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Keratin Treatment for Hair – Should You Go for It?

Some myths regarding Keratin treatment busted

1. Keratin is a treatment only for women having curly hair.

Fact: No. Keratin treatment can be carried out by any kind or texture of hair and concerns. It provides various benefits to the hair, keeps freeze away from the hair, and also reduces the styling time too.

2. One should avoid washing hair after the Keratin treatment.

Fact: It depends on the type of treatment you have done. If the treatment is carried out by the hair experts, they would ask you to avoid washing for around 5 days. However, if you have gone for a lighter version of the treatment, you can surely wash the hair afterward.

3. The effect after Keratin treatment would last for some weeks.

Fact: This basically relies on how you take care of your hair and treat it once the treatment is over. If proper care is taken of the hair, the effect is sure to last for months.

4. The treatment can be harmful to the hair.

Fact: No doubt, Keratin treatment comes with particular damages to the hair, however, compared to the other hair treatments, it is less harmful. The damage occurred can be worked up well with some additional care for the hair.

5. One shouldn’t go for Keratin treatment if you have colored the hair recently.

Fact: Keratin treatment is free from any kind of harmful chemicals. Hence, the treatment can be carried on colored hair also. Additionally, the treatment would help in locking the color for a long time.

Keratin Treatment for HairKeratin Treatment for Hair

Having attractive hair is surely the dream of everyone. Of course, who doesn’t wish to have that perfect looking hair with proper cuts, fine shinning, appropriate length, etc. However, due to several factors like pollution in the air, changes in the seasons, chemical-based products, constant experiments, etc., most of them now experience unhealthy hair. Dullness, thin hair texture, hair fall, frizzy hair, etc. is what many of us today are experiencing. And hence, in this situation, having that perfect swishing hair is surely a boon. But now, it is quite possible to have the hair you have been dreaming of.

The beauty industry has come up with astonishing developments that have made this possible. And Keratin treatment is among the developments that are sure to give you desired results. There are many people who have gone through the Keratin treatment and are enjoying that silky flow in their hair as they always wanted.

But what is this Keratin hair treatment? Is it safe? Should you go for it? If these are the questions disturbing you, you are on the right page. Through this piece of information, today, we shall learn about Keratin treatment and try to get an answer for whether you should go for it or not.

What is Keratin?

A simple answer to this is that Keratin is a kind of protein that is present in your hair naturally. This protein is primarily responsible for the natural shine your hair comes with. However, due to several reasons like pollution, exposure to the sun, use of chemical products, and much more, the keratin in your hair gets washed-out, as a result of which your hair looks dry, damaged, and dull. Hence, a keratin treatment is nothing but providing your hair with the protein that it has lost in the form of supplements.

What does the Keratin treatment do to your hair?

As mentioned above, Keratin treatment is basically adding protein to your hair in the form of treatment. When the treatment is carried out, keratin is added to the hair in an artificial form which returns the lost shine and smoothness to the hair back. It makes the hair free from any kind of roughness or frizz. The treatment fills the porous spots which have been materialized because of keratin loss in your hair. It works on the excessively porous hair which leads to breakage, tangles, and frizz. Hence, the keratin treatment is reconstructing the hair and refilling the protein back in the strands.

What is to be expected from the Keratin treatment?

The first thing people have noticed after getting the treatment is smooth and silky hair. The treatment is not similar to any other treatments like rebonding or straightening. You don’t need to cut out the hair completely, compromise with the volume, deal with split ends, or even get the roots curly. Keratin treatment would work similarly to a strong hair conditioner that deeply conditions that hair from its roots.

After the treatment, the hair would be frizz-free, shiny, and quick to manage. Again, for the people having too curly hair, the results may be slightly different with less curly hair. When the treatment is carried on with wavy hair, the results would be polished and straight hair. Hence, the treatment provides definite results depending on the hair structure or texture you are already holding. But you also need to know that the smoothness and shine are also sure to vanish slowly after some months.

What are the benefits of Keratin treatment?

For learning whether the treatment is good for your hair or not, it is important to go through the benefits and damage it causes to the hair. So, here are the benefits of Keratin treatment.

1. Aptness

The first benefit of the list is that the treatment is suitable for every kind of hair. Whether you are having rough, curly, wavy, or even colored hair, the treatment is surely going to give you those straight, shining, and smooth hair you have always wanted. However, the results may vary according to hair texture.

2. Safety from damages

Compared to other hair treatments like straightening, relaxing, etc., keratin treatment doesn’t provide you with any kind of lasting damage to the hair. Also, after a particular time period, you are sure to get your original hair texture back which basically depends on how you care for your hair after the treatment. Hence, it is one of the safest treatments for flawless hair.

3. Makes styling easy

This is true. When your hair is given any treatment, it becomes easy for you to style it with different hair looks. Keratin treatment eliminates the requirement of heating the hair, using straighteners, or any other creams or products for getting it dressed. Hence, it also protects your hair from any chemical damage.

4. Long-lasting and effective

Keratin treatment gives you beautiful hair texture for a long period of time, which can be around 3 months. Again, the after-treatment look depends on the hair texture you had, but the treatment is surely effective for any kind of hair texture. If proper care is taken after the treatment, the results are sure to last long.

5. Requires less maintenance

Once you have gone through the keratin therapy, you don’t need to look for after-care creams or products. The treatment reduces the maintenance time and cost to a great extent. You also don’t have to look for hair products that are free from sulfate to get long-term results. Hence, it requires minimal maintenance.

These are some of the benefits you are sure to enjoy once you have gone through the keratin treatment from a professional hair expert.

What are the weak points / drawbacks of Keratin treatment?

Just as every therapy has possible weak points, keratin treatment also comes with some disadvantages. Here is the list.

1. Provides with artificial keratin

Keratin is a natural protein that is found in the hair, nails, and teeth. However, the therapy would fill the hair porous with keratin that is artificial. Using artificial keratin can be quite irritating for the eyes and the skin too. So, it is better to learn about the possible side effects of keratin treatment before going with it.

2. Money Money Money!

No doubt, keratin treatment reduces the maintenance charges to some extent, the treatment itself is quite expensive. Again, after the treatment, the hair specialist might suggest you use hair products that are free from sulfate, which again is slightly costly compared to the normal products. Hence, you need to be prepared with the finances before the treatment.

3. Short-term

Once you have gone through the keratin treatment, you don’t have to rest for the next 3 months. Even after taking proper care of your hair post-treatment, you might need to see your hair specialist for maintaining straight hair and its smoothness after around 2 months. If avoided, your hair might turn out to be curly and frizzy again.

4. Damage risk

No doubt, a keratin treatment is carried out with chemicals that are effective and safe for use, you still need to look for an expert stylist for getting the treatment done in a safe and secure way for you. If the stylist doesn’t have any mastery for the treatment, it can result in too much exposure to heat, the use of excess harmful chemicals, etc. that would damage the hair texture.

5. Say NO! If you are pregnant

Keratin treatment is surely not good for you if you are expecting. This can come with an adverse impact on the health of the pregnant woman as well as can be dangerous for the fetus’s health also. The treatment is inclusive of formaldehyde which is basically not good during pregnancy.

These are henceforth some of the loops falls of Keratin treatment.

Final Verdict – Should you go for Keratin Treatment?

After learning about the keratin procedure properly, and going through the pros and cons of the same, it can be determined that compared to other hair treatments, a keratin treatment is one of the appropriate ways of turning the damaged, wavy and curly hair to straight, smooth and shiny hair in an artificial way. However, considering the possible risks related to the treatment, it is advised to look for a well-trained and expert in the field for the treatment to reduce the chances of any kind of damages during or after the treatment. Again, if you are having a hair texture that is moderately straight, you can surely avoid this treatment. Also, before going for the treatment it is better to have a proper consultation with the expert regarding your hair to learn about post-treatment effects according to your hair texture.

So, when are you planning for the keratin treatment? Have you already experienced the treatment? Share with us your experiences.

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  • My best friend has been modeling since we were in college. Due to different styling methods used on her hair, it already has a lot of damage. It's good to know that keratin has long-term results, which is why it does not require much maintenance on her curly hair. Hopefully, we can find a good salon that offers affordable keratin treatment.

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