Hey, Did You Know What Wonders Can Jasmine Do for Health and Beauty?

Uses of Jasmine for Health and Beauty!Uses of Jasmine for Health and Beauty!

The word ‘Jasmine’ is derived from the Persian Language which means ‘a fragrant flower’. Jasmine flower is known as ‘Queen of Flowers.’ These are white-coloured, scented flowers found during spring-summer season. A fragrance is the most significant aspect of Jasmine flower. It is widely used in aromatherapy and in scented products. Apart from this benefit, external application of Jasmine flowers also benefits one’s beauty. Since years, Jasmine is used in medicinal preparations to treat various ailments.

Just try this experiment. Take a Jasmine flower and smell its fragrance. It’s mesmerizing fragrance will immediately make you refreshed and pleasant. Your mind will go in a temporary but soothing state of mind. As per a scientific study, Jasmine releases certain chemicals in the brain that reduce depression and anxiety. Hence, smelling a Jasmine flower can relieve oneself from worries and depressive episodes. It might lead the depressed into another state of constructive action that is absolutely necessary to come out of depression. In this article we will explore some important uses of Jasmine for Health and Beauty.

The origin of Jasmine can be traced to the Song Dynasty in China during the 13th century. Surprisingly, it has become a recent trend in these days due to the acceptance by the Western countries. Jasmine tea is mixed with other kinds of tea such as green tea without the need of brewing it. It not only enhances the taste and aroma but also adds large quantities of anti-oxidants into it.

We have studied benefits of Jasmine’s aroma!  Let us understand whether drinking or consuming or applying Jasmine benefits one’s health or not.

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Jasmine Benefits for Health

1. Weight Loss: Jasmine for Your Extra Pounds!

Jasmine and weight loss? What’s the connection? The sweet taste and pleasant aroma of Jasmine tea can also help in shredding those extra pounds on one’s body. When a person drinks Jasmine tea, it increases metabolism of the body that leads to decrease in weight. The strategic point is that the jasmine tea smells and tastes better that green tea!

2. Calming Down Your Mind and Body

Just leave the depression for a while and think about a normal person? A layman goes through constant worries and stress. We need relaxation for a while. It is true that we can’t go to a spa every day for a refreshing treatment or head to a sandy beach every time for a stroll. But we can certainly have a cup of Jasmine tea to soothe our nerves, brain, mind and body cells for some time.

3. Other Health Benefits of Jasmine

It is observed that Jasmine helps in regulating insulin levels, blood pressure levels and reducing cough issues. It also reduces muscle pain, soreness and sprains. In earlier days, Jasmine oil was used for massaging on the affected painful areas. It improves the digestive process of the body and increases one’s appetite. It helps in working against muscle pain.

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Jasmine offers relief from cramps, spasms and congestion. It also promotes uterine health and its smooth functioning. It is useful for women after pregnancy and during the menopause periods.

It is said Jasmine also works for freeing a person from dangerous addictions and the resulting outcomes.

Apart from Jasmine flowers, leaves of the Jasmine tree are also used generously. The Jasmine leaves are beneficial to reduce a toothache, menstrual cramps, ear pain or problems, bleeding of gums, loose teeth, etc. We know that Neem (Indian Lilac) twigs are best for teeth related issues. However, Jasmine flowers can also work against these problems.

Simply grind few Jasmine leaves and add coconut or almond oil to it to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on the affected areas to get rid of pain or skin irritation.

4. Good Night’s Sleep

Applying Jasmine oil on the scalp helps in earning a sound sleep at night. It induces a person for a long, dreamless and peaceful sleep at night. People suffering some insomnia or sleeplessness either can’t fall asleep or wake up while sleeping at irregular intervals. Jasmine oil reduces such sleep-related concerns. Some people also snore during night, causing disturbance to the others. For them too, Jasmine oil is a better alternative. With a good night’s sleep, you will be more productive and cheerful the next day in the morning.

Jasmine for Skin Care

  • Loaded with antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, Jasmine flowers are excellent for protecting the skin from environmental damage. It creates a protective layer on the skin to fight against sun rays or pollutants.
  • Jasmine oil can be infused along with other natural ingredients or oils to promote immunity system of the skin and protect it from seasonal changes.
  • Jasmine has cleansing properties. If you cleanse your face with a cotton ball dipped in cool Jasmine tea, it can help in removing impurities, dirt, dust, etc. If you leave the same on the skin for a few minutes, it also offers moisture to the skin and keeps it hydrated. Jasmine oil blends nicely into the skin and the moisture gets locked into the skin in a perfect manner.
  • It is easy to prepare Jasmine cleanser and moisturizer in the most natural manner. Put Jasmine tea bag or Jasmine flowers into the water and boil it for some time. Make a Jasmine tea. Cool the tea to the room’s normal temperature. The tea absorbs all the essential nutrients in Jasmine tea bad and your natural cleanser-cum-moisturizer is ready for use!
  • If your skin is extremely dry and itchy, then apply Jasmine oil on it. The Jasmine will also increase the elasticity of the skin. Your skin won’t feel stretched.
  • Surprisingly, Jasmine also works against skin problems such as acne, blemishes, stretch marks, dark spots, wounds, acne scars, and freckles and so on. You can also apply Jasmine oil as a body oil to remove marks and moisturize the skin.
  • Fortified with Vitamin C content, Jasmine is used in aromatherapy on a wide scale. It has the capacities of releasing good emotions such as confidence, energy and hope that is much needed for a depressed person or a person with low morale or low confidence.

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Jasmine for Hair Care

  • Jasmine oil can be mixed with hair oils to increase the fragrance content. Also, Jasmine nourishes the skin. Instead of buying Jasmine-flavoured oils from the cosmetic stores that contain a tint of Jasmine fragrance or artificial aroma, one can opt for preparing natural Jasmine oil at home. If you are buying a Jasmine oil, then check whether it is authentic or go for organic products.
  • Mix Jasmine oil with organic coconut oil and massage it on scalp and hair for some time. Leave it for 1 hour. Coconut and Jasmine nourish the skin. Moreover, the Jasmine’s fragrance relieves you from stress and gives you a sound sleep at night.

Thus, the flower, Jasmine is truly beneficial for your mood, mind, and body in different ways. We have often seen the Jasmine flavoured hair oil in the market. We use it sometimes without understanding the real significance of the flower.

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Jasmine flowers are commonly seen in the gardens or at the flower vendors. As it is easy to plant and maintain Jasmine, you can also have it in your garden or indoors. It would be easy for you to pluck and use it in your skin and hair care routine on a regular basis.

Now as we have understood the positive effects of Jasmine for Health and Beauty. Due to its importance for our health, mind and body, we need to incorporate it in our daily regime!

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