you are not near to your labor time, these contractions wouldn’t push you towards labor as they aren’t strong enough. However, once your baby is ready to move out, a chiller in the sack can help the things to move along, however, this might not happen every time. But if you are in the 40th week of pregnancy, going for some sex can surely help during labor.

Meanwhile, are you suffering from shingles while you are pregnant? Here is a guide on how to treat Shingles in Pregnancy.

7. Makes postpartum recovery easy

Just by having orgasm or sex in pregnancy, you would prepare your body for both childbirth as well as postpartum recovery. Sex tones your vaginal muscles or pelvic floor and keeps them in shape. Going for some Kegels when having sex would help in boosting postpartum recovery with ease.

Apart from preparing your body for delivery and recovery, having sex would boost your immunity and protect you from cough, cold and other infections. Lastly, have some sex to keep yourself and your baby relaxed and in a happy mood.

Are there any favorable positions for safe sex during pregnancy?

Truly speaking, whatever position you feel comfortable while having sex is ideal to go with. But this doesn’t mean that you can experiment on every new position as some positions would put some weight on the belly or back which is not good. Again, make sure the position you are trying accommodates the baby bump which is growing every month.

Here are some best and safe sex positions to practice during pregnancies.

1. Woman on top

This is among the favorable positions to have sex as it comes with zero pressure on the baby bump. Again, the position also helps in controlling the depth of penetration and the stimulation of the clitoral. But it should also be noted that moving would be uncomfortable in this position during the later pregnancy phase.

2. Side-lying

This is another position that keeps the belly and the back safe from any weight. When having sex in this position, if the expecting mother is experiencing some pressure on the lower back, tucking a pillow in-between the knees while the partner lies behind would be helpful.

3. Partner on top

For those willing to experiment with a missionary pose or want to go for a quickie, this position can be good. However, it should be marked that the partner has to keep his weight off the baby bump to avoid any pressure. Again, after the 4th month, lying on the back for a long time isn’t also advisable.

4. Rear-entry

In this position, the partner need not have to make any movement around the baby bump, which makes having sex pleasurable for both the partners. Such frisky and fun to do positions in this category include a standing position with hands against the wall, getting all the arms and head on the bed, sitting on the partner’s laps, etc.

Hence, if proper precautions and care are taken, having sex in pregnancy can be much beneficial. All you need to do is just keep a watch on the baby bump while enjoying and the comfort level of the expecting mother.

Is sex during pregnancy different?

Now that you already know that sex in pregnancy is healthy and safe, the next question that would be bugging your mind is that will it all be the same as before or would it sound different, right?

All About Sex During Pregnancy

The answer to this is it is surely going to be different than before. The rapid changes in hormones and body shape can make sex exasperating, awesome or uncomfortable. Where some mothers would experience the sensitivity towards sex, some might want to avoid it totally. Here are some changes you might observe while having sex in pregnancy.

1. Easy and quick orgasms

As per research, some women might have or might not have orgasms when having sex for the first time once conceived. This happens due to the sudden changes in the hormones and the blood flow. Again, during pregnancy, women experience changes in the body daily, weekly, and even monthly which also adds to easy and quick orgasms or no orgasm at all.

2. Genitalia getting additionally sensitive

The main culprit behind the sexual appetites getting insatiable is the changes in the hormones. During pregnancy, the blood flow also increases by nearly 50 percent, and that additional blood enters the clitoris, vagina, vulva, and pelvis swelling the tissues. Hence, due to all these, women might feel irritated, pleasured, or something unexplainable. Hence, due to all these, the genitalia gets additionally sensitive which is also observed by the men while having sex.

Apart from these two major changes, women might also feel extra sensitivity towards their entire body. As the body is preparing for producing some milk, the changes in the size and shape of the breast also take place which affects the sensitivity towards sex. Women might also feel additionally lubricated or wet during pregnancy which is normal and helpful to fight against bacterial infections. In such circumstances, regular self-cleaning is widely suggested.

Take Away

Nearly in most of the cases, sex is usually allowed by the doctors during pregnancy, until there are any complications that risk the baby or mother. Also, being sex and pregnant is not exclusive mutually. The flexibility and experimentation the couple, and particularly the mother experiences help in keeping the relationship sexually fulfilled when pregnant. Yet, if one experiences pain, bleeding, shortness in breathing, or any other physical issues during or after sex, it is highly advised to seek some professional help from the midwife or doctor to avoid any complications.

Still, if sex is something that is bothering you, look for kissing, massages, and even cuddling to make you feel comfortable in a loving way.

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