Why Should You Take Massage Regularly? – PART I

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Have you ever taken massage? If no, now it’s the time for you to get benefited by taking massage as it is an overall well-being plan to have a pleasant and relaxing effect. Here we have embraced the complete description of massage benefits along with its types and therapies.

What is a Massage?

A massage is an act of work by applying pressure all over the body using hands on a purpose of relieving stress or pain from your body. There are professionally trained massagers known as masseur (for males) or a masseuse (for females).

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is about various techniques which we incorporate during massaging. This depends on the persons need and their physical conditions.

Massage therapy style differs with the pressures, movements and techniques which involves rubbing, pressing and also manipulating the soft tissues and muscles with hands, fingers, forearms, elbows and even feet.

Massage therapy style ranges from short, percussive strokes to long, smooth strokes along with tapping, kneading, vibration and deep circular movements. Some therapists might use oils or lotions for massaging. We can also find the difference in massage timings which ranges from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Persons can choose their massage styles to get a relief from their symptoms and also to promote their overall wellness. Choose the massage style based on your problem and need. Massage therapist will customise your massage style, depending on your health condition, age and also your need.

Massage therapies also found to be associated with few risks if it is not done properly by a trained massage professional.

Types of Massage

There are a wide array of massage types, depends on your health condition. There is separate massage for pregnant ladies and other massages include the aroma and also using stones, reflexes etc,. This topic is vast enough to cover up. We will discuss the types of massage briefly over the upcoming article.

Benefits of Taking Massage

The massage benefits are enormous. In general, massage improves blood circulation and also helps to relieve pain and de-stress your body. Come on,let’s have a look at other benefits of taking massage.

1. In Anxiety and Stress Reduction

  • With moving years and technologies along with a change in lifestyle induces stress and anxiety over many people.
  • Anxiety and stress have an impact on many diseases.
  • Massage plays a vital role in anxiety and stress reduction protocol.
  • Massage alleviates stress by lowering cortisol levels along with an increase in serotonin level.
  • Massage makes you feel relaxed and pleasant.
  • Regular massages seem to be effective in managing stress. Its mandatory to have weekly or bi-weekly massages for an added effect.

2. Boosts Up Immunity

  • Studies have proven regular massages supports the function of the immune system thereby boosting up the immunity.
  • The stress-related hormones in your body can lower your immunity. Regular massages decrease the hormones related to stress, improves immunity.
  • Among the varieties of massage, deep tissue and Swedish massage promotes lymph movement which is the natural defense mechanism in your body.
  • Many researches have proved an improvement over the function of the immune system for those who are receiving massage.

3. For Athletes

  • Athletes often face muscle soreness and tightness, which does not make the event great.
  • It requires regular exercise to get rid of all these issues.
  • Massage reduces the muscle soreness and tightness along with flexible joints.
  • Massage helps you to incorporate in this wellness program which brings up a good event.

4. Helps in Reducing Low Back Pain

  • Massage helps in treating several musculoskeletal issues.
  • Nowadays most of the people face the problem of lower back pain due to their lifestyle.
  • Regular massage to your lower back kicks off your back pain.
  • Deep tissue or Swedish massage seems to be the efficacious one for alleviating lower back pain.

5. Helps With Postural Changes

  • Massages also help in resolving the problems which occur because of the change in posture.
  • Most people work by sitting in front of the computer where their upper and lower muscle of the back is overstretched and weak.
  • Massage on regular basis helps to straighten you out and relieves your neck and back pain.

6. Induces Sleep

  • Sleep is the most essential tool for maintaining your health.
  • Persons suffering from insomnia, sleeping disorder can signup for massage.
  • Regular full-body massages every week helps with increased circulation which induces sleep.
  • Massage seems to be a good remedy for the persons who don’t have sufficient sleep at nights.

7. Treats Headache

  • Massages have a positive effect on chronic headaches and migraine.
  • You can manage your headaches in a natural way by massaging which improves the circulation.
  • Studies revealed that persons undergoing massage therapy for about two and a half hours in a week can feel the reduction in occurrence of chronic headaches.

8. Reduces Pain

  • As we discussed earlier, regular massage alleviates pain.
  • Persons having any kind of pain obviously choose painkillers.
  • These pain killers found to be risky as it is associated with its side effects.
  • Massage has proven to alleviate pain by natural means without any addiction risk of the painkillers which gives you an instant relief.
  • It is highly recommended to know the underlying cause of the pain by getting a consultation with the medical professionals.
  • Massage can ease your pain and makes you feel relax along with the prescribed medicine which treats the root cause.

9. Boosts Up Your Mood

  • According to science and studies, massages help you feel happy and better.
  • Stress is the main reason for depression, sleepy brain and tiredness. Massage becomes the right choice to overcome your stress which makes you stay focused and also to be alert.
  • Massage creates a relaxing and soothing effect to overcome your emotional disorders like anxiety.
  • It helps in improving your state of mind.

How Often Should You Take Massage?

  • It varies from person to person depending on their state.
  • It also depends on a person’s physical, emotional state and also their stress levels.
  • Regular massage helps you to get various health benefits which are mentioned above.
  • Getting a massage once in a week or twice is ideal to ease your muscle pain and maintains the muscles in good shape.
  • If your pain is chronic, it is advisable to get a massage twice in a week to get a relief.
  • Once your pain is relieved, it’s ideal to take massage once in a month which maintains the tissue health.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I do massage at home by myself?

Yes, you can. When you don’t find the time or if you want to gain the massage benefits in a cost effective way then learn some simple massage techniques and go ahead at home in an inexpensive way and get benefited.

2. Does massage help to control pressure and heart rate?

Based on a study, even simpler hand massages have a positive effect in reducing the blood pressure and heart rate.

3. Does massage helps with sudden spasm?

If you suddenly experience any spasm due to stress, it is advisable to get a massage from massage therapist which makes your body relaxed and also relieves spasm.

Invest your time in massaging as it destresses your mind as well as body which makes you relax and keeps you fit and strong both emotionally and physically.

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