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10 Rules You Should Know Before Oiling Your Hair!

Rules For Oiling Your HairRules For Oiling Your Hair

We have all heard about the amazing benefits of oiling your hair. It’s the world’s best and effective option to strengthen your hair. If you have a busy schedule your scalp usually stay dry and brittle, there is nothing better than a good oil massage for your tresses. However, before you indulge yourself in a nice hot oil massage, you should know the basic rules of hair oiling.

So, follow these 10 oiling rules for lustrous and gorgeous looking tress. Make a note and welcome your new dreamy looking locks.

Rules For Oiling Your Hair

1. Choosing The Right Type Of Hair Oil

The choice of hair oil is determined by the type of hair texture and a lot depends on these two options. It’s very important for you to select the right type of base oil for your hair. You should know what type of hair oil suits you. If your scalp is oily and you have thick hair, go for light oils such as almond, coconut, etc. For dry and fine hair, you can try Castor oil or Argan oil for the massage.

Remember, only the right type of hair oil will be able to improve the quality of your tresses and will make it gorgeous and even healthier. Similarly, if you use any essential oil, you will also need to choose the types of essential oils based on your hair texture. It has been often observed that some girls do not see desired results even after using a good hair oil. The problem lies in the selecting the right kind of hair oil. So be smart and don’t make that silly mistake.

2. Decide The Number of Oils

Yes, you got it right. It’s not necessary to use only one kind of hair oil. In general, there are two types of hair oils: essential oils and carrier oils. The essential oils include lavender, jasmine and avocado etc while the carrier oils include olive oil and coconut oil. Some of the people like to use a mixture of base and concentrated essential oil on their scalp and roots for an additional boost.

If you damaged and dry hair, try to apply the mixture of carrier and base oil to see the vast difference in the hair texture within few weeks. You can also combine two or more carrier oil for more effective results such as if you suffer from hair fall concern, you can mix castor oil, coconut oil, and almond oil and warm it a bit and apply it onto your scalp. However, make sure you don’t combine all heavy hair oil together, keep it balanced with a light and heavy balance so that it does not come across as greasy.

3. Prepare Your Hair

Before you sit to get that amazing head massage it is very important that you prepare your mane properly. Start by combing your hair to avoid the mess and tangling application. This way the hair oil can reach almost all the parts of your scalp. It is also said that oiling works well if your hair is a bit oily already like after one or two days of shampooing. To avoid making a mess of your clothes during the hair massage, make sure you are wearing your old clothes so that your oil drips doesn’t end up ruining your clothes.

4. Warm The Oil

Now, if you are ready, start by warming the oil little bit for few seconds. It should be warm so that you can dip your fingers comfortably. For soft and supple scalp, use olive oil and coconut hair oil. Heating the oil is quite effective because scalp can absorb the oils more easily and also helps in boosting blood circulation to your scalp. Do not heat the oil too much else you will end up burning yourself.

5. Sections Your Hair

It’s very difficult to apply hair all over scalp unless it’s not properly parted. Therefore, for easy and smooth application, it’s advisable that you divide your hair into different sections, preferably two parts. Split the hair from the middle of your scalp and pull it across the shoulder area. This way it would be much easier to apply the hair oil to the roots and shafts of your hair.

6. Massaging With Your Fingertips

Avoid pouring hair directly on your scalp because that way you will not be able to distribute hair oil properly across the head. Another thing, do not use your palm for massaging your scalp because this can lead to breakage of hair. Try to massage all the areas in circular motions using your fingertips and focus on roots especially. When you are oiling your hair, it’s very important that your oil penetrates and moisturize your dry scalp from inside out. Massaging your hair with your fingertips for almost 10 minutes will boost the blood circulation. Do not use your fingernails as they may end up damaging your scalp and can break the roots.

7. Oil Your Scalp and Roots

The most important part about oiling your hair is to massage your hair scalp properly. Normally when you oil your hair yourself, you often tend to miss the areas behind your ear and the back side as well. Try to cover all the areas and massage your roots gently in the circular motion. While oiling your hair, it’s important that your hair reaches the roots so that it penetrates and moisturize your hair properly. For best results, take yours time and slowly and steadily over all the areas.

8. Don’t Ignore The Length of Your Hair

Once you are done applying the oil to your roots and scalp, it is also necessary to apply the oil down the length of the hair. However, do not apply too much hair oil on the strands because it will end up looking like a complete mess. Washing your hair would be very difficult and if you use too much shampoo to get rid of that oil, it will create too much of dryness and will complete taking away the purpose of hair oil massage. To apply oil to the rest of your hair, simply pour one tablespoon of hair oil in your palm and rub it and apply it gently on your hair on the entire length.

9. Sleeping With Oil

The best time of the day to apply the hair oil to your hair is the night before you need to wash it. It is recommended to leave oil in your hair overnight in order for it to work more effectively. You can also leave oil for a longer period but make sure not more than 24 hours because in that case, the oil will end up attracting first and can make your hair very weak and greasy. The best option is to wash your hair in the morning.

10. Regular Oiling

That’s true girls! If you want healthy looking hair, it is advisable to oil at least once a week. You can also do it more than once but make sure you follow the routine of minimum one oiling session a week. If you will skip your regular oiling sessions and will only do it once a month then you will not be able to see much difference in the improvement of your hair texture.


All the above-mentioned points are very basic and almost known to all but during our day to day life, we often skip the tiny details even while oiling your hair. So, make notes of those small details and give it go for your regular hair oiling session for beautiful, smooth and healthy looking hair. After it is our crown and no girl wants to lose the crown.

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