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Do’s and Don’ts for Your Hair In Summer!

Do's and Don'ts for Your Hair In Summer!Do's and Don'ts for Your Hair In Summer!

“Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be!” -Anonymous

Hair is an integral part of our beauty. The length of the hair doesn’t matter, all it matters is how well you carry it and how good care you take of it. Moreover, your hair gives an insight into your lifestyle.

When you think of summers, all you can imagine is the summer breeze, sun basking and beaches. But your imagination is hindered when you think about the condition of your hair during summers. Well, not anymore!

Now many of you reading it might be wondering how can your hair be perfect! In winters, it can be managed well but the real problem you face is in summers. Parlours indeed is a saviour, but you can’t attend it on a regular basis. Besides, you might like to keep it economical, won’t you? So here we are with the various dos and don’ts you should keep in mind for hair care in summer. We will also share a few easy remedies so that you proudly flaunt your hair. We wish you a gleeful reading!

Hair Care In Summer!

1. Rinsing Your Hair Thoroughly Is A Must

This is the most important factor you should keep in mind. Washing your hair properly is a milestone for a ‘good hair’ day. The shampoo foams better and spreads more evenly on wet hair. To ensure that you thoroughly rinse your hair with water. Besides, you’ll also see that less shampoo is required if you properly wet your hair. Make sure you do rinse your hair properly especially in summer. Or else you might face itching and dandruff issues.

2. Do Not Apply Conditioner On The Scalp

Conditioners form a very important part of your hair washing, particularly in summers. But have you been applying it correctly all this while? Even your stylists must have told you not to apply the conditioner on the scalp. Which is true! The roots of the hair are oily by nature and applying conditioner on the hair will only worsen the scenario. Moreover, it is the hair that needs hydration. So, you should condition your hair from the mid towards the tip of the hair. Apply more conditioner towards the end of the hair as they are supposed to be the driest and need more moisturization. Apply it and leave it for a longer time. Wait for the conditioner to show its magic!

3. Carrying A Hat Or A Scarf Will Be Helpful

Summer is all about the sun basking and you must be protecting your skin by applying some sunscreen. But, do you know that the UV rays of the sun are equally harmful to your hair too? So the next time you go sun basking, do carry a hat or a scarf along with you to protect your precious hair. You should also use the scarf while stepping out into the sun during your daily routine. Covering your hair will help it in retaining its moisture.

4. Use Normal Water To Rinse Your Hair

During summers it is necessary to wash your hair with running water. This is because during summers your hair already contains a lot of moisture. Washing it with warm water will open the cuticle and absorb extra moisture from the surrounding, making your hair frizzy. So, if you want healthy hair, prefer washing them with cold water.

5. Do Not Wash Your Hair Daily

In summers, make sure that you do not wash your hair daily. The reason behind this concept is that washing your hair often strips away all the essential oils that are present naturally in your hair. Thus, making it dry. For summers prefer shampoos which are nourishing, gentle and with high SPF. Various brands like Head and Shoulders and Pantene contain them and are a good option to be used during summers.

6. Do Opt Various Loose Hairstyles

During summers, sweat tends to be caught up in the tresses of your hair. To prevent your hair from sweat opt for various loose hairstyles. This great hack works wonders as it helps air to pass through the locks of your hair and preventing the sweat to accumulate. Thus, making it healthy and non-smelly.

7. Do Not Colour Your Hair Before A Beach Vacation

Spending your precious time at home to do the touch-ups or spending a huge amount of money on hair colouring before your beach vacation?

DO NOT do it then! As it is a waste of both your money and time because the UV rays tend to change the colour of your hair. Moreover, excessive exposure to the sun like on a beach vacation will make your hair dry due to the harsh beams of the sun. We would suggest you enjoy the vacation first and then go for hair colouring. Besides, the glow that will be visible because of a relaxing vacation definitely beats the new colour thing, anyway!

8. Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

One important thing that you should know regarding the blow dryers is that they make your hair frizzy. So, we would like to suggest that you should resort to the natural way of drying your hair as much as you can. Yes, emergency calls are an exception!

9. Do Not Brush Your Hair

Never use a brush to disentangle your hair locks because it is very harsh on hair and may extract much hair from the root or even break the hair. The solution to this problem is using a wide teethed comb which is gentle on the locks and helps in untangling them.

10. Remember To Rinse Your Hair At Night

This summer, want the hair with a beautiful texture and sorted locks? Yes, you definitely can! The secret to this is, rinse your hair at night. Shampooing and conditioning before going to bed and the natural way of drying your hair overnight will automatically make your hair smooth and shiny. If you wish to accentuate waves and enhance a proper hair texture, they prefer using a sea mineral spray followed by squeezing your hair in the morning. Moreover, if you wish to give a polished look to your hair then apply a shine spray. You can also attain a gently styled look by using a curling barrel or by running a flat iron on the tip of the hair to attain smoothness. So, now you can attain your desired hairdo and then you are ready to shine!

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11. Do Not Stress

During summers, pollution leaves no stone unturned to damage your hair. Your hair is already stressed due to the hazards of the pollution. So, you can at least help it by not letting any sort of stress to come near you. The reason why we are asking you to not take stress is that stress causes a huge amount of hair loss. So, stay calm!

12. Visit A Salon Regularly

Since the formation of split ends is relatively higher in summer as compared to winter so, we would suggest you trim your tresses on a regular basis. Split ends tend to damage your hair and hinder its growth. Moreover, it also makes your hair rough. So, proper care should be taken when it comes to split ends as they keep increasing.

13. Apply Some Sunscreen On Your Hair too

Your hair also needs to be protected from the harmful UV rays. Application of some sunscreen on your hair has always been a great hack. After you apply the sunscreen on your body, all you got to do it, gently rub the residual sunscreen to your hair. It will protect them from the cruelty of sun.

14. Hot Oil Rinse To Make Your Hair Healthy

All our elders at home have only one solution to any type of hair damage and that is ‘oiling’. It actually is the best remedy for our hair, especially in summers. A hot oil rinse is actually a non-negotiable hack of all times particularly during the summers. You just need heat any natural oil like olive, coconut or almond oil. After washing your hair, apply the heated oil from the tip towards the root of your hair. You will feel your hair to be healthy and soft immediately after its application.

15. Say No to Heat Styling

One important thing that you must know if you desire a ‘healthy’ hair and that is, DO NOT ROAST YOUR HAIR! Heat styling only damages your hair and makes them very frizzy. Besides, it also leads to hair fall. You need to be a little kind to your hair. We understand that you love styling your hair. Why not opt for the natural styling! It is harmless and your hair will stay healthy.

So, this was all about the various things you should keep in mind regarding your hair during summers. Few points are acceptable for winters even!

Other Remedies

Now we shall share few remedies that will guard your hair against Summers.

  • Your hair has always been a reflection of the lifestyle you have. Thus, doing healthy exercise and having a properly balanced diet tend to add sheen to your precious hair.
  • Braid your hair before going to bed in order to prevent locks. Locks eventually lead to the breakage of your hair.
  • Cucumber is the biggest hack in summers. Grate it into a juice or a pulp and wash your hair with it. It will make your scalp dry thus giving you a cool feeling.
  • Use the white portion of the egg as a pack, on your hair. It reduces hair fall and enhances hair growth.
  • Go for a beer wash as your hair tend to lose their lustre during summers. Beer will resume the shine of your hair.

Hence, this was all about the multiple methods for hair care in summer. Hearing your valuable feedbacks or various experiments with your hair will just make our day. So, please keep commenting in the comment box given below.

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