Uses and Benefits of Holy Basil or Tulsi!

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Uses of Holy Basil or Tulsi

Basil is an amazing herb that is used to cure numerous ailments. It is known for its therapeutic properties. This plant has religious importance in Hindu homes. They preserve this plant and worship it. It is grown for centuries in Hindu households.

The scientific name for this plant is Ocimum sanctum. It has purple inconspicuous flowers. It is an aromatic shrub that has air purifying properties. Each part of this plant is used in some or other form to make medicines and other therapeutic drugs.

Holy basil has vitamin a and vitamin c along with calcium and iron. There is no fat globule present in this herb. It is highly safe to consume and can be taken by people of any age group.

So, let us read the benefits of this plant –

Health Benefits of Holy Basil or Tulsi

1. Reduces anxiety

There is an array of benefits in consuming the leaves of this wonder herb. It removes anxiety and stress because it has a natural adaptogen which benefits to reduce stress. It balances the mood of the person and increases the endurance and immunity of the person.

The herb also contains rosmarinic acid and carnosic acid that helps to protect the cells by combating free radicals in the body.

2. Controls blood sugar

This herb has a positive impact on reducing the insulin level of the diabetic person. There are studies that have proved that the consumption of this wonderful herb has a natural effect on sugar levels of the body. The holy basil has eugenol essential oil.

It improves the health effects of the diabetic patient. If a diabetic patient who is not dependent on insulin, takes 3-4 leaves daily, he may have a balanced blood sugar level in four weeks.

3. Good for heart patients

It is beneficial for the heart also. The studies have found that holy basil lowered the levels of cholesterol in heart patients. The herb strengthens the cardiovascular system of the body. People with high blood pressure can consume leaves of basil and have regulated blood pressure.

4. Improvement in Sleep and Brain Activity

When the leaves of holy basil are taken before going to bed as a routine, the sleep pattern improves. People who have a problem in getting good nights sleep should try this method. It is natural and healthy.

Also, the brain function is improved when an extract of this herb is given. It improves brain functioning and increases memory power. The learning ability of the brain is boosted up on taking small doses of

holy basil regularly. There is an enzyme in this plant that reduces the oxidation of the cells. The neurons of the brain are protected from early damage with these enzymes.

5. Natural mouth freshener

Bad breath is a real health issue. The people who have experienced bad breadth in themselves and other people use chemical chewing gums. Holy basil is a natural way to eliminate the bad germs which cause an oral smell. So, it gives good breadth and keeps the teeth healthy.

6. Soothes Earaches

When there is the pain in the ear, it is advisable to put a drop of the holy basil juice works wonders on the pain. It soothes the earache. It is helpful in removing other ear ailments also. This natural medicine can treat the ear problem in just a home available natural drug.

7. Relieve Headaches

he most known benefit of holy basil is to treat headaches. Humans face stress and other diseases that cause pain in the head. Ayurvedic practitioners have been found to stress the use of holy basil in reducing headaches.

The herb has a property to reduce all the doshas of the human body. It relieves the tension that is caused due to normal routine life. So, consume 4-5 leaves of holy basil daily and release all the head related tension.

The fresh juice of holy basil leaves is known for centuries to reduce fever. Its concoction was given for this condition by our grandparents. This especially boosts the immune system of a human body. the study has proved that basil can treat malarial patients also.

The chemical eugenol has insecticidal properties that kill the larvae of mosquito. So, it protects from malarial infection and keeps the fever at bay.

8. Keeps stomach in good condition

The stomach may get a lot of ailments due to different types of food that are consumed. Ancient ayurvedic science has found that holy basil has some components which benefit in the digestion of the food.

The digestive juices are enhanced with the consumption of these leaves. Ulcers and other gastric ailments are found to have reduced with the use of basil juice.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, our skin is the home of numerous pathogens. They survive on the skin and sometimes these bacteria cause skin infections. So, the use of tulsi soap or herbal anti-acne gel can be used to reduce skin blemishes and various skin diseases.
A combination of holy basil, tea tree oil, and hibiscus powder can be used to treat many skin conditions. They are antibacterial in nature.

The holy basil is considered as a boon for diminishing eyesight. It has been used traditionally for ages to treat eye problems like glaucoma, conjunctivitis, and cataracts.

According to a study, eye drops made from an extract of holy basil are beneficial in repairing many eye deformities. The extract is known to have antifungal, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. The itching and reddening are also reduced when the eye is treated with this extract.

So, learning about all these amazing benefits and applying these in your life will certainly have positive effects on your life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Benefits of Holy Basil or Tulsi

1. What are the side effects of Holy Basil of Tulsi?

The use of basil may trigger some spasms in the human body. sometimes loss of appetite is also observed in some patients.

2. Can basil leaves be eaten raw?

Basil leaves are eaten raw only. It is not required to warm or cook it.

3.Can holy basil be used for the eyes related deformities?

Basil extracts are used in eye drops and are beneficial in repairing many eye deformities.

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