What are the Health Benefits Of Queens Flower Plant?

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Queen’s flower is a deciduous tree that is mainly cultivated in Asian countries Sri Lanka and India, though it is grown in many other south Asian nations. It is also popularly called as Jarul. This herb has been used by our ancestors in the preparation of folk medicines. The therapeutic benefits of its bark, stem, roots, leaves, and flowers are also mentioned in the Ayurveda.

As per the Hindu mythology, when a person prays to Lord Brahma, it causes these flowers to bloom. This brings prosperity to the house. Due to this reason, Hindus consider it as a sacred plant. Queen’s flower is also touted for its exemplary abilities that curb the increased blood glucose levels and regulate blood pressure levels. Its benefits are endless. Read on to learn more about health benefits of Queens Flower.

About Queen’s Flower

The scientific name for the Queen’s flower is Giant Crape Myrtle and Banaba. It is a rare species and belongs to the cactus class. It is a flowering tree that is cultivated in various parts of Asia. This includes India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, China and Myanmar. This tree flourishes in warm and temperate climates. It grows best in semi-clayey and loamy soils.

This tall flowering tree has an uneven and scaly bark. Its leaves have a unique oblong shape. The flowers are known for their brightness. They come in lilac, mauve-pink, or pink color. The tree bears berry-like fruits whose color ranges from lime green to pale green in colour. It has a soft fleshy outer layer and tiny seeds.

Medicinal Applications and Benefits Of Queens Flower

The queen’s flower possesses innumerable health benefits. It is rich in nutrients tannin, Lagerstroemin, corosolic acid, ellagitannin, etc. in them which are very useful for human beings. The different parts of the plant are used in several folk medicines.  They are commonly used to treat a broad range of health issues, the most common ones being urinary issues, constipation, kidney trouble and diarrhea.

1. Controls Sugar levels in the blood

Diabetes is increasing at a rapid pace in the world. It is commonly seen in men and women people of all ages. This health condition can result in several other health complications. One of the best ways to manage diabetes is to keep your glucose level under check. Queens flower herb is a safe and natural way of healing. It works as a potent weapon in balancing blood glucose levels.

It serves as a remarkable anti-diabetic supplement. It is widely available in the form of a capsule or liquid form. It contains a potent compound called corosolic acid that enables your body to metabolize insulin effectively. This compound is derived from the bark, leaves and fruit of the tree. This makes it an all-natural insulin replacement. The older leaves and ripe fruits have more amount of corsolic acid compared to younger fruits, and leaves.

The herb effectively controls the blood sugar levels of the body. It helps in breaking down sugar and carbohydrates in the body. It facilitates the excretion of excess sugar from the body. The leaves of Queen’s flower contain Ellagitannin that works like insulin in the body. In this way, Queen’s flowers serve as an effective solution to diabetes.

As Queen flower is a natural treatment, you should not expect to seek immediate results from it. You need to be regular in its consumption and should consume the right dose to yield desired results. Therefore, drink the concoction of its dried leaves or eat the fruit to keep the blood glucose levels under control.

2. Helps Cure Diarrhea

Queens Flower Leaves Helps Relieve Diarrhea

Light infusions or decoctions of the fresh or dried leaves may be employed for the cure of diarrhea. It offers a good amount of relief from severe pain, bleeding and cramps associated with this condition. The concoction of leaves, bark and flowers can be consumed to treat several stomach complaints from dyspepsia to colic and loose bowel movement. Consuming the decoctions for a few days helps get rid of stomach issues.

3. Treat Urinary Issues

A lot of people suffer from urinary tract infections. The root of the queen flower is largely used in the preparation of folk medicines. A decoction made from jarul leaves and roots is effective in the treatment of urinary disorders such as renal inflammations and dysuria.

It is beneficial in the cure and prevention of hyperuricemia. In this condition, the levels of uric acid abnormally rise in the blood. This becomes life-threatening at times. The leaves and flowers of this wonder plant heal the condition and help maintain healthy levels of uric acid.

4. Benefits of Queens Flower to Prevent Constipation

Queen flower helps cure a variety of stomach conditions. It has plenty of dietary fibers that smoothens bowel movements. They are beneficial for the stomach as well as the liver. People who suffer from constipation should include the different parts of the tree in the diet. A concoction made from the leaves, flowers, and bark of the tree is beneficial to get relief from hard stools.s

5. Helps Prevent Hypertension

Queen’s flower is beneficial to control hypertension. This valuable herb helps bring down the high blood pressure levels in the body. It eases hypertension and various other health conditions.

6. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Queen’s flower is a potent natural remedy to reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the body. It guards against the heart from myocardial infarction and arteriosclerosis.

7. Possess Remarkable Anti-inflammatory Properties

Queen’s flower serves as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. The corsolic acid present in it makes it a natural treatment choice for different types of anti-inflammatory conditions in the body. The leaves of the tree have the ability to destroy the free radicals in the body. It gives relief from arthritis, joint pains, muscle pains, cancer, and delays aging signs too.

8. Works As A Powerful Diuretic

Queen’s flower is beneficial for the kidneys and helps in the normal functioning of kidney ailments and kidney stones. The combination of the bark and flowers of the Queen’s flower acts as a potent diuretic. When you consume it in stronger concentrations, it serves as a purgative agent. It can omit the flowers and leaves and treat kidney problems, fevers, and a wide range of urinary issues.

These flowers have diuretic properties that help in the treatment of high fever. A concoction of water and the root of the plant when drunk three times a day lowers the body temperature.

9. Helps Treat Sore Throat

A decoction prepared from the roots, seeds, and the dried fruits of the queen’s flower serves as a beneficial mouthwash. It assists in the treatment of painful mouth sores, aphthous stomatitis, sore throat, and halitosis.

10. Acts As A Sedative

Queen flower is a popular therapeutic plant and a beneficial herb. The large seeds of it exhibit mild narcotic properties. Prepare a concoction using the powdered, and dried form of these seeds. This concoction helps treat apthae. In addition to the medicinal benefits of Queen’s flowers, the wood of this tree is also beneficial to prepare building, firewood and furniture.

11. Aphthous Stomatitis

Aphthous Stomatitis has become very common these days. It is also called as the canker sore. It is characterized as painful red coloured blisters that appear on the edges of cheeks and tongue. They also have inflammation in them. To a larger extent, the condition looks similar to mouth ulcers. It pains a lot and requires instant treatment.

A person who suffers from Aphthous Stomatitis feels burning sensations. Gargling with the fruits and roots of the plant on a daily basis helps in quick recovery. Boil the roots and flowers of the plant in water till the total amount reduces to half. Let the solution cool down a little. While it is luke-warm, swish your mouth and do gargle with this solution two to three times a day. You will begin to see a reduction in the intensity of ulcers in just a few days.

12. Helps Lower High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, if not managed, can become the reason for hypertension, heart attack and stroke in a person. Queen flower shows incredible antidote attributes that make it beneficial in reducing the high levels of blood pressure in your body. This herb positively impacts the body by bringing down dangerously high levels of blood pressure to a healthy state.

Here is the procedure to use the Queen’s flower to treat high blood pressure. Take a few dry queen flower leaves. Soak them in water overnight. On the next day, boil the solution until the amount reduces to half. Strain it and add 4-5 drops of honey to make the drink palatable. Consume it three to four times a day to see a visible difference in your blood pressure levels.

13. Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Queen’s flower promotes heart health in various ways. It reduces the bad cholesterol levels and controls the level of triglyceride in the body. It also protects your heart from any infraction. The leaves of the flower are effective in the treatment of blockages in the arteries.

It works similar to the complex bypass surgery and angioplasty treatments without causing any side effects. The above surgical methods give temporary results. After a few years, the body begins to deposit cholesterol in the heart and that can again give rise to heart problems.

In the case of Queen flower, if you consume its leaves regularly, then it will serve as a permanent solution for blockages. Drink two cups of tea prepared from the dried queen flower leaves. It will lessen the accumulation of cholesterol in your arteries. This simple remedy if you perform consistently will keep your heart safe and prevent future heart diseases. It will maintain your cardiovascular health too.

14. Exhibits Anti–Cancerous Properties

Cancer is one of the life-threatening diseases. This painful and critical ailment disease can result in death. Chemotherapy is one of the popular and highly expensive treatments. A majority of the cancer patients aren’t capable to tolerate its side effects.

Queen flower is a potent inflammatory agent. It possesses remarkable anti-cancer and anti-tumour properties. Consumption of its extract effectively destroys cancer-causing free radicals in the body. In this way, the herb helps treat cancer safely and naturally.

The corsolic acid present in the herb’s leaves serves as a natural treatment to treat various kinds of cancer. Studies have proved the efficacy of Queen’s flower in the successful treatment of hepatic, blood cancer and breast cancer. As it is a natural treatment, it would need a few months for complete healing. You should be disciplined and consistent in your approach.

15. Benefits of Queens Flower for Weight Loss

Excess weight is the cause of several health issues such as diabetes, heart ailment etc. If you are obese or overweight and looking to shed excess weight from the body, then try Queen flower. This is a natural weight loss supplement that helps maintain healthy body weight safely.

The extract of the leaves of the Queen flower helps promote gradual weight loss. You can add a few other weight loss ingredients to make the remedy more effective. The addition of green tea, and caffeine to the leaves’ extract will boost metabolism and keeps the appetite within control.

It will lower hunger pangs and prevent frequent eating. When you eat fewer calories, it will help shed fat and lose body weight quickly and naturally. You will begin to notice visual weight reduction in a week.

Here is the simplest procedure to use Queen flower for weight management:

  1. Take one teaspoon of dried leaves of queen flower. Now add it to one cup of boiling water.
  2. Allow the mixture to simmer for around ten minutes.
  3. Add a teaspoon of green tea to the mixture. Let it boil for two more minutes.
  4. Strain the solution. Your herbal weight loss drink is ready. Drink it two times a day to see effective results.


Queen flower is therapeutic in nature. It is found in several parts of India and the world. Almost every part of the tree offers medicinal benefits. The bark, root, fruit, leaves, flowers, and seeds have distinct curative properties that are employed as medicines. They offer a wide range of health benefits. The rich nutritional composition helps ward off a majority of the ailments naturally. Always consult your Ayurveda doctor to learn the right way to consume it.

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