How About Juice For Weight Loss? Benefits, Recipes And More!

Drink Juices for Weight LossDrink Juices for Weight Loss

Practicing some habits in one’s every day diet can result in significant changes in their health as well life. I take this post to clarify some confusions linked with juicing, while also telling their advantages. If you involve in juicing occasionally, while feeding on unhealthy junk food, let me tell you that juicing wouldn’t help in losing weight. If you make it a regular habit and practice it every day, I will assure you’ll stick to juice for weight loss. Drinking natural vegetable and fruit juices are highly beneficial for cleansing your body of toxins and is easily one of the most useful natural ways of putting off weight. A lot of people ask me, “Does juicing help you lose weight?” Well, it surely does!

Why Should I Juice?

Because weight loss juices works! Indulging in juice for weight loss is most certainly the best option. Here are few benefits of juicing:

  • Juicing enhances the total vegetable and fruit intake and this is not possible if we consume them as a whole
  • Juicing endorses weight loss by increasing metabolism
  • Rich antioxidant contents and fiber will aid in decreasing the risks of all sorts of cancer
  • Some vegetable juices also aid in enhancing the cardiovascular health and decrease the cholesterol levels in human blood

Juices For Weight Loss

Though crash diets and pills which can endorse weight loss are largely available, many of them have showed cases of adverse effects in the long run and hence it is best if you stick to natural ways which are time tested and have no side effects on your health.

Here are few recipes using which you can involve in juices for weight loss.

1. Grapefruit And Carrot Smoothie

Carrot juice has always proved to be beneficial for weight loss. They are very low in calories and rich in fiber. This makes the carrot juice the most apt to make it to the weight loss juicing list. They are enriched with divers and helps in keeping the tummy feel full for a long duration, thereby avoiding unnecessary cravings which is one among the prominent reasons for putting on weight. Studies have shown that grapefruits can cut out the calories when you’ve had meals high on fats. Hence, the combination of these can be an ideal smoothie!


Peel off the grapefruit and slice the inner flesh into cubes. Similarly, cut the carrots into tiny cubes. Put them together in the mixer along with few ginger slices and lemon juice. Mix it for three minutes and empty it in a smoothie glass. Savour the juice once in a day!

2. Strawberry, Beetroot And Carrot Juice For Weight Loss

Beetroots aid in increasing the endurance while exercising, and also the stamina so you can sweat out for a longer time in the gym without ever feeling dehydrated. It has got both insoluble and soluble fibers which aid in weight loss. Anthocyanins and ellagic acid in strawberries aid in weight loss through reduction of inflammation. Anthocyanins stimulate adiponectin hormone production which enhances metabolism, thereby suppressing your hunger.


Peel off the carrot and beetroots and cut them into tiny cubes. Add them with strawberries in a mixer. Pour one fourth cup of water and mix well in order to form a paste. Put them in a serving glass and relish your drink!

3. Kiwi And Cucumber Smoothie

Planning of juicing to lose weight? You got to try this one then! Cucumber is a great vegetable which aids in putting off your weight naturally, and is also a healthy diet candidate. Since it has got low levels of sodium and high levels of water, it aids in decreasing water retention and bloating. It has just got 45 calories and can make for a snack low in calories. Kiwi fruit is filled with nutrients, vitamins and energy, and is also low in calories. This makes it perfect for a delicious snack to people wanting to lose weight. It is also enriched with dietary fibers that make you feel full!


Peel off the cucumber and kiwi fruit. Chop them and put them into a blender. Top it with a dash of lime as well as mint leaves. Blend them well and you will get to experience the power of fighting fat displayed by this green juice. It is easily one of the efficient green juice recipes!

4. Apple And Bell Pepper Juice For Weight Loss

Bell peppers are effective as natural weight loss methods. These bright toned peppers, specially the red peppers are enriched with capsaicin which offers it the burning spicy feature. It enhances the body temperature and paces up the metabolic rate via thermogenesis which aids our body in enhancing fat oxidation and burning calories. Consuming it on an everyday basis will increase the abdominal fat burning among both the genders. And apples are low in calories, fat and sodium. Besides, they are full of vitamins and fibers which makes it a natural food for losing weight. The soluble fibers in apples aid in getting rid of cholesterol from our blood stream and maintaining a healthy heart.


Cut the apple and bell pepper into tiny pieces. Put them in a blender and add a dash of lemon juice. Blend these ingredients along with half a cup of water for sometime. Pour down the contents into a glass and relish the hot spicy taste of this red smoothie! Trust me they taste delicious!

These were some of the most effective juice recipes I’ve mentioned for you. The best method to maximise the working efficiency of these natural juices is to consume them along with other solid food items during your breakfast, luncheon and supper. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and you can burn fat, and flaunt a fit body!

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