How to Start a New Life from Ashes?

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Want to know how to start a new life?

There are times when people lose everything all of a sudden what they have created after several years of hard work. It looks like a punishment. The uncertainty of life brings them fear. In those circumstances, it is important to understand that no matter how much unpleasant events and setbacks you have faced in your life, you are never late to start all over and build your life again from scratch. In this article, we will tell you ways of how you can make a new beginning in life and rebuild life from nothing.

What Can Be Possible Reasons To Make A New Start In Life?

There are many things in life that can leave you completely broken. A failed business initiative, several broken romantic relations, failed passions one after other, a toxic group of friends, disregard for money, drinking addiction and more, can destroy your life. You need a lot of strength, hope and courage to come out of humiliation and move in the direction of making a fresh start in life.

What You Can Do To Start Afresh And Rebuild Your Life?

The first and the most important step is to rise up from the situation in life that took you there. Do not look at that road again. Become a better version of yourself. Invest your time, emotions and energy in making a new start with positive people.

Feel that each day is the God’s gift to you to create something meaningful, and better.  Find your life’s purpose and build your life that serves it in the most effective way. Life is a valuable gift. Don’t waste it on petty things, and temporary pleasures.

How to Start a New Life from Ashes and Grow?

Have a broad vision and design your life in a way that it offers value to the world. Make it a purpose to create the best of each moment that is granted to you. We have listed some of the tips that will help you make a fresh start in life from scratch.

1. Be Patient

The first important rule when you are on the journey to start everything afresh is to be patient. It will take time to set up your broken self. Give it the time to heal. During this time, you would require a lot of inner strength, self-love, valor, faith, self-assurance, and resilience. Your body has suffered a lot from the past and so you should be kind, considerate and gentle towards yourself. Treat yourself with understanding and love.

2. Embrace The Change Within You

Life is changing constantly. You need to evolve and renew yourself with the same pace. Take time to do self-introspection about what made things go wrong and what needs to be corrected now. Sometimes, when we don’t learn the lessons from the past, then the same things keep on repeating and hurt us.

So, before you lay the foundation of the new life, it is important to analyze the past and learn from it. Follow your intuition. It will give a hint of your life’s purpose. Once you are prepared, you are ready to live a fulfilling life.

3. Accept The Situation

If you do not accept the past, you will not have a freedom from it. Have peace with the past. Not everything stays with you forever. Some things are destined to happen to make you wiser. It might feel difficult, but accept the loss, and learn from it.

Surrender all your worries, fears, anxieties, sadness etc. to the Supreme Power. Engage in humble, vulnerable, meaningful, and honest conversations with the Divine. Pray to him that he gives you the much-needed strength to make a new start. It is the time to take a strong decision to move on.

4. Immerse Yourself Into The ‘Present’

Once you have made peace with the past, you are now ready to focus on what you will be doing in the present. For a few days, you may slip into your past again. In such situations, take a few deep breaths and get your focus. With each breath, immerse completely into the present moment.

Do this several times a day. You will notice that you will start to loosen the grip of the past, and are now devoted fully to creating your present life. Pay close attention to your breathing. With each breath, that you take, immerse yourself even more deeply into the present moment.

5. Be Grateful

You might be thinking that why I have been suffering a lot in life. You need to change this negative feeling with a realization that you are still surviving after a huge loss. This is a big thing in itself. Your situation may have been even worse. You should be grateful for that you are alive and in your senses.

Atleast you have got the learning of what should be done and what should not be done. Even the top personalities in the world have learnt from mistakes. No one has ever attained success without walking through the road of failures. Life teaches you at every instant. It never stops. Everyone makes mistake, and learn from it.

So do not brood over the loss or become guilty.  Fill your heart with gratitude, appreciation, and love for each and every thing that life has given you so far. Replace your worries with gratefulness. Once you bring such a shift within you, you will notice that you will get more of such things in life that will make you more grateful.

You should remember that life is a continuous journey. It is not a destination. Make a habit of welcoming, and appreciating every moment of life. Be thankful for every moment that you spend here. Trust your inner wisdom and walk with the same passion, intensity, and energy to make a new start.

6. Begin With The END

Before you start with the new life, you need to end your past completely. Erase all the impressions of the past from your mind. Be positive. Take steps with determination that you have all the capabilities in yourself to start a new life all on your own. Begin with creating a beautiful image in your mind.

7. Detach Yourself From The Outcome

You may be becoming feverish about the outcome of your new beginning. It is required to drop all the thoughts regarding the outcome. Do not desperately try to hold onto the several mental images, beliefs, expectations, and ideas, about the way in which your new life should unfold.

Do not try to control it. Let it unfold on its own and at its own pace. Trust your instincts. Be flexible and detached from the fruits of your action. Put your efforts in the right direction and let it happen.

8. Have An Unshakeable Faith In Higher Consciousness

Start afresh by putting your doubts aside. Have trust in life that it will guide you on the right path. Do not wish that whatever I want should happen. You should pray to the divine that whatever he thinks is best for the growth of your soul should happen.

Ask the divine to guide you at all steps of life. Where prayer is asking the divine to fulfill our needs, Meditation is an act of listening to what the divine has to say. It is the voice of your inner soul. Be attentive to it.

Your small mind/ limited consciousness doesn’t know what is best for your evolution. So, leave it to the divine, how things will evolve. Be honest and give your 100 percent. Leave the outcome in the hands of divine.

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9. Walk The Path Of The Soul And Not The Ego

We have seen people chasing success, and money. Well there is nothing wrong in it but when you make it the goal, you end up getting nothing. The wise people know that all these things will automatically come to you when you walk the path of your Soul and not of your Ego. When you are focused on living a life based on your soul’s purpose, then you get all the riches in life.

There is no dearth of prosperity, wealth, fame, success and more in life. Trust in the Super Power. The path of soul is the one where you are committed towards serving others and the world. You should make it a point to work towards creating a life that offers value to people. When you focus on giving value, and not acquiring money, that is when you get fortune without asking the divine for it.

Do all your acts with love and honesty. Be true to yourself and everyone. Serve the world with all that you have i.e., your words, your presence, your work, and last but not the least, your life. Do not make the mistake of running after success and money and forgetting your life’s purpose.

When you follow your Life path, then all the fortune will fall in your lap before you would even ask for it. Focus on adding value to other’s life. Use whatever skills you have been adorned with to serve the world. This is the right path to rebuild your life. Such life will never disappoint you in the future.

10. Become a Thick Skin Person

Whether you are at the dark place, or have accomplished a lot in people, people are going to judge you anyway. They may make nasty comments, and talk about you badly in public. Remember that people act like this, and talk like this because of their own hard luck.

The criticism, and insult that they direct towards you is related to them and not you. It is important to develop thick skin and become compassionate for what they are doing. It is necessary to save your mental peace.

11. Take Good Care Of Yourself

You have survived from a very bad time that could even lead to suicide, or mental illness. Due to which you need to treat yourself well at this time. Pamper yourself by indulging in things that you would like such as eating an ice cream, watching a movie, getting a head massage, playing a video game, or a sport you love. It was only you who was there with you at such critical time, and will always be. So, take good care of yourself in the dark times more than the good times.

12. Be Bold And Take A Dive Into The Thick Of Life

Let go of all fears of failures, and limitations, and dive courageously into the thick of life. Make the most of every single moment that life gives you. Live a regret-free life. Start all over with a good feeling. Let every experience and interaction of yours is filled with peace, joy, love, fulfillment, and happiness.

13. Be Thankful To Your Own Self

After suffering from a massive blow, your self has been courageous enough to embark on a fresh journey, on a new adventure. Thank yourself for all the strength, bravery, confidence, and wisdom that you work with daily to rebuild your life once again.

14. Spend Energy Taking It Day By Day

You should not expect an overnight night. The real transformation is the result of small wins that happens over a period of time. From weeping every day, to not crying for one day could be win moment for you.

Later, you can start to feel better, and good about life, that is another small win. Getting a business proposal, or getting into a new relationship can be another win. In this way, you progress step by step in life and build your dream life.

15. Disconnect From People Who You Don’t Want In Your Life

Create distance from people who have brought immense unhappiness to you in the life. These are the people who have been unsupportive and want to hold you back from pursuing your dreams. Cut them off from your life. Surround only with positive people both in personal as well as business life.

16. Forgive All Those Who Have Wronged You

You may have people who would have wronged you. For whatever they have done, they will reap its fruits in the future. Your work is to forgive them so that you get freedom from them. Only then you can start afresh without any impression of the past.


Hope you have found this post on how to start a new life quite useful. Indeed, it is never late to become the one you have always wanted to be. In place of panicking, you should look at it as a new opportunity to develop a healthier, and stronger foundation. Do not give up. Set an example of courage, determination and mental strength to the world. The above ways will definitely motivate and empower you to take baby steps in the way of a new, delightful, and rewarding life.

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