Top Rainy Season Foods You Should Include in Your Diet!

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Now that the monsoons have set its foot, there is happiness all around. Indeed, after months of sweltering heat conditions, everyone wishes to witness the first spell of rains that come in the form of pleasant monsoons. As enticing and pleasurable it might sound, the rainy season also brings with a plethora of water-borne diseases and infections. With the rainwater accumulating in mud pools, garden area and various other areas in your proximity, it becomes home to various deadly viruses and bacteria. As such, monsoon not only brings a ray of happiness, sadly it also turns out to be quite detrimental to your health if proper care is not taken, so in this article, we will discuss top rainy season foods which are must-have for the monsoon!

The most common source of all illness and infections during the rainy seasons is the food and water that we take. If you are not cautious of the food you are eating, then you are prone to bringing home several diseases in the form of diarrhea, flu, cough, cold and fever. Therefore, you must pay attention to the food that you and your family eat during the rainy season.

Best Rainy Season Foods – Healthy Foods to Eat this Monsoon!

You can enjoy the beautiful moments of raining pouring down by eating healthy and nutritious during the rainy season. In case you are already on a healthy diet routine, then you can bring about some modifications to the standard diet chart by including some seasonal foods that serve to be highly beneficial for your health during this sensitive season. Here are some of the top rainy season foods that you can include in your daily diet to stay away from ailments to enjoy the rains to the maximum.

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1. Garlic – Best Rainy Season Food!

Garlic comes packed with a rich source of antioxidants and thus, these cloves serve highly beneficial for your overall health during the monsoons. Garlic is enriched with healthy properties to boost your immunity and thus protects you from all possible illness and infections. In addition to this, if you have had your share of fried food items to enjoy the rain, then garlic could serve helpful in easing the digestive system. It also ensures that the metabolic rate of your body does not fall down to a slow rate. It maintains the same to keep your metabolism in balance.

You can have garlic as raw or in the cooked form along with vegetables curry or soups. You can consume crushed garlic pods early morning on empty stomach with lukewarm water for the best results. This remedy is extremely useful for those who suffer from common digestive issues like constipation and gastric formation. On the other hand, if you wish to infuse the taste factor of garlic in your daily diet, then add some crushed garlic cloves to your vegetables or soups to get a rich taste as well as its health benefits.

2. Ginger is Good for Monsoon!

The sudden change in temperatures during the monsoons might take its toll on your health. However, the magical potion of ginger could relieve you of all the common infections as well as symptoms of cold and cough. If you have got a bad cold this rainy season, then snug up in a blanket and enjoy the warm sips of hot ginger tea. This potion works as a magic in treating your cold conditions and in easing off your body pain as well as fever.

Ginger has a hot natural temperament and thus serves great in curing all conditions related to colds like fever, body pain, cough and even flu-like conditions. In addition to preventing your body against infections during the monsoons, ginger also helps in boosting your metabolism and immunity. The best way to include this healthy potion in your daily diet is by drinking a glass of lukewarm water with ground ginger and one tbsp of honey mixed into it every morning.

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3. Pears are Healthy!

Pears are delicious, juicy and nutritious fruits that come in the market in abundance during the rainy season. Though you might find them in the fruit markets throughout the year, the pleasure of having them during the rainy season is additional as they have the best flavor at this time of the year. The pears are not just delicious on the platter, but also serve highly beneficial for your health. These are rich in immunity-boosting natural agents and would thus, prevent you from all diseases that are common during the rainy season.

This crispy and tasty fruit flavor is enriched with necessary minerals and vitamins that would maintain your optimum health during the monsoons. In addition to the essential nutrients, pears are also rich sources of the healthy fiber that stimulates your digestive system. This crunchy delicacy is abundant in the minerals and vitamins like Vitamin C, copper, as well as Vitamin B12. It acts as a natural anti-pyretic agent and thus provides the necessary cool to your body. Therefore, if you are suffering from high fever during the rainy season, then you should consume a plateful of sliced pears or a glassful of pears shake.

4. Turmeric – A great Option in the Monsoon!

This yellowish-golden spice is the most common ingredient in any kitchen. While it might add a great taste and flavor to your cooked food, there is no denying the fact that turmeric powder is a storehouse of several health benefits that you could just imagine. It is known for its immunity-boosting properties that prevent your body from all common diseases and infections during the rainy season. It is the most famous natural antiseptic as well as an antibiotic agent that has been used in the natural medical science of Ayurveda since ages.

If you are suffering from common cold or high fever during the rainy season, just have a glass of heated milk with turmeric powder infused in it to get instant relief. Turmeric helps in keeping your blood sugar levels under control and provides a relaxated feeling to the nerves if you have body pain. Thus, you can be ensured of a good night’s sleep after drinking a glass of turmeric milk. Not just the monsoons, you can include this turmeric milk regime in your daily life to avail the abundant benefits of this yellow powder in your life. However, owing to its hot temperament, excessive use of turmeric during the hotter seasons could be avoided.

5. Black Pepper – It Boosts your Immunity!

Another magical spice in your kitchen! Black peppers are not only known for their immense health benefits, but also for the rich flavor, these tend to infuse in any food item it gets sprinkled upon. The black peppers serve as a natural antidote for treating cold, cough, high fever, flu, body pain and other respiratory issues that are quite common during the rainy season. Due to its fiery nature, black peppers can provide the necessary warmth to your body, at the same time, it would also boost your immunity.

You can make a spicy soup with a sprinkle of some black pepper powder. You can also add a pinch of black pepper powder into your daily tea mixture to enhance its flavor. In case you have a sour or scratchy throat, then you consume raw black pepper seeds. Taste it with honey to reduce the bitterness.

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6. Almonds

Almonds are the most famous amongst all dry fruits owing to several health benefits offered by these crunchy nuts. These are extremely good natural sources of protein that benefits your overall health in multifold ways. Almonds tend to be quite low in fat and hence, boost your metabolism. It also lowers your blood sugar level and offers great immunity from various diseases.

If you wish to avail the immense benefits of the almonds in your life, then have a handful of almonds each day. Most preferably, soak a handful of almonds every night in a bowl of water. Then peel off its skin the next morning and consume the same with a glass of milk.

7. Apples

There cannot be a better diet than having an apple each day. If you happen to be a busy bee and do not have time early morning to prepare a healthy breakfast for yourself, then grab an apple in your hand and make your way to work munching this sweet, juicy fruit. Apples come in a myriad of taste variants and all of these are packed with the essential nutrients needed by your body to stay fit and healthy. Apples tend to boost your immunity on a daily basis keeping you safe from potential health issues, especially during the rainy season. Due to its rich fiber content, apples also strengthen your digestive system and prevent all sorts of digestive issues like constipation and so more.

The monsoon is the time of happiness and enjoyment. As everything appears fresh and lively, you also feel the need to rejuvenate yourself during the rainy season. For this, you need to be uptight with respect to your health. Monsoons being a sensitive time on the health front, you need to take special care of the same. You can do so by eating these healthy rainy season foods ! Welcome monsoons, welcome health!

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