OMG! How Beneficial Tea Tree Oil is for Beauty!

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for BeautyBenefits of Tea Tree Oil for Beauty

Your beauty closet might be filled with several hair oils such as Coconut oil, Amla (Indian Gooseberry) hair oil, Olive oil and so on. In cosmetic stores, we also find special oils meant for hair problems that comprised of many natural ingredients.

But have you ever shopped for a bottle of Tea Tree Oil to add to your beauty regime? If not, then this is the right time to do so. This is because tea tree oil offers amazing benefits to your skin and hair.

Tea tree enjoys an interesting history. The Aboriginal tribes in Australia used tea tree oil for healing cuts and injuries. The British were the first to witness the tribal people applying tea tree packs on skin to get rid of skin ailments. Gradually, it spread across the world and now it is available in the nearest cosmetic or medical store. Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for beauty are numerous. Lets explore them in a while.

In the market, we can now find face washes comprising of tea tree oil which promises us to get rid of oily skin and related problems. Similarly, we can find tea tree-based face creams, blemish correctors, anti-acne creams, toners, astringents, etc. Surprisingly, we can also find tea tree mouthwashes.


Though there are 100 ingredients in tea tree oil, let us study few of them.

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Cineole
  • Terpinen

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Skin Care

1. Beneficial for Oily Skin

One can find face washes with tea tree oil as the main ingredient. This face washes help in cleansing the face and removal of impurities in the least possible time. Though the cosmetic stores sell plentiful of these face washes, one can also apply few drops of tea tree oil to get immense benefits out of it.

2. Acne Treatment

Tea tree oil application is a wonderful acne treatment. If one is suffering from stubborn acne, then apply few dashes of tea tree oil on the affected areas. The acne will disappear within a few weeks. It is important to find the authentic tea tree oil in the cosmetic stores. We can find many brands, but finding the right one is a daunting task.

3. Reduces Zits

Do you have zits? You must be wondering what are zits. If you have small acne on your face along with pus inside it, then it is medically known as a zit. When the glands secrete excessive sebum or oil on the face, then this oil gets mixed with the dead skin cells. It blocks the pores to form zits. It is observed that people whose skin is prone to acne are likely to have zits too on their skin. Hence, be careful next time when you have eruptions on your skin.

Tea tree oil comes to your rescue as it fights against zits and reduces their appearance. All you need is to apply a dash or a drop of tea tree oil on the zits on regular basis and notice the difference. Your zit will soon disappear. We have a word of caution for you not to prick those zits with your fingers or any tool as it will cause severe harm to your face.

4. Reduces Skin Problems in Future

We always try to reduce our existing skin problems. What about the future skin eruptions? Can we prevent them? Yes, tea tree oil can help you in preventing future skin damage. It also reduces secretion of excessive oil or sebum by the skin. All these factors are useful for maintaining healthy skin in the future.

5. Reduces Burns and Rashes

Our skin is constantly exposed to sun rays that may cause severe sunburns or redness. We also tend to develop rashes because of sun exposure or any other reason. Wounds are painful and may cause swelling sometimes. Tea tree oil is an excellent tool for wounds, rashes or sunburns or any kind of burns. Just remember the Aboriginal tribes did not have antiseptic creams during those times. They applied tea tree oil or leaves that were loaded with antiseptic properties.

6. Pedicure

Tea tree oil is comprised of anti-fungal properties. It fights against fungus infections. One can use tea tree oil during pedicures. Our feet is also exposed to problems such as cracked feet, dry feet, ringworms, fungal infections, etc. Though we don’t take substantial care of our feet as compared to our face and body, we deserve a pedicure once or twice a month. In case your feet is having problems such as cracked heels or fungal infections, then a pedicure along with tea tree oil is necessary once a week. Simply add few dashes of tea tree oil in a bucket of warm water and immerse your feet into it. It is a perfect de-stress solution for your feet.

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7. Beauty for Men

We have so much beauty benefits of tea tree oil for women. Men too deserve to be taken care of. Hence, why not prepare an aftershave lotion for them? Tea tree oil soothes, heals wounds, and protects the skin from any kind of damage in the future. Even men are concerned about the skin eruptions and they too desire for a flawless and problem-free skin. Tea tree oil is also meant for them. In the case of razor cuts, tea tree oil can be applied.

Take a half bowl of cucumber juice and add few dashes of tea tree oil into it. This can be a perfect natural aftershave lotion that a man will definitely like! You need to prepare it fresh and not store it long in the refrigerator as it is comprised of cucumber.

8. Mouth Care

We have mouthwashes that are fortified with tea tree extract. You may also prepare it. But be careful while doing so. Mix 1 or 2 drops of tea tree oil with a glass of water and dilute the liquid. Rinse the mouth with it. In case you do not want to take any risks in preparing one, you are always free to pick a tea tree oil mouthwash from the stores.

9. Lip Care

Tea tree can also be used as a lip balm but use only one drop of it.

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Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Hair Care

1. Fights Against Dandruff

Tea tree oil is a natural remedy to reduce stubborn dandruff that leads you to an embarrassing situation. It also reduces dryness and itchiness of scalp by a regular application.

It is simple to use tea tree oil for hair. Take few drops of tea tree oil and massage it on scalp for at least 3-5 minutes. Your scalp will receive sufficient nourishment by its application. The special property of tea tree oil which is to reduce dryness will also work at this moment. Wash off your hair with a good shampoo. You may also use a conditioner for your hair. Repeat this simple hair treatment for a few weeks and notice the difference. Your scalp will become smooth and clear out of dandruff. You won’t get an itchy feeling by regular application of tea tree oil.

2. Accelerates Hair Growth

If tea tree oil is mixed with other essential oils such as olive oil, then it boosts hair growth. It is necessary to remember that you need only a few dashes of tea tree oil. While applying to hair for a longer time, blend it with other oil as its direct application is strong.

Thus, tea tree oil offers valuable benefits to our skin and hair. We need to incorporate it in our regular beauty regime. So, next time when you will go shopping for your beauty products, do not forget to add a bottle of tea tree oil in your cart.

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