Powerful Fennel Tea Benefits You Must Know!

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An aromatic fragrance and sweet taste is how we can describe the Fennel Tea! If you are aware, fennel is one of the common and frequently used flavoring ingredients in Italian cuisine. This amazing plant is used in various countries in different ways as a food. The refreshing fennel tea has numerous benefits and can make your body healthy with each sip!  Few important Fennel Tea benefits are –

  • Fennel Tea Helps Weight Loss
  • Improves Digestion
  • Helps women During Menstrual issues
  • Helps reduce respiratory problems
  • Makes Heart Stronger
  • Takes care of eyesight
  • Strengthens Immune System

The freshly brewed fennel tea is such a magical ingredient which you can consume daily and stay active for your entire life. If you are addicted to tea and want a healthy option which tastes heavenly and also can protect you from various diseases, fennel tea is the best option to consider. A cup of this tea would change your life and make you feel energetic and refreshing all the daylong.

Here is everything you need to know about the fennel tea!

Powerful Fennel Tea Benefits

1. For Improving Digestion

  • Gas, bloating, upset stomach and such digestive system issues are efficiently battled with fennel tea.
  • The anti-oxidants and elements in fennel tea makes it ideal for fighting the digestive system issues.
  • To improve the bowel movements and also to improve the digestive system you can drink a cup of fennel tea daily while making your body healthy!
  • Generally irritated bowel can cause stomach pain diarrhea, constipation which signifies that your digestive system isn’t working properly and needs some effective natural treatment! Try fennel tea and make aid all your digestive system issues!

2. For Weight Loss

  • Fennel seeds are amazing and the tea prepared from these herbal ingredients can aid metabolism and get you a svelte body!
  • This amazing tea with anti oxidants and fat cutting properties would fight issues like cellulite, fat storage; water retention and get help you in losing weight quickly!
  • If you are on a diet plan, you must consider drinking fennel tea which would help you to lose weight fast and keep your body fat free
  • Fennel tea aids hunger and this would allow absorption of the essential nutrients from the food you consume
  • Thus, for a healthy body and slim figure, go for this refreshing tea!

3. To Repair Respiratory Issues

  • While you catch cold and cough, there are other various respiratory issues you would face fennel tea is one of the widely sued formula to treat these respiratory issues.
  • This herb helps in treating the mucous formation which can affect breathing and respiratory system.
  • Also it acts as an awesome cleanser for the respiratory tract and thus would simply keep all the disease and concerns far away!
  • Thus to melt down the clogged respiratory system, sip a cup of refreshing fennel tea daily and feel awesome!

4. Boosts Immune System

  • Immune system is one of the core and effective systems which drive the human body. It protects the body from various diseases while ensuring the health of body!
  • Fennel tea is filled with anti-oxidants and useful minerals which can fight disease and keep the body cells active
  • This amazing vitamin C rich tea can fight various cells and bacteria which cause disease and prevent would them from affecting your body.
  • With anti oxidants and anti bacteria properties, this tea would fight all the bacteria causing various disease in your body.
  • The basic disease caused by viral infections like fever, cold, cough etc can be healed using this tea!
  • Thus, every morning sip a cup of fennel tea and gift yourself a healthy body!

5. To Brighten Up The Eyes And To Fight Bagginess

  • I remember waking up with those baggy and swollen eyes after a long work session. This is a common condition when the eyes get baggy due to lack of sleep, over working, infections etc.
  • Fennel tea is one of the magical ingredient which can fight such swollen and baggy eyes.
  • The fennel tea is filled with refreshing properties and anti oxidants which can make your skin feel fresh and blissful.
  • Also, various eye infections are treated with this cool tea in a short span of time!
  • Get some fennel tea bags or you can apply fennel tea on your eyes with a cotton ball.
  • Apply this 2-3 times a day and all your eye infections, swelling bagginess, puffiness would go away!

6. For Improved Hormonal Balance

  • Hormones are the driving force of human body. The way a person behaves, grows and looks is the result of various hormones in the body!
  • For proper functioning of the body, your hormonal levels must be balanced
  • Several diseases caused due to hormonal imbalance can be battled using this awesome tea!
  • From sleeping, hair growth, immune system strengthening, the hormones perform lots of essential tasks which can be activated by this amazing tea!
  • Proper balance of hormones can make your body grow properly and make your body function as desired. Thus, this refreshing drink is a key to balanced hormones and a healthy body!

7. To Relieve Arthritis Pain

  • Arthritis pain is caused due to inflammation in the joints which can be cured using this tea.
  • Studies show that people suffering from inflammation and joint pain can get relieved by consuming this amazing drink.
  • The reasons behind successful benefits of fennel tea over arthritis are the anti oxidants and soothing properties in this herbal ingredient.
  • Fennel tea helps in strengthening the joints and muscles of the body which can prevent inflammation.
  • Thus, if you are suffering from arthritis, drink this soothing tea after consulting your doctor and get awesome results!

8. To Heal Menstrual Pain

  • Since eras, this amazing tea is used in treating the menstrual issues like cramps and bleeding problems
  • Generally, the reason of cramps during menstrual cycle is the result of low blood flow. The fennel tea can secret thyroid glands which would probably get you a proper blood flow.
  • This cool and soothing herbal tea can also fight issues related to menstrual cramps like abdominal pain, bleeding issues, nausea with efficiency!
  • Thus, sooth your muscles and get relief in during your menstrual period while sipping this delicious tea!

9. To Stop Heartburn And Acidity

  • Acid reflux, heart burn, acidity are the conditions which can make you feel horrible in the middle of the night or sometimes all the daylong!
  • If you consume foods which are heavy to digest, oily and extremely spicy, your gastrointestinal tract gets affected. The stomach acid gets released which can cause these issues.
  • Also, alcohol, smoking and carbonated beverages can cause heartburns and acid reflux which can be treated with fennel tea.
  • This drink has antimicrobial properties which can sooth your body while killing the bacteria.
  • Chilled fennel tea can get you an awesome soothing experience and make you feel immensely relaxed!
  • Thus, whenever you suffer from acid reflux or heartburn, try consuming little fennel tea and battle these issues quickly!

We will see here how tea leaves can be used for health and beauty

10. To Strengthen The Heart

  • Looking for some high impact heart strengthening benefits? Go for fennel tea daily and you would simply get all those benefits.
  • Fennel tea is filled with rich minerals, anti oxidants and soothing properties which any herbal tea does have. This makes it immensely beneficial for the heart.
  • Fennel tea can get the cholesterol levels in your blood low which would in turn make your heart free from various risks like strokes and heart attacks.
  • The nutrients in this tea would simply help in fighting the bacteria which can damage the blood vessels and cause serious heart issues.
  • This fiber and nutrient rich tea would keep your heart young, fresh and healthy as never before!

11. As An Amazing Detox Ingredient

  • Detoxification is the process of throwing out all the impurities and dirt from your body.
  • Various ingredients are used to detoxify the body and to clean it for regular functioning of your body.
  • Fennel tea is an amazing herbal option which can cleanse your body and boost immunity.
  • This amazing tea is filled with rich minerals, finer and anti oxidants which can cleanse everything from your digestive tract to your various body organs through the detoxification process.
  • Sometimes if you feel bloated and heavy in your stomach, this is the reason of digestive issues. A cup of fennel tea can heal such issues efficiently.
  • Fennel tea produces lots of urine and throws out all the impurities and toxic substances out of the body.
  • This can help in conditions such as kidney stone issues, damaged liver, common chronic disease, etc.
  • Thus, strengthen your liver and body with this cool detox ingredient which tastes heavenly!

12. As A Soothing And Cooling Herbal Spice In Summer

  • Fennel seeds are amazing when it comes to summers! Filled with soothing properties, this tea would never fail to make you feel cool and refreshing in hot temperatures.
  • A cup of chilled and refreshing fennel tea can fight various digestive issues and give you relaxation in acidity!
  • People love to consume this soothing tea in summers as it can lower the effect of heat and hot temperature on your body
  • For oral hygiene and to stay fresh and active all the day long, go for this delicious tea and get numerous benefits!

Other Common Benefits Of Fennel Tea

  • If you have bad breath issues, drink some fennel tea and get refreshing breath. Bad breath is sometimes due to digestive system disorders which can be treated while drinking fell tea!
  • Fennel tea is an amazing ingredient which is considered to prevent cancer naturally!
  • Fennel tea can solve all your gum related issues.
  • For lactating mothers, this team can produce more milk and make the baby feel full with nutrition!
  • Fennel tea is considered to have amazing impacts over memory and brain functioning.
  • Consumption of fennel tea can brighten up your vision and make your eyes stronger!

How to Make The Delicious and Healthy Fennel Tea?

Here is the cool recipe of refreshing fennel tea which has amazing benefits on your body. Drink a cup of this tea everyday or whenever you face any of the trouble given above and get awesome results soon!

Ingredients –

Water, fennel seeds, green tea bags, lemon juice, honey

Recipe –

  • Get 2 spoons of fennel seeds and crush them in the grinder.
  • In a pan, keep 2 cups water for boiling.
  • Pour the water into a cup.
  • Add fennel powder, tea bag, honey and lemon juice in this water.
  • Let this mixture set for 5-10 minutes, strain and drink.
  • Daily drink this super healthy and beneficial tea to fight various bodily issues and to stay fit!

Some Caution

Though fennel tea is an amazing and healthy drink which you can consume daily, it can have some side effects of various people. There are people who are allergenic to fennel seeds and can get into trouble while using this tea. Thus, if you are suffering from any disease, we suggest consulting your doctor before staring the fennel tea on regular basis!

After knowing about all the benefits of this magical drink, you would surely love to try some! This is a widely used spice in India to battle summer temperature effects on the body and also for a healthy life! Try drinking this refreshing drink and fill your body with all the essential nutrients everyday!

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