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How to Use Yogurt for Hair Growth?

How to Use Yogurt for Hair Growth?How to Use Yogurt for Hair Growth?

Yogurt, the most commonly found ingredient in homes has a plethora of medicinal and healing properties which many of you might be unaware of.  Formed by the fermentation of milk – yogurt is rich in vitamin B5 and proteins which are considered to be great for the hair. In addition to this, the antibacterial qualities of yogurt make it the perfect fit for treating scalp and hair issues.

Using it is highly advantageous as it helps in protecting your hair from dandruff, itchiness and promotes growth. Hence, it is the most approachable and affordable remedy to reach out for hair problems. For you to learn about the benefits of yogurt regarding the hair issues, we have brought you this write up that will grow your knowledge on this subject matter and will lessen your worries in minutes.

How Yogurt Can be Used for Hair Growth

Healthy hair will automatically start growing once you get rid some of the root causes of hair problems such as dandruff, hair fall, itchiness and several others. Therefore, we have provided you with a remedy for each of these problems. Read further to know more on them –

1. Using the Yogurt, Lemon Juice, and Honey Hair Pack

The ultimate combination of these three ingredients is good for the smoothening of your hair. All you need to do is to mix two large tablespoons of yogurt with honey and squeeze some lemon in it.  After you form a paste with these ingredients, you would need to gently massage your scalp with it. Leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes after which you can wash it with a mild shampoo thoroughly so that smell of the yogurt does not linger on your hair.

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2. Using It for the Removing Dandruff

Dandruff will be no problem after you start using yogurt as a remedy on a regular basis. Its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties lend a hand in acting as a natural cleanser which eventually reduces dandruff on your scalp. The ingredients that you would need for this particular mask include yogurt, onion juice, and powdered fenugreek. The proportion of these three ingredients respectively is 3:2:5. Once you are done with forming a paste of this mixture, you can then apply it on your head and leave it for at least half an hour. Afterwards, wash it off thoroughly with a mild shampoo. Experts recommend using this remedy for at least twice in a week to get favourable results.

3. Treatment for Hair Fall

For making the hair pack for treating hair fall, you would need handful amounts of curry and henna leaves and three tablespoons of yogurt. Grind the leaves into a thick paste and then mix yogurt in it. Now, apply this paste on your scalp for about an hour or so and at last wash it off with shampoo. And advantage for continuing with this remedy is that it would even stop greying of your hair when used on a regular basis for several months until you achieve the desired results.

4. Yogurt and Gooseberry Powder Mixture

Gooseberries are said to be rich in Vitamin C and other essential nutrients which are considered to be good for the skin and hair. Hence, using yogurt with gooseberry powder would prove to be an effective remedy. You would just need to apply this mixture on your scalp for about 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with regular or lukewarm water as you prefer. With regular use, you would be able to see a remarkable change if you are facing hair fall issues.

5. Yogurt and Olive Oil for Stopping Hair Fall

As you know, olive oil is already best suited for treating the hair, hence using it with yogurt would probably increase its therapeutic properties. For this, mix these two ingredients and form a thick paste. After this has been done, you can directly apply them on your scalp and let it stay for around 15 minutes after which it is advised to wash off with a gentle shampoo.

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6. Using Yogurt Directly

If you do not find the combinational ingredients easily, then there is no need to worry. Using yogurt directly over the scalp would do equal good. Every once or twice in a week make it a habit of rubbing yogurt on your scalp and giving a proper massage of around five to ten minutes so that your head absorbs the essential nutrients from this product. Then, let the yogurt stay for around 15- 20 minutes on the scalp on then wash it off with a mild shampoo. Yogurt has the tendency to leave your hair smooth just after the first wash and keep them moisturized for a pretty long time.

7. Hair Mask for Natural Hair Growth

Since your ultimate aim is hair growth so if you do not suffer from any of the above-mentioned hair issues and want a direct solution to promote growth, then here is the remedy.  Collect hibiscus leaves, coconut oil, and yogurt. You are required to grind the leaves and yogurt together to form a thick paste. Afterwards, start making balls out of it and drop them in boiling coconut oil for approximately 5-10 minutes. Afterwards, let the oil cool off for some time. Once you are done with it, be regular with applying the oil on your head until you see effective changes. This combination is the most suited option for promoting hair growth and thus you would be able to manage your hair easily.

We hope that after reading this write-up, half of your worries might have vanished with just the read. It is never too late to start treating your damaged hair and that too with something which is easily available in most of the homes or can be bought at affordable prices. Yogurt is a natural smoothening agent and with its regular use, you too would be able to achieve that natural shiny and flowy hair without having to spend in the expensive salons. So, start with your treatment today itself and let your hair grow in a healthy manner.

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