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Hair Wash Tips : How to Wash Your Hair Right Way?

Hair Wash TipsHair Wash Tips

Hair wash is very important ritual in your hair care regime. Not everyone is aware of right way to wash hair and end up with poor and unhealthy hair in long run.

Isn’t it true that your hair feels and look amazing after you come back from a salon? You might be wondering, what did those professionals do to make hair silky, beautiful, and shiny? Here is the answer. They have used the right hair washing technique that not just gave you the best cleaning, but also promoted hair health. So, in this article, we are going to discuss beneficial tips and secrets that go into a well-executed shampooing process.

Reasons for Regular Hair Wash

There are several reasons why you need to wash your hair regularly.

1. Sweaty Hair

Your scalp and hair get sweaty when you exercise, perform any intense physical activity, or spend time under the sun. This accumulation of sweat can clog your hair follicles and prevent them to grow. Furthermore, the sweat contains DHT hormone that will bind itself to the hair follicles and lead to hair loss. This makes it very important to keep your scalp clean.

2. Sebum on the Scalp

It is natural for sebum/natural oil to produce on the scalp to keep it moist and hydrated. However, in some people, the scalp produces excess sebum that makes their hair greasy. This over secretion of sebum production can lead to hair and scalp issues.

In that case, it becomes important to wash your hair using cold water once daily. It will help in keeping it free and clean from the grease. Sebum is the natural oil secreted from the skin.  Limit the use of chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners as their constant application can dry the skin and this will lead the scalp to produce more sebum to maintain a balance.

3. Presence of Cosmetics

If you use hair cosmetics, you need to ensure regular cleaning of your head. Hair cosmetics contain chemicals that when not washed can cause harm to your hair and scalp. These cosmetics can penetrate the scalp while you sleep and clog the pores on the skin. In addition to regular cleaning, use them in moderation. Prefer natural and herbal cosmetics as they are safer than synthetic ones.

Tips for Hair Wash : How to Wash Your Hair

1. Hair Wash, How Often? Avoid Washing Your Hair Daily

Should you wash your hair everyday?” – This question is asked by many women. When it comes to hair washing, hair experts recommend alternate day washing in place of daily washing. This goes for all types of hair. It is because the hair has a tendency to produce more oil/sebum when you wash them frequently.

This can increase oiliness on the scalp and makes it prone to catching infections. So, the correct strategy for hair washing is to limit the hair washing frequency to three times a week.

2. Apply Oil To Your Hair Before You Shampoo Them

Oiling is a good practice to retain the moisture content in the hair. It is suggested to apply coconut oil, mustard oil, or olive oil two to three hours before you wash your hair. The application of oil will make a protective layer on your hair strands that will, in turn, prevent the harsh chemicals and ingredients of shampoo from stripping natural oils from it.

There is another benefit of oil massage before you wash your hair. It opens up the pores, removes toxins, enhances blood circulation, and elevates mood. So, with these benefits, it makes it important to include this basic pre-shampooing treatment in your hair cleaning routine.

Method of oiling: Start from the root level and then massage it to the top. Also, note that you need to be gentle while doing massage. Use gentle circular movements of your finger to massage your scalp. Do it only for five to ten minutes and not beyond that.

3 Untangle Your Hair

There is one more thing that you need to do before you wash your hair i.e., removing all knots from the hair. This is necessary to do before hair wash because untangling the knots can be hard once your hair gets wet. Also, wet hairs are weak and prone to damage and breakage.

So, combing your hair to ease the knots at this time can be difficult. Brushing the hair from the roots to the tip also helps boost blood flow in the scalp. It will prevent blockage in pores, split ends, and lessen hair fall too.

4. Do A Gentle Rinse

So, now that you are done with the pre-shampooing treatment, it is now the time, to begin with, the actual hair wash process. Before applying the shampoo, rinse your hair for some time. Make them wet completely.

Let all your hair get completely soaked in water. Use normal or luke-warm water for this step. If you have dry hair, avoid treating your hair with hot water as it will make it even drier. Scalding hot water can even burn your scalp and hair roots. Luke-warm water is ideal as it softens the hair strands. It also helps opens up the hair cuticles, and skin pores to facilitate the removal of dirt and extra oil from it.

Luke-warm water allows the shampoo and conditioner to penetrate deeper into the skin. In this way, it increases the absorption of the product’s nutrients in your hair and scalp.  This way, you get better cleaning, nourishment, and moisturization. It helps the shampoo to spread evenly and reduces its requirement too.

While you rinse your hair, ensure that you allow the water to gently flow through the hair. Do not be in a hurry and begin rubbing your fingers fast over the hair/scalp. You may rub your hair but with a soft hand.

5. Use Luke Warm Water And Not HOT Water

Hot water can be relaxing for your body but it is not beneficial for your hair. It can take away the natural moisture from the hair and make it lifeless, dry, and coarse. So, never treat your hair tresses to super-high temperature. You can use luke-warm water if it is a cold season.

Hair experts suggest rinse off your hair with cool water (as the last rinse) just before you come out of the shower. It will open up your hair cuticle, and seal it with cold water. This will lock in the moisture within the cuticle and retains the moisture. Doing this will also ensure that the hair doesn’t soak more moistness from the external environment and become frizzy.

In this way, this strategy will benefit your hair.

6. Use Filtered Water

The normal water that you get from the tap/shower filter may not be adequate to eliminate artificial chemicals, chlorine, and other harmful substances that can lead to hair loss. It is beneficial to invest in a good quality water filter so you can be assured that your hairs are exposed to pure and freshwater.

This simple investment can go a long way in protecting your hair strands from any damage. Not just the filtered hair keeps your hair healthy, but your skin too.

7. Always Dilute The Shampoo Before You Apply It

The shampoo is highly concentrated in nature. If you applying it directly on the head, then it can damage it. It is always advised to dilute the shampoo by mixing it with water. It will lower its concentration and reduce the risk of hair damage.

8. Apply Very Little Pressure To Massage The Scalp

The application of shampoo involves massaging the scalp. Light massaging promotes blood circulation to the scalp. It also helps to loosen dirt, residue, dead skin flakes from the scalp and hair.

Massaging can boost hair growth and strengthen your hair roots and follicles. However, while doing this act, many people are seen to vigorously move their fingers on the scalp. You should understand that the hair roots and skin of the scalp are gentle. Use circular movements of your finger from the rear to front and vice versa. Repeat this step a few more times. It will not just stimulate your scalp but also exfoliate it.

Be extra-gentle while washing the hair at the root level. Furthermore, avoid scrubbing the scalp with nails while massaging and cleaning the scalp as it can lead to abrasions and scalp infections. Gently massage and wash your hair using your palms and fingers.

Never be in a hurry to complete the process as you may go harsh on your scalp. Just apply little pressure and do not do it for more than two minutes. Focus more on scalp cleaning than the ends of the hair. Use luke-warm water to rinse out the shampoo completely from your hair and scalp.

9. The Right Selection Of The Shampoo

Not everyone has the same type of hair. The shampoo selection process depends on the type of hair. A person who has dry hair, should not use a shampoo that is made for oily hair. It will make your hair drier. In this case, a moisturizing shampoo will help them more manageable and give relief from associated frizz.

On the other hand, if you have oily hair, then stay away from shampoos that are meant for dry hair. It can make your hair overly moisturizing or overly-hydrating. The key to healthy hair is to identify your type of hair you have and select a formulation that is well-suited for your requirements.

When choosing the shampoo, you should always look for the label. It will list the ingredients present in it. Prefer a herbal shampoo that is made from natural ingredients. Ensure that it doesn’t contain any synthetic color and smell. Go for only reputed brands as they ensure that the ingredients used in making the shampoo are pure and of superior quality.

10. Apply The Conditioner The Right Way During Hair Wash

Conditioner is a very important part of the hair cleaning process. Many people overlook the significance of this process. Know that shampooing is not limited to massaging and rinsing. This two-step process can leave your hair dry.

You need to condition them after wash to lock in the necessary moisture into the hair shaft. In addition to applying the conditioner, you need to learn the right way to apply the conditioner. Hair experts advise starting applying it from the root level to mid-shaft and finally to its ends.  leave it on the hair for 3-5 minutes before you rinse it.

This gives it sufficient time to penetrates the roots of the hair. Care should be taken not to keep the conditioner more than this limit else it can leave residue in the hair. This can damage the hair roots. Another useful tip is to use two conditioners and keep switching between them. This will ensure that your hair would not get very much used to any particular type of product. Try a different conditioner after 15 days.

11. Use Natural Hair Treatments

Use natural hair care treatments to prevent skin woes. There are several ingredients that you use in the kitchen that can help in repairing your hair. For example, if you have dandruff, then the simplest remedy is to dilute ACV (apple cider vinegar) with cold water in a 1: 4 ratio and rinse hair with the solution.

Being a potent exfoliator, vinegar will help eliminate dandruff from the hair and make it smooth and soft. Once a week, apply a natural homemade hair mask to your hair. It will protect them from damage and keep them healthy and gorgeous.

12. Do Not Shampoo Your Hair Two Times During Hair Wash

A lot of people have this habit to shampoo their hair two times before conditioning. This is because they think that a single wash may not give them the proper cleaning. However, wishing your hair twice can strip the scalp and hair of its natural oils.

This will not just take away their shine, but also make them brittle and fragile. This would negatively impact hair growth and trigger damage. Due to this reason, it is advised to wash your hair only once.

13. Do Not Use A Hair Dryer

The way you take care of your hair after the wash is equally important as you treat them during washing. Learning the right post-wash procedure promotes its health and appearance. It is a good practice to towel dry your hair. Do not rub your hair. Gently wrap them in a clean towel and dry them naturally in the fan air.

You may be tempted to use a hair tool or a hairdryer tool to dry them fast, but these tools are not good to use on damp hair. It is important to completely dry your hair before exposing it to heat else it can lead to damage.


Hair washing is an integral part of the overall hair care routine. It is a regular activity whose effect goes beyond just cleaning. It helps relieve stress and enhance your appearance and mood. This article on hair wash will indeed be helpful for all those who lack the right knowledge of the hair washing process. The above hair care tips will help you realize its benefits of the process without damaging your delicate strands. So, it is the time to improvise your hair care routine and get that salon-like experience at home.

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