How Healthy Are Citrus Essential Oils : Benefits, Uses and Precautions

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As the name suggests, Citrus Essential Oils originate from citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. People love Citrus essential oils for their elevating and refreshing fragrance. The brightness, color and freshness of these oils makes them ideal for use in summers. They are juicy and offer a wide range of health benefits to people. Besides therapeutic purposes, you can also use them for homemade cleaning products, cooking, soaps, candles and more. This oil not just refreshes but also revitalizes a person.

How did Citrus Fruits originate?

Citrus fruits were cultivated in the humid areas of South East Asia. According to historians, by 300 A.D. oranges, limes, and lemons, were cultivated in Italy. From there, it spread all over the continent and beyond.

What are Citrus Essential Oils?

Citrus essential oils comprise of a group of remarkable essential oils that are made with different members of citrus family. Some of the commonest types of citrus oils are sweet orange essential oil, lemon essential oil and bergamot essential oil.

How is Citrus Essential Oils prepared?

Citrus essential oil is made from steam distillation process. This oil is extracted by cold pressing of the peels of fresh fruits where the maximum amount of fragrance, and goodness resides. The procedure does not use the other areas of the citrus plant such as its leaves, roots, seeds, and bark for manufacture of oil. It only uses the peel of the citrus fruit.

An expression machinery is used to process the skin of the citrus fruits. This process is carried out many times to release all the oil content present in it. The oil that is obtained is then filtered. The outcome is pure, and high-quality citrus oil that is enriched with the nutrition and fragrance of the original fruit. In addition to this procedure, fruit peels can also be steam distilled to obtain the oil.

What are the properties of Citrus Essential Oil?

Citrus fruits are known for their wonderful smell. The high amounts of flavonoids, and limonoids in them is the reason for its refreshing fragrance, and brilliant antibacterial and antioxidant properties. These natural oils are loaded with high amounts of vitamin C that makes them a powerful antioxidant.

What are the areas of application of these oils?

These oils are used for centuries in formulation of insect deterrents, bug sprays, household cleaning products, candles, skin, and hair care products, and treatment of aromatherapy. The soothing and invigorating fragrances of citrus oils is best used to beat the heat in summers, and lighten moods.

In what ways can you use Citrus Essential Oils?

So, let us see in what ways can you benefit by citrus essential oils.

1. Grounding

Add a few drops of citrus essential oils of your choice in a diffuser, or bath bombs. The uplifting, and relaxing attributes of this oil is effective to ease anxiety and lower stress, and irritability in a person. Some of the widely used citrus oils are Bergamot essential oil, Neroli essential oil, lime essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, sweet orange essential oil etc.

2. Cleaning

Many disinfectant household cleaning products have Citrus oils in them. The strong and natural ingredients present in these oils not just effectively destroys germs and fights pathogens, but also adds a refreshing touch to your home. They are a great way to sanitize your home. Due to these benefits, many homemade cleaning products use these oils in place of a cheap, and natural substitute to the harmful chemicals.

3. Bathing Accessories

People are fond of the energizing, and vitalizing effect of citrus essential oils.  These oils are effective in relaxing body from the scorching heat in the summer season. Many soaps, and shampoos, that are available in market contains these oils. It calms the mind, and gives a fresh feeling.

4. Oral consumption

You can add a drop of this oil to one teaspoon of honey, coconut oil, or maple syrup, and consume it with water or morning tea to start your day in the most refreshing way.

Health Benefits of Citrus Essential Oils

Citrus oils have a lot of positive impact on the overall health of a person. Exposure to these oils in the form of bathing accessories, or skin, and hair care products offer immense relief from breathing troubles, stress, anxiety, and skin issues. Below is a complete list of benefits that you can get by including these oils in your daily routine.

1. Skincare Products

A majority of citrus essential oils provide anti-aging properties to people. It is commonly seen in a wide range of lotions, and skincare creams. These oils have the ability to treat different types of skin issues that arise due to oily skin such as acne, pimples, stretch marks, and dermatitis. Body scrubs made from essential oils is a wonderful method to obtain the advantages of citrus oils.

2. Energizing Effect

Citrus oils like lemon essential oil, and sweet orange essential oil have a calming effect on the person. It is an energy boosting, stimulating, and uplifting agent that is a great remedy to heighten your mood, and senses.

3. Enhance Immunity Levels

Being loaded with Vitamin C, citrus essential oils work as antimicrobial agent in the body. Due to their immune-boosting abilities, these oils are added in the preparation of conventional medicines.

The major natural ingredient responsible for this action is “d-limonene” that is a powerful cancer-fighting agent. This ingredient is an oral dietary supplement that has got antitumor properties in it. It makes it effective in fighting against cancer in the body.

Limonene inhibits growth of tumor and induce programmed death of cancer cells in the body. D-limonene is a medically approved ingredient that doesn’t pose any carcinogenic risk to human beings. It is effective against various kinds of cancer.

The pathogen killing action of this ingredient promotes a healthy immune system. Due to its remarkable anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant property, it is added in preparation of several immune boosting formulation too.

4. Works as a Stress Reliever

Citrus oils have special compounds that relaxes and soothes the body. They provide exemplary relief from depression, as well as anxiety in a person. Include citrus oils, in your stress management program to maximize your recovery, and enhance overall well-being.

5. Keeps your skin healthy

Another important benefit of the use of the citrus oils is that it vitalizes the skin, effectively treat insect bites and cure a wide range of health benefits in a person. Some of the popularly used citrus oils for this purpose are Bergamot essential oil, Blood Orange essential oil, Lemon essential oil, Lime essential oil, Neroli essential oil, Grapefruit essential oil and Sweet Orange essential oil.

Types of Citrus Oils

If you are impressed by these amazing benefits of citrus oils, and want to give a try, then we have compiled a handful of the most potent essential oils. You can include any of these to get healthy body, and skin naturally.

1. Orange essential oil

Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

This is the basic and highly useful citrus essential oil for all those who wish to explore the amazing world of citrus oils. This oil is very effective in the treatment of cancer. It is widely used for its remarkable therapeutic properties. Orange essential oil shows remarkable effect in giving relief from anxiety. This punchy oil is loved mostly for its energizing aroma and mood uplifting properties.

From food flavoring agent and skin care products, to an industrial cleaner, orange essential oil is versatile, and highly affordable oil present in the market. Companies use it in the preparation of deodorants, lotions, and soaps.

Presence of d-limonene in this oil restricts build-up of tumor cells. It contains polymethoxyflavones, a type of phytochemicals that reduces the growth of cancer causing cells and protects the person from lung cancer.

2. Bergamot essential oil

This oil is largely used for its deodorizing qualities. It is also a great antiseptic, and pain management agent. It is cited as a potent mood relaxant, and enhancer. Its unique citrus base notes with a spicy edge fragrance make it a popular flavoring agent.

Bergamot essential oil is used to freshen up the air as well as lighten the mood. Due to its skin relaxing, enriching, and stress-relieving properties, it is mostly used in massage oils.

This oil has been used in the preparation of conventional Chinese remedies, and to impart a distinct flavour to black tea. Bergamot essential oil has the quality to elevate mood, and lessen fatigue, and cortisol levels in the body. This oil has got natural antibacterial properties to restrict the formation of E. coli and other types of bacteria. This action makes it ideal for cleaning the surface.

3. Petitgrain essential oil

Another important citrus oil on our list is petitgrain essential oil. This oil is derived from distillation of the young branches, and fresh leaves of orange tree. With an abundance of advantages, the uses of this essential oil go beyond than just a flavoring agent for drinks, and food.
Petitgrain essential oil is a great deodorant that neutralizes body odor as well as limits the development of bacteria. This essential oil is advised for remarkable energy boosting attributes. Adding a few drops of it to bathing water gives you a luxurious and perfumed shower.

4. Lemon essential oil

Lemons have been used since years in cooking as well as daily life. This oil resembles similarity to lemon in terms of its composition. Some of the noteworthy benefits of this oil is its antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial action. Lemon essential oil is prepared by cold pressing the peel of the fruit where there is maximum amount of nutrition. This oil is known for its distinct refreshing scent.

Lemon oil is helpful in the treatment of an extensive range of health issues that includes vomiting, depression, anxiety etc. Its powerful composition and a noteworthy and vibrant scent not just cleanse the air, but also energizes the spirits, and uplifts the mood of a person.

5. Grapefruit essential oil

As the name suggests, this oil is derived from grapefruit. It has an exemplary quality to cleanse the body. The high amounts of antioxidants and stress lowering chemicals in the oil, improve hair, and skin health.

It is also beneficial promoting weight reduction in a person. If you are overweight / obese, and want to achieve a healthy weight, then include grapefruit essential oil can be the right way to accomplish your fitness objective. This oil is good for the body composition, and metabolism of the body. Topical massage with this oil results in effective fat burn, lowered body, and cellulite circumference, and increased self-esteem.

Grapefruit essential oil has remarkable antibacterial properties that keeps your home clean and hygienic throughout the day. Its uplifting fragrance energizes the body. The high level of limonene present in this oil is used in formulation of excellent DIY cleaning recipes.

Due to this exemplary quality, many of the commercial cleaners available in the market are made from it. Lemon essential oil are commonly used in disinfectant sprays to clean countertops, doorknobs, faucets, as well any other condition. It has a strong protective, and antimicrobial effect in the body.

Warnings and safety precautions to use Citrus Essential Oils

Like any other health treatment, use of citrus essential oil should also be well administered, and managed. It should be used with due care, and respect.

1. Check the quality

To get the maximum benefit from this oil, you need to always pay attention to its quality at the time of buying it. Though fruit peel is considered to be the region that has the maximum nutrition, it is also very much exposed to insecticides, and disinfectant sprays that farmers use to keep the produce free from disease.

At the time of buying the oil, make sure you choose the trusted essential oil provider that provides you residue-free, and toxin free oils. Always ensure that they are 100% natural, and pure and do not cause any allergic reactions to the body. Always speak to your doctor or an experienced aromatherapist to suggest you the safest essential oil, its dosage, and the right way to use it.

2. Disciplined use

However, it is very important to perform your own research and obtain assistance of a reliable information before you use any essential oil for the treatment of medical condition. It is important to note that each type of citrus oil has to be respected as well as used in strict limits in accordance to the rules set out by the manufacturing firm.

It is important to talk to the doctor before applying it on the skin. Pregnant ladies, and children should use it only after the approval of their doctor.

3. Use it the right way

The way you use essential oils also determines the type of effect it will have on your body. A diffuser is a wonderful, as well as safe means to relish the advantages of citrus essential oils. In a few cases such as improving digestion, and weight reduction, essential oils needs to be consumed in oral form. Due to this reason, you need to seek professional level advice and carry out proper research prior to ingesting the oil.

4. Phototoxic nature

The next important thing that you need to consider when consuming an essential oil is that it can lead to a phototoxic reaction in the person. Citrus essential oils are known for their phototoxicity ability. This implies that when these oils come in exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun, then they can initiate nasty reaction in a person.

Due to this reason, these oils are not advised to be applied on the skin when going out in the sun. Use of this oil is not beneficial in people who have sensitive skin. Once initiated, phototoxic reactions can stay for a period of twenty-four hours after application on the skin. The safest way to use these oils is in the form of aromatherapy that is performed with the help of an aroma stick, or a diffuser.


Citrus essential oils have the ability to raise the spirit of a person with its invigorating, and evocative aromas that are produced by the wonderful citrus family of fruits. Due to this quality, these oils are extensively used in a wide range of applications. Addition of a few drops of citrus essential oils work as an instant mood lifter and improves digestive health. In all, these oils are a delightful addition to your health and home!

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