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Worried About Hair Fall? Know All About Silicone Hair Treatment!

Silicon Hair TreatmentSilicon Hair Treatment

No one likes to see the comb clogged with fallen hair after every hair brushing session. Fallen hair has become a norm nowadays. In fact every person has this problem but you become aware only when the quantity of falling hair increases suddenly. When excessive hair loss happens, that is when we get alarmed to take some remedial steps.

There are several factors that attribute to substantial hair loss among women and young girls out there. Below could be the reasons behind the hair fall –

  • The genetic factors,
  • eating and lifestyle habits,
  • pollution,
  • excessive exposure to sunlight,
  • stress,
  • use of chemical filled cosmetics
  • and so more…

All of these contribute to the ill health of our hair strands making them fall from the roots. Hair loss is not a good sign, especially if it is happening at an alarming rate. This could be the prime reason for premature balding and thinning of hair.

Is Silicone Bad for Hair?

Silicon may have its disadvantages, but it is certainly not bad for hair. You can safely use it for hair treatment.

Silicone is not a toxic element. That is why it can be safely applied on your hair. Moreover it does not affect your overall health in any way due to its non-toxic nature. It is important to know that there are various types of silicon. Few types may be harmful to your hair than others if used excessively. So be aware of the type you are going to use.

However just like any other treatments, overuse of Silicon treatment may impact the strength and appearance of your hair. Your hair may appear weighty and dry because of excessive silicon treatments.

You can overcome these problems by limiting the number of uses of silicon application. Try using this treatment a few numbers of times and you should be safe.

What is Silicone Hair Treatment?

While everyone like to have lustrous and healthy hair, there are several treatments out there which claim to bring back your long locks in no matter of time. Out of several hair fall treatments, the silicone hair treatment is considered to be the most advanced and highly effective one for your hair health. Silicone hair treatment is a non-surgical mode of treatment that aims at the re-growing of your hair strands from their roots. It is a kind of replacement treatment in which silicone is used as an essential component for attaching hair to the partially or completely bald area.

Silicone is also known by the names as cyclomethicone or dimethicone. This is a derivative of the silicone that is commonly found in quartz, sand and glass particles. Silicone is considered to be a vital element in the field of cosmetics and various treatments related to the aesthetic improvements. In addition to the skin and overall aesthetics, silicone also finds its application in treating hair fall issues in an effective manner.

Cyclo methicone is the most commonly used silicone derivatives for hair treatments. It is a volatile form of silicone. This implies that it tends to evaporate and would not build up any extra layer on your hair. This silicone derivative is used to impart a shiny, smooth and glossy texture to the hair strands leaving your hair with an incredible slippery touch. The hair experts usually make use of this silicone derivative to provide the best results for your hair health and hair fall solutions.

There are two types of silicone products that are used in the cosmetic industry. They are

  • Water-soluble, and
  • Water-insoluble

The silicone products that are water-insoluble are used for the hair treatment. These water-insoluble silicones are used to provide a coating to the hair. These form a firm deposit or layer on the hair strands such that they do not get washed away by water. As the hair remains free from any kind of frizz, the water-insoluble silicone particles gradually begin to form granules & clumps to become brittle. On the other hand, the water-soluble silicone products like the PEG-modified dimethicone get easily washed away by the water.

Silicon for Hair : Why Should You Opt For Silicone Hair Treatment?

Silicone hair treatment is considered to be the most innovative and advanced version of the successful hair fall treatments in the present era. Due to its high reliability, the silicone hair treatment is preferred by the leading hair experts. Moreover, this treatment also tends to be non-surgical and is completely painless. In comparison to the other hair fall treatments, the method of silicone hair treatment also helps an individual in gaining the desired hair volume which is greater than the hair transplant procedure. It is a completely safe procedure and consumes less time in the overall treatment.

The silicone hair treatment is assured by the medical practitioners to be 100% safe. Once the hair strands start growing back, the hair strands tend to be original human hair instead of the synthetic hair like in the case of hair weaving or bonding methods. In addition to this, the silicone hair treatment also renders fine and soft texture of the hair that grow directly from the roots. Once you have taken this effective treatment, you can carry out all your normal day-to-day activities like swimming, shampooing, and so more with no fear of losing your hair.

The Silicone Hair Treatment Procedure

The silicone hair treatment is carried under the supervision of the expert medical practitioners who have immense experience in the desired field. In case you are worried about the same, then you must go for taking up the treatment from a reliable and reputable brand name in the cosmetic industry.

During the silicone hair treatment, the water-insoluble silicone particles are used to coat the hair strands. As a result of this, a smooth and glossy appearance is created on the surface of your hair. Under the effect of the high refractive index of the silicone particles, the hair appears to be greatly shiny and lustrous. The silicone hair treatment imparts a healthy look to your hair which remains detangled for a longer period of time. Once the treatment is done, the hair strands would not clump or cling to each other and there would be no resistance even while combing them.

The silicone hair treatment provides a smooth and undamaged coating to the hair strands. The silicone coating provides immense protection to the hair from excessive heat and also helps in the process of retaining moisture in them. The process of heat transfer makes use of the water as a conductor. As the essential moisture gets retained in the hair strands, the silicone particles facilitate the smooth transfer of heat to the hair fiber. This characteristic is vital when the hair would be subjected to various styling techniques like straightening and blowing dry of hair. The silicone hair treatment procedure is also used to keep the natural color of the hair intact.

Some of the common forms of water-insoluble silicone particles that are used in this effective hair treatment are stearyl dimethicone, stearoxy dimethicone, phenyl trimethicone, cetyl dimethicone and so more. Depending on the hair texture, length and scalp characteristics, the particular hair expert would use the correct type of silicone hair treatment on your hair strands.

What is The Silicone Hair Treatment?

The silicone hair treatment is gaining impetus in the recent times due to the highly positive results observed in those who have undergone the same. If you also wish to go for this hair treatment, then you can know about the specific benefits of the same. Here are some:

  • The silicone particles coat the hair strands with a fine film that imparts a smooth and shiny texture to the overall hair. Therefore, your hair appears to be less frizzy and very shiny and lustrous.
  • Hair becomes easier to comb with fewer tangles and frizz after the treatment.
  • Your hair also gains added volume as it becomes healthy and denser like never before.
  • Hair becomes soft and smooth in texture.
  • The silicone particles also aid in the passage of the essential nutrients into the shafts of the hair follicle to ensure enhanced hair quality and optimum hair health.
  • Moisture gets sealed in the silicone coating of the hair strands. Moisture is vital for hair health and thus ensures long and lustrous hair locks.

Effectiveness of Silicone Hair Treatment

The silicone treatments for enhanced hair growth and reduced hair loss might turn out to be temporary in duration. However, you can extend its duration of benefits and helpful effects with some proper care and re-treatments. It is indeed recommended by the experts that you should not go for frequent treatments of this kind. When you would take the silicone hair treatment from a reliable and reputed brand name, then there are higher chances of its effects remaining for a longer period.

The silicone hair treatments are best recommended to those who have curly, coarse or dull hair types. In addition to the re-growth of the lost hair strands, the treatment imparts long-term benefits to the health of the hair. It also protects the hair strands from the possible adverse effects of the harmful UV rays of the sun. It also prevents the coated hair dye from fading away too soon.

The silicone hair treatment serves as a boon to those who are leading a hectic and stressful life and are too busy to take care of their hair health. To those who do not wish to get embarrassed due to falling hair and scalp baldness from quite an early age, they must undergo the silicone hair treatment to observe the best results for themselves.

In case, you are skeptical about the effectiveness of the same, then you can head out to the nearest cosmetic clinic or your hair expert to know more about this treatment. Moreover, even the overall cost of this advanced hair re-growth technique is highly affordable which aims to burn no holes in your pocket.

Therefore, if you are losing your precious hair to pollution and lifestyle habits, then silicone hair treatment is the best solution for you!

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