Avocado Oil Benefits For Skin, Hair & Health!

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Some Quick Facts About Avocado Oil & Avocado Oil Benefits!

  • Avocado oil is not derived from the seeds of the Avocado fruit, it rather obtained by pressing the pulp of the fruit.
  • The oil is rich in oleic acid and other fatty acids that are essential for the health.
  • Avocado oil comes with surprising benefits for the skin as it protects in fighting against aging.
  • Avocado oil is helpful for a healthy heart as it helps in reducing the blood cholesterol levels and the blood pressure levels too.
  • The oil also helps in improving deep wounds and helps in quick healing.
  • If you are fond of fried food items, avocado oil helps you in making the fried items healthy for your health.
  • Adding some avocado oil to your healthy salads add some extra nutrients to the salads.
  • This might surprise you but avocado oil is helpful in removing the makeup like eyeliner and mascara with ease and safely.
  • There are various people who use some drops of avocado oil in bathing water for completely moisturizing their skin yet leaving it dry textured.

What Is Avocado Oil Exactly?

Hate eating Avocados? But still, want to get benefit from its nutrients? Simply go through the nourishing Avocado oil benefits and you are ready with a supplement.

No doubt, avocado oil is a popular ingredient for adding a luscious flavor to the meals in a healthy way, it is also used externally for a number of other benefits too. Extracted from the pulp of Avocado, also known as alligator pear, it comes with essential nutrients that not only help you maintain good health but are also helpful for various beauty treatments. They are added to a number of beauty products like facial creams, bath oils, face creams, hair conditioners, etc. that help you gain your gorgeous look back.

Thinking Why Should Avocado Oil Be Used? Here Are Some Unavoidable Reasons…

Is Avocado oil good for you? The answer to this is a perfect YES. The prime reason for this YES is the variety of nutrients the oil comes with. As avocado is a fruit full of excellent nutrients, the same are also carried in the oil that is obtained from the fruit itself. Avocado oil is a supreme source of required fatty acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. The list includes water-soluble Vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, lecithin, chlorophyll, potassium, and many more. All these nutrients are important in one or the other way for the health, hair, and skin of the body.

Avocado Oil Benefits For Your Overall Health!

1. Reduces The Chances Of Heart Diseases

This is among the prime avocado oil health benefits. Cooking your meals with virgin avocado oil works magically on the heart health. The oil comes with a good level of monosaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats that helps in controlling and reducing the cholesterol levels in the body. The oil increases the good cholesterol levels, or day HDL cholesterol, and reduces the bad cholesterol levels, that is the LDL levels along with the triglycerides. In this way, it also helps in fighting against inflammation that reduces the chances of any kind of heart disease.

2. Helps In Fighting Arthritis

The avocado oil benefits list also includes arthritis as the oil helps in fighting inflammation. The oil supplies a good amount of Vitamin E, oleic acids and carotenoid lutein to the body, that helps in reducing the pain caused by osteoarthritis. In this way, it is also beneficial for prevention against the joint damage. It has also come up with positive results for reducing the degeneration of the joint cell linings as well as helps in the regeneration of the tissue connection. This is much helpful for the patients suffering from hip osteoarthritis.

3. Helpful In The Absorption Of Particular Nutrients

Just go through the avocado oil uses list and you will find out how the oil helps in the absorption of certain essential nutrients. Merely using some avocado oil on your salads, fruit salads, or even while cooking carrots and other similar ingredients, the oil helps the body in the process of absorption of certain nutrients like antioxidant carotenoids, beta-carotenoid, lutein, alpha-carotenoid, etc.

4. Good For Healthy Eyes

Surprising, but avocado oil is also good for having a healthy vision. The lack of adequate lutein in the meals lead to vision issues like eye-dysfunction. When the avocado oil is used on regular basis in the meals, it provides a rich amount of monounsaturated fatty acids, that help in standing against eye-dysfunction issues. The levels of carotenoid, monounsaturated fatty acids, xeazanthin, etc. obtained from avocado oil makes it good for healthy eyes.

5. Lose Weight With Avocado Oil

This is among the popular avocado oil health benefits. If you are looking to lose some extra kilos from your body weight, avocado oil serves as the perfect cooking oil for you. The oil serves with some essential nutrients along with fiber that help in reducing body weight. It comes with a high content of oleic acid that improves the metabolism process of glucose in the body and distributes the fat equally in the body, helping you get rid of the bumping belly.

6. For Dealing With Cancer

As mentioned above, Avocado oil serves with Vitamin E and carotenoids that are helpful in fighting against as well as in the treatment of various cancers. Using avocado oil in cancer helps in reducing the growth of the cancer cells, or the precancerous that would also induce the death of cell of the abnormal cells. The answer to the questions avocado oil good for you in chemotherapy turns to yes, as it helps in reducing its side effects with the help of carotenoids.

Skin Benefits Of Using Avocado Oil

1. For Deep Moisturization And Nourishment

Avocado oil is rich in Vitamin E and other essential nutrients like lecithin and potassium. Avocado oil skin benefits include deep nourishment and moisturization with the help of the nutrients mentioned. The outer layer of the skin, epidermis, is quite effective in absorbing these nutrients that help in the skin with excellent moisturization.

2. Getting Relief From Eczema And Psoriasis

The antioxidants along with the Vitamins present in the avocado oil are much helpful in curing skin issues like psoriasis and eczema. It is among the various avocado oil benefits for skin. The oil helps in avoiding situations like irritation, drying of skin, flakiness, red patches, etc. that arrive due to inflammation leading to eczema or psoriasis. They are also helpful in reducing the symptoms for the same effect.

3. A Natural Solution For Acne Problems

Avocado oil for face also includes protection against acne issues. The oil helps in keeping the skin hydrated for long hours and also protects it from excess oil. This is the main reasons for having acne. The avocado oil serves with anti-inflammatory elements that help in reducing the inflammation and the redness that is caused due to acne. When used by applying on the skin for some time and then washing off the face with warm water, it has shown amazing results on acne.

4. Helps In Quick Healing Of Wounds

Surprisingly, healing wounds is also included in the avocado oil benefits. The oil provides the body with oleic acid and other fatty acids that help in the increase in the synthesis of collagen. This process is nothing but the formation of new tissues that are connective. As this process speeds up, healing of wounds also increases in humans. It also reduces the inflammation that helps in boosting the healing process.

5. For Treating Sunburns

Using avocado oil on the skin provides nutrients to the skin like Vitamin E, protein, Vitamin D, beta-carotene, fatty acids, lecithin, and other antioxidants. All these nutrients work well on easing the sunburns and providing a smooth texture to the skin. Applying the oil before walking out in the sun also helps in the protection against the UV rays that are harmful.

6. Protects Your Skin From Aging Effects

The aging effects are firstly visible on the facial skin. Avocado oil for face comes with healthy fats which if consumed works very well on the skin and helps it in holding its elasticity. Similarly, when avocado oil is applied on the skin, it works on the elasticity of the skin and protects your skin from pre-aging for the long term. It also helps in reducing the dark circles.

Hair Benefits Of Using Avocado Oil

1. For Healthy Hair Growth

Hair growth is among the main benefits of avocado oil for hair. The oil comes with monounsaturated acids that help in moisturizing the scalp. Along with acids, the oil also provides with Vitamin D that is much essential for the growth of the follicles of new hair. It also prevents hair loss. The oil is hence helpful in the healthy growth of the hair.

2. Fight Against Dandruff

Dandruff has become a common issue. The prime reason of having dandruff is the dryness of the scalp. The nutrients in avocado oil provide moisturization to the scalp and prevent it from getting dry. As a result, the formation of dandruff is reduced and the scalp remains clear. Avocado oil is also useful for dandruff that is caused because of psoriasis. However, if due to seborrheic dermatitis one is having dandruff, it is advisable to avoid avocado oil.

Avocado oil is henceforth, the best oil that benefits in a natural way. For obtaining the maximum benefits from it, it is used in three different ways. That is by an application on the body or skin, by including it in the diet as an edible oil, and by making homemade natural packs out of it for hair and skin. For long-term benefits, the oil is used continuously or daily.

So, are you ready to provide your body, skin, and hair with some natural oil treatment? Begin with Avocado oil today and look over the magical results.

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