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How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way?

How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way?How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way?

You must be wondering how washing your hair would require proper techniques? Well, for most of your life now you have been taught to wash your hair regularly with some inherent shampoos all your family has been using! But there are lots of things which you need to correct while washing your hair! From the products you use to the frequency of hair wash, from the way you wash your hair to the way you dry it, everything needs to get systematic to avoid hair fall and hair damage!

We wash hair for cleansing and for nourishing the hair. However some of our wrong habits regarding shampooing can really cause a lot of damage to our hair! There are various little things which can have a great impact on your hair and contribute to enriching or degrading your hair quality! Here are some amazing tips for washing your hair in a correct way!

Amazing Tips for Washing Your Hair in a Right Way

1. Go for a Hot Oil Massage Before Hair Wash

Oils are used widely in hair massaging as they can redefine your hair and nourish them. Just like the body, your hair would require nutrients, essential oils and fluids to grow strengthen and stay youthful. Due to constant styling, frequent shampooing and unhealthy eating habits and much more, the hair get damaged! You can retain the moisture and nourishment of your hair while massaging them with hot oil. If you wash your hair without oiling, there are chances of hair breakage and dryness. Thus, to keep your hair nourished and flawless, apply some hot oil at least an hour before washing and you would have great results!

2. Select the Shampoo Exclusively for Your Hair Type

We all have this habit of using a single shampoo everyone else in our house uses! It is however, very important to select the shampoo as per your hair type. If you have extremely silky and smooth hair, using a complete egg based shampoo would overdo silkiness and make your hair oily! If you use more chemical based shampoos for curly hair, they would get more frizzy and unmanageable! Thus, select the shampoo as per your hair type which would help you in maintaining the strength and smoothness of your hair. Identify your hair type, scalp oiliness and purchase a shampoo which can fix all your hair issues and lead you towards gorgeous hair! This little step would surely get you the amazing difference!

3. Rinse the Hair With Little Luke Warm Water

The first step for shampooing is to rinse the hair. Without rinsing your hair if you directly apply shampoo, it can cause damage to your hair. Instead, try using a little luke warm water for rinsing your hair. This would open up your hair follicles and make it easy for the shampoo to clean your scalp and remove all the dirt and impurities. Rinsing your hair prior to shampoo would smoothen your hair roots and would let the shampoo spread and cleanse your scalp easily! Thus start shampooing with luke warm rinse.

4. Apply Shampoo with Care and Mildness

A shampoo is filled with lots of natural ingredients plus with chemicals too. Overuse of this element can get your hair frizzy and dry. You must know that more shampoo would not get your hair healthier and silkier! Just a little shampoo would help in cleansing your scalp and remove the dirt, just as it is expected to do! Also, apply shampoo from your scalp to the tips while massaging gently. If you want your hair to become healthy and beautiful, go mild on your hair. Massage shampoo with your fingertips in circular motions. This would clean your scalp, nourish it and avoid damage and roughness! Keep it cool while applying the shampoo and nourish your hair!

5. Apply the Conditioner

Applying the conditioner straight after you shampoo is not the desirable way! Since you have just rinsed your hair, a lot of water is still in your hair. First, let all this watershed out and then apply the conditioner. Also, you need to select the conditioner as per your hair type! Once your hair gets rid of excess water, start applying the conditioner from midway of your hair to the length. Do not apply conditioner on the roots of your hair. Conditioning is to remove hair damage and to nourish your hair. This can get battled using the conditioner on the tips and middle hair.

6. Rinse with Cold Water

Thoroughly rinse your hair and remove all the shampoo and conditioner from your hair. It is suggested to use cold water to rinse the hair. This would lock all the oils, nourishment and nutrition in your hair and keep the glossy! Rinsing with cold water would simply lock the hair follicles and make your hair look more shiny, healthy and adorable. Thus, after conditioning, lock the nourishment with cold water!

7. Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

We all have this busy and hectic schedules and need to rush! But whenever you are not in a hurry, try to let your hair air dry. Hair driers can cause damage to your hair and can destroy all the nourishment and beauty of your hair. The styling tools release a lot of heat which is quite dangerous for your hair and snatches away the natural beauty of your hair. Thus, go for air drying your hair and let them dry naturally. This would keep your hair shiny, bouncy and healthy for long!

8. Shampoo Frequently as Per Your Scalp Needs

Not all people have same shampooing and hair washing needs! Some have extremely oily scalp and thus have to wash their hair daily while some have frizzy and dry hair which would require you to shampoo just twice or thrice a week. You need to identify your scalp type and apply shampoo as per the scalp needs. This would eliminate over drying of your hair and frizzy brittle hair too!

These are the signature rules and things to keep in mind while you shampoo. Remember, we use shampoos to cleanse and nourish the hair. The high amount of shampoos and conditioners simply would not make the hair more healthy and gorgeous! Use mild shampoos, apply the shampoos and conditioner the right way and get gorgeous hair! Following these minor tips would surely you amazing difference.

Happy shampooing!

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